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Patrick Bocken
Patrick Bocken
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Oct. 7, 2010
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BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
Why does Jola B. not come up with "sound" arguments to defend B-Z? Has her BW account been muted? Those guys have made such a mess, it is to hope the sickness involved will harm as less as possible this great mindsport we root for, as we won't forget ...
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: KQT7xx T --- AKJTxx
5 was the last winning contract bcs of the 2-2 distribution. p's hand Jxx xxxx xxx xxx Opener's x AJ AKQJ10xxx xx
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: 65 43 AK83 KQJ94
Duck the ducked lead and suit is dead 3NT is fortunate but makes
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: 65 43 AK83 KQJ94
P had Kxx KQ8xx xxx Ax (opener : AQJ10xx 9xx Q10 xx) 3 & 3NT make 9 tricks
How do you bid this slam?
Between std and strong club, there is at least a third way between.. 1 - 1 (like a natural 1NT with 4 possible) 2 (gaz) - 2 (8-11) 2 (3/4, 16+ GF) - 2NT (asks) 4 (6 single , 18-21) - won't stop ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Remember the second maxim : "Don't feed the trolls"
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: AJ98 AJT8 8xxx x
slam maybe? or to play in a better 5 contract? I rated that if p did have only one stop, 5 would often be as least as good as 3NT. If he really is NT orientated, one does not loose much as p can bid a ...
A two-pronged bidding problem
transfer to spades and bid 4NT quantitative p should deduce Ax(x) will be of much better use for slam purpose than Kx(x)
The Magnificent Seven
Possible Strip
Tx Kit. On 3NT, are 4,,,5 transfers? With 4NT 5/5 minors and the transfer in opp's suit smthng like (5)(4)minors 3OM?

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