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Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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22, recent graduate of the University of Chicago.

United States of America

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8th place, 2016 Platinum Pairs; Gold and Silver WBF Under-21 medals
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David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Barbara Kasle, Gaylor Kasle, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith
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What do you think?
John, no matter what the terminology is, the meaning is almost exactly the same for these doubles. Call them responsive, call them whatever else. In my example auction, if responder has a stopper, he will probably bid 3NT. If he doesn't, he will probably bid something else (including punting ...
What do you think?
John, You're probably right about teaching club players. I don't do much of that, and none at all recently. If you want to emphasize that responsive doubles only apply in bid and raise situations, that's fine, and probably a good approach. But saying, "This double is penalty ...
What do you think?
Richard, I don't doubt that you are right about the technical definitions or that your sources are valid. I'm just saying that common usage of the terms don't map precisely to the definitions. Feel free to continue to point out where inaccurate terminology is used, but I ...
What do you think?
You can use whatever terminology suits you, but saying "this isn't a responsive double because it doesn't fit my narrow definition" ignores the substantive part of the post that many play this double as not penalty. Quibbling about terminology, particularly in an informal setting, rarely fosters productive discussion ...
What do you think?
On whose authority do you say that? Even if that's how responsive doubles were originally defined, in practice the term is used to describe a far wider range of situations than just (opening) X (raise) X. I hear doubles called "responsive" very often. I've rarely, maybe never, heard ...
What do you think?
Your first sentence doesn't follow from your second. While technically responsive doubles apply after a suit is bid and raised, the term is used far more broadly. It means roughly "a card-showing/takeout double after partner has intervened." I would call a non-penalty double of 2 on that ...
What do you think?
An offer to play a contract undoubled doesn't imply that you still want to play there doubled.
Play Problem
West had Ax Qx AQxxx J98x and East x 9xxxx xxx AQxx so playing two more rounds of hearts was the only double-dummy make, but it was virtually impossible for the defense to go right after declarer played a trump.
What do you think?
It's only ridiculous if you think 1NT shows any values. If it doesn't, then 0 HCP is not a psych, it's in range.
What do you think?
Using [i]proscribed[/i] words might be more problematic than announcing the range...

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