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March 15, 2013
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Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: --- Q987xx JTxxx QT
pulling was the winning option Pard held AJ9x K AKQxx KJx 2SX was a make 5D was as well 2H was somewhat outside of agreements even for this vulnerability Yuan and others comments on 3H are quite valid I think
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: A732 QT6 Q753 97
I will post a follow up to this the consensus seems to be 3D
Assign the blame
I am aware of this..... but perhaps we have invented a new Burn's law......over to you :)
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Ok, did not know.... cheers
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This was my intent :)
Assign the blame
6c is cheap!
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: A98 AT98 964 AT9
Was interested to see the answers and yes I know this hand is better than many Axx Axx Axx xxxx hands. This was the top of the list of these I felt. The story?....... well it all turned out well despite the fact I got stick from my team captain ...
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: KTx KJT9xx xxx T
sorry for the delay in replying to the dicsussion 1S was in fact a run from the 1Hx pass and met with four card support. Pass was the bid chosen at the table and it did not play well in 5-1 fit with a 6-1 break. 2H was making by ...
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: KTx KJT9xx xxx T
Double was the bid at the table..... East plays a lot of rubber bridge and I imaging north has as well and was expecting East to pass..... It continued here.....
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: J85432 Q9 QT QT6
Ok so the real point of this question is that East asked a question of the 1C bid as it was not a "standard" method, then passed and passed on the second occasion in may would bid 2S now? FWIW the East hand was Q6 A86 J7632 AKJ ...

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