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Paolo Treossi
Paolo Treossi
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July 27, 2014
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July 18
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
European Open Championship 2009 in S.Remo (Italy). We beat my bridge-stars: Meckstrot-Rodwell
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What does this 3!s bid mean
Not-Serius Slam-Try 3NT is a ♠ control-bid
Paolo Treossi's bidding problem: K962 K84 763 QT5
The problem was posted to see if someone bid 3 on the way to 4...
What is the meaning of 2!H and 3!H?
Responding to opening 2!D showing 18-19 balanced
5M-3-3-2 is removed from 2 because is included in Gazzilli development
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
I suppose that at the moment they can play only in EBL events, not in Italian NBO events. About WBF and ACBL events I suppose that their ban is yet active like Italian NBO ban. About Monaco Bridge Federation I think that nothing is changed...
What do you play against multi 2!D?
Dbl = 's 2 = 's 2 = TakeOut od 's 2NT = Balanced -> Delayed = minors Delayed Dbl of 's is penalty Delayed Dbl of 's is TakeOut Edit: typo.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
I want to add moke likes!!!
How to handle the spade suit, again
Opss... I was thinking that he discarded two form East non from West... sorry!
How to handle the spade suit, again
I vote for the low return. But really I don't understand the TWO down after that NS block the s... It seems me that EW can score easly nine tricks... 5 s, AK and AK. What I miss?
New Bridge Magazine now online
I got like Thomas

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