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What do you bid over 1 NT ?
This hand is not a two suiter as not 5+5+.
Showing the Jack of Spades
He open because flat, balanced hands are essessed with point HCP. The minimum being usually 12.
What's "Normal"?
An overcaller takes a bid but not a double, isnt'it?
Showing the Jack of Spades
I understand passing with hand # 1 over X but not failing to compete over 1 Edit typo
What's "Normal"?
@ BL As I wrote elsewhere: in "New SEF" every new suit by advancer if F1.
Assign the Blame?
When I wrote at top of thread: "Do they recall why convention showing stiffs and voids were build for?" your example was what I was thinking of. That why "splinters" are so important. They help calculating wasted values (Some Jean Rene Vernes's studies from 1970 on the subject)
Assign the Blame?
3 over 1 (2NT over 1) was the strong bid in Monroe Ingberman system for dirextly supporting majors opening(Jacoby-like).
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: KT2 KJ K852 AJ98
He downgraded Now he is caught.Remains 1NT as he assesed hand as 14.
Assign the Blame?
Axxxx x xxx AQxx is a 10 count & 7 losers hand.Its a minimum opened hand. What is Rxxxx x AVx Qxxx :a 10 count & 7 1/2 losers hand: minimum hand or not opened rubbish.
Assign the Blame?
Hence we will have quarrels with North according to JL. As usual with J2N and US splinters range of strength is too wide :they never know when and how to stop. What about S having Qxxxx x KQx Axxx?Or QJxxx x KJx Kxxx?

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