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Owen Lien
Owen Lien
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 20, 2010
Last Seen
4 hours ago
Member Type
Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
3rd in the Blue Ribbon Pairs in 2015
Bridge Accomplishments
5000 mini spingold champ; 3rd in BRP 2015; 1st in 0-10K swiss 2016
Regular Bridge Partners
Zach Brescoll, Zach Wasserman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Bridge Connection - Southfield, MI
Favorite Tournaments
Atlanta Labor Day Regional, Charleston/Myrtle Beach Christmas Regional
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Conventions that work best (when they don't come up)
Having played 2 double negative for many years, I have recently switched to starting with 2 waiting and ambiguous as to strength. The first reason is that a 2 response preempt opener’s natural or birthright (a/k/a Kokish) 2 rebid, forcing that hand to ...
A mildly interesting deal (NY winter regional)
1110 still possible - 4m X +2 vul. Saw this once as a BAM win against 1100 at the other table. Was frustrating because the defense dropped a trick trying to beat the contract.
Michael Low's bidding problem: 4 72 932 KQJ8763
I play with most of my partners that 3 would be natural and invitational but inappropriate for a penalty X. i.e. the same hand with AQJxxxx of . Therefore I’m obliged to settle for 2
I hope you mean the MIT blackjack team.
Club Ruling
S has abused UI. N didn't alert 2 as intended. Behind screens, S would not be privy to the failure to alert and would only see his partner's failure to double 2. However because his partner didn't alert the bid, he knows his partner wouldn ...
2016 World Youth Championships Open Discussion Thread
Interesting possibility in the final match for Sweden to do some unsportsmanlike dumping if Sweden were to try to lose to USA 2 in the junior division. Seems unlikely considering the teams in 7th and 8th and how close the top few teams are in VPs; but still possible.
Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AKxxx Axx Axx Kx
I have this hand - could have an A and a K less and partner has forced to the 5-level. How do I not force to a grandy? I XX first in case partner can make a sensible correction to 7NT. If I had a void and wanted to bid 7 ...
Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AKxxx Axx Axx Kx
XX to be followed by 7
Owen Lien's bidding problem: --- T9x A9xx 98xxxx
No - this one of the many potential things that partner could do after you choose to respond 1NT and I'm just trying to find out what people would do over a 2NT re-bid (there's also one with a 3 re-bid).
Owen Lien's bidding problem: --- T9x A9xx 98xxxx
Gonna set up two other polls with other potential re-bids by opener - 2NT and 3.

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