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Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
Transfers after transfers: I thought it was standard with 5 heart invite bid 2D followed by 2S. With 5 spades bid Stayman then 2S. Yes you do lose the weak scramble with 54 majors but thats rarely needs to play a 44 heart fit.
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
We play it just like Csaba with the exception that the higher KC is always for the major. This method is duplicated in a few sequences where responder shows both majors - then 4N RKC for hearts and 5C RKC spades. And also when responder shows minor suit only interest (2N-3S ...
Second trick decision 3
How about opener holding: AK86543, x, xx, Axx with that club fit I am sure I would rebid 3S!
Any Way To Tell?
I don't reckon you are in the minority - this time ;-)
Any Way To Tell?
Matt's question was in response to the suggestion that north should make a slam try of 4S. Thats the slam try referred to.
What's this DBL Part 2
I am not sure it was MI. Their agreement was support doubles and North might be correct in defining this as a SD situation. But indeed the choice of 5 is only sensible if you were told that NS had agreed this specific double. Otherwise 5 is the ...
Need An Auction
I agree with Richard that opener cannot count tricks so unless he has a clever gadget after 5H he should not ask. So responder should be allowed to take control. After 4C, 4N prepares for the most likely contracts of 6H or 6N. Then if you apply Kit's RKCB ...
For Those Who Play Good/Bad 2NT
I reckon 1N is quite a wide range not only 7-11 but suitable for diamonds with doubleton honour in clubs and control in spades would be enormous. Take AJxx, xxx, Qxxx, Kx opposite average 1D opener and partner's wide range 2C rebid means all sorts of contracts can be ...
Right Contract for the Right Player
Since we have a need for very good controls, if slam is good opener will be still interested despite xx in diamonds. 4 transfers would work best especially when he breaks without support. Now I follow up with the singleton heart and partner can judge the rest of his hand ...
Yet another what does this 2NT mean
Craig, indeed it is normal for each of those 2NTs to be natural. They cannot always be perfect shape or have two stoppers but strong balanced is too important to be neglected especially when the opponents have a fit.
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