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Ozgun Akkol
Ozgun Akkol
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Sept. 20, 2011
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Jan. 24, 2019
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turkish x-junior

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20th Ourgame World Computer-Bridge Championship
I am sure it will be much before 2024 and it all has to do with the monetary support that the AI improvers get. Just to give you an idea, before Google got into play, computers were much behind in Go but after that Google AI beat a top Go ...
Play the Dummy in 3N
Take the A in dummy and let the 10 ride. Later try to put S in with A K and another diamond. If the suit breaks 3 3 play a spade to the 9. If north puts the ten or J cover it.
Ozgun Akkol's bidding problem: K9 Q83 KJ9 KQ973
I was actually looking for 1NTers but couldn't find them here. :)
Plan the Play
Play the 10 of diamonds and try to guess diamonds was all I could come up with.
Erkmen Aydogdu's bidding problem: KT52 K832 JT3 QT
My second choice is 3NT. 4H can be wrong for many reasons.
Board 27 USBF Championship match, June 8, 2013
I believe Kranyak didn't bid 6D just because of the 2S bid but because of the 3H bid. He could diagnose the short hearts in Gavin's hand so he took his shot.
John Adams's bidding problem: AK5 AK52 JT72 32
I think it is either doubling with your partner's hand or balancing with yours. I like doubling better.
BW 2013 Vanderbilt Challenge Match Boards 3-4
I thought about this some time before and now that i saw board 4 of this match I am almost sure that leading a trump small from Kx doesn't cost.
Lead Problem
i believe he thinks he has this beat no matter what we lead. if there was a i lead anything option, i would choose that. a club should be as good as anything else i suppose.
Cashing Out
Since E doesn't know if W lead from a 5 card suit or a 3 card suit, she transfers the decision to partner by leading a low diamond and force W to win the trick. If she knew which trick to take she would win the Q of diamonds ...

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