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Electronic Smoking Devices
Some right here. Those who think ACBL's fingers are in too many places. I didn't care for the frequent perfume notices either. People should regulate themselves, but alas...
Electronic Smoking Devices
Oh dear, I presumed it did. I was so grateful for a link from a credible magazine. Well, at least we are headed in the right direction by looking at links. Hate to say, but I bet the contributors here have put more thought into the issue than those who ...
Electronic Smoking Devices
Michael S (edited to include the S) I silenced nobody. You will see everything admin here allows. I chose to ignore one 'critic' because of his rude tone, and insistence on continuing it even after I politely and privately asked for more objective discourse. Many here have pointed out that ...
Electronic Smoking Devices
LOL MK. There. That is you. No problem with any of your contributions, much appreciated.
Electronic Smoking Devices
Thank you for the links, Chris. The question stands. What is within the purview of ACBL and what is not?
Electronic Smoking Devices
Bulletins often say no smoking in the hotel. I read the addendum to mean no EC in the hotel. But if the hotel doesn't mind and it's not a playing area (okay Mike, or bathroom or entry sale table) then I don't think ACBL has a right ...
Electronic Smoking Devices
I asked you privately to refrain from making personal remarks in the open forum. I now ask you publicly. Be fair to those who want to discuss the pole and original question. You are correct in that I think ACBL has over reached here. Others do too. Now to find ...
Electronic Smoking Devices
Are you a scientist? Have you done any research about ECs? I have. I mentioned no science in my poll. I asked what ACBL should and should not regulate.
Electronic Smoking Devices
From time to time ACBL extends their statement to include stairways, etc., depending on what day's bulletin you read. So, using an EC would be a violation there even if not a violation of hotel policy. Perhaps the problem is one of making ad hoc decisions, but the fact ...
Electronic Smoking Devices
I don't think I can add an option for number two, but if I changed the word room to playing area, would that matter? Click 'like' if so....

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