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Oren Kriegel
Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

22, recent graduate of the University of Chicago.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
8th place, 2016 Platinum Pairs; Gold and Silver WBF Under-21 medals
Regular Bridge Partners
Christian Jolly, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith, Anam Tebha
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Mixed Raises
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
How Often?
Ah, nope, no connection.
Quick question on Texas.
Since we're just going to play game the vast majority of the time we Texas, I don't think differentiating holdings is that useful. Steve's pass as interest in competing sounds like an excellent idea, but aside from that I would have thought 4M "I'm playing it ...
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: AK85 --- J98732 K64
Some weird perversion of the game where players make natural calls? Hmm...
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
Are you missing a bid in there or do you really advocate responder never supporting spades and opener bidding 3NT over 3C with good support for clubs and a low doubleton in the unbid suit?
How Often?
No relation to any other problem, sorry to disappoint. Which problem do you think it goes with?
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
The "original" fixed auction had responder jumping to 3 and opener bidding 4. The actual auction makes more sense, although a pattern-showing 2NT is a better call than 3 over 2.
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
Your edit now makes the last two bids in the auction nonsensical.
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
Uh, a 2 rebid with the North hand?
How Often?
I don't know how heavy you open, but I wouldn't describe either of those hands as an "ordinary minimum."
ROTS: Your Lead from !SA85 !HJ943 !DKJ9642 !C --
West won the A and returned the 5. I'm pretty sure the 7 could have scored...

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