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May 11, 2018
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Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
Surely if in a partnership this hand must be opened 1NT, then they have an agreement to do so. Therefore, it should be marked 11+ to 14 on their card as a result?
Bidding Deep Finesse
I guess it depends how much 1 promises. 1 - (1) - 2* - (3); 4 - 5 Seems reasonable if it usually shows 5. Maybe south would bid 4 though? (Instead of 4) If West competes to 4 instead of 3, then ...
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
It gets even more complicated if you're playing a mini NT. In that situation it's probably best to use a system like the one Jim mentioned: splitting the ranges between 1 and 1 openers
If 1 is the partnership style then I think East is to blame as 2 is surely safer than 2.
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: QT864 T4 KJ87 82
Sorry all, put in the bids wrong (oops) Have corrected now
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: AKQJ9876 Q J2 94
Sorry I put the suits in wrong ... I will post again with the correct hand
Liam Milne's bidding problem: A AK7 AT93 T7432
if partner responds 4, I'll pass
David J Waterman's bidding problem: K92 K6 AJ87 K765
did you have an agreement or understanding of what partner's X was?
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: KJxx 8xxxx KQ Ax
Yes - my main interest with this question is whether or not people would treat KQ as good enough. The other questions are also interesting - I think the lack of good rebid means 1H wouldn't be great and I don't play flannery.
Torsten Ertbjerg Rasmussen's bidding problem: KQ653 --- Q62 AT542
Let your partner know about your s ASAP
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