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How do we avoid this disaster?
@LH 10 seems "too much" standard. ¤ 1 Does it mean U would lead 10 with A109x, K109x, Q109x and 109xx? Or 2¤ With 4 BAD card U lead 2nd best which is less standard. Altogether is 10 an honor or not. In practice its paramaont to know on a 10 ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
Example 9 and 14 are the closest to this thread. Part title (p 129-139) is "Returning partner's lead" in Chapter 5 "Later leads against no trumps contracts" the whole subject of this thread. See also: Tips for Tops (1988) G Rozenkranz p 110-118. But i disagree Cannot distinguish remaining ...
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: 6 K8753 Q972 KJ2
What is a default agrement here. System's on? Then 3 would be GF. Even so. From 2 Different inferences can be drawn about length and/or strength of possible bids. - a simple 3 is asking for stopper. But what if S has a slamish one ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
My above comment...
How do we avoid this disaster?
Avoid disaster=> 1 1 1 1NT 3 then responder will choose Moysian 4-3 fit Everybody should know that with original 5 cards they shouldnt return original 4th best but lowest when dummy is singleton(See Journalist Leads p 129-139) Add: If they prefer its not ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
Do you mean that they dont know that 2 would be strong (whatever agreed strength), usally GF, then 1 followed by 3 has just below GF stength? Those bids seems so basic.. Then 3 is not GF just show a precise strength(over here 16 to ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
Leader is able to apply rule of 11 from East card. But, generally speaking, East would retutn 7 from A76. Not on this deal as East would know declarer had 5 cards.
Bill Papa's bidding problem: KQ AK853 62 K863
As over here we support directly with 4cards, 2 shows a minimum opening with 3 cards and 3 a maximum opening with 3 card (Dont we forget to inform partner if he has a hand suitable for slam) Hence 2 is default bid denying 3c .
Bill Papa's bidding problem: KQ AK853 62 K863
"This is not a default 4th suit auction" Not if U support with 3 cards. As I commented above, over here its a default bid cause we very seldom support with 3 cards (Moysian fit)
Ruling, please!
Declarer only advised opps if the explanation given by E is not the agreement. I.E.If 2 is one suited by agrement and E explains +m, W has to say its one suited at the lead moment (Before it would be UI to partner)

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