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Patrick Bocken
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Oct. 7, 2010
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Is there a path to 6!C?
In the system I usually play, it goes like in a dream : - (P) 1 1* *0-4 up to 11, no fit 2** 2* ** Gazzilli *2 8-11 2 2*** *** 4+ 10-11 (3 would typically show 8-10&5) 3 ...
You Can't Bid A Slam
This board haunted me for quite a while. At my table (transnational), West bid 1NT, dbld by my p which I passed. West then bid 2 revealing a probable babypsych. P passed, I bid 3 sort of bluhmer (4 might hv been best but would hv put ...
Switch in Time or Straight Ahead?
Better is to play straight away. If declarer takes p's trumps, he will be shortened. So he needs to play (open cards line maybe but no downside if declarer has QJ109xx). After K and ruff (directly or after another play), p will then know whether he ...
Patrick Bocken's lead problem: 643 T98 KQ4 Q974
see Preemptor's actual hand was x - AJ108th J10xx facing J10x KQ6th xx Ax 4♦/X was 1 down on a black lead, just made on a red one, with 10/11 tricks in 4♠
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: AKQ985 AJ74 --- K63
Didn't think choice for dbl would be close to unanimous (86% after 22 votes) The void and the honnorconcentration+6th both advocate against the dbl, as preemptor is often short in opener's suit. Flexibility of the dbl is, of course, a big advantage. On the actual board ...
Simon Stocken's bidding problem: AK86543 J4 A64 3
Too strong for a splinter, which I play limited. A grand cld be laydown with less than a 1NT opening. Best is to bid to try to extract the most important information : whether p has 3(4) spades or not.
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: --- QTxxx AKxxx QTx
Partner had which makes 7's odds above 70%
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: Q952 A5 T9852 AK
It looks like dbl was not best, see
Patrick Bocken's bidding problem: Q952 A5 T9852 AK
even red vs white?
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
Why does Jola B. not come up with "sound" arguments to defend B-Z? Has her BW account been muted? Those guys have made such a mess, it is to hope the sickness involved will harm as less as possible this great mindsport we root for, as we won't forget ...

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