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March 13, 2013
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ATB for this disaster
A double with "AQx, Kxx, Axxx, xxx " is absolutely obvious if you play that 3-3 M is enough a support with top cards there Not Jxx Jxx AKxx Axx. The former has: 9/13 points in M , 2Qt in M, 3 total QT,no defensive trick in opened suit 5 ...
Do You or Don't You?
Ofc yes when not yet played and not distributed by machine
Do You or Don't You?
I'm aware it's a joke as I know this special "hand"(sic) for some decades, the question being at that time in a technical form.Moreover you wrote the word joke in your comment. Im not clever trying to wrote in english a comment to be taken in ...
ATB for this disaster
"a knife with a dull blade" You could hurt yourself. A false gesture happens so quickly
ATB for this disaster
Patrick L: "Usually" 4-3 still meand sometimes 3-3. What would you bid over 1♣ with AKx, Kxx, Axxx, xxx? Didn't I wrote "unless strength is better than minimum say 15? Your hand is upgraded to 15. Not Jxx Jxx AKxx Axx
ATB for this disaster
Why "enjoy.."? Everybody knows that 2 doesn't mean anything. Doubler will bid 2 over even with 4c. Everybody knows that. Not everybody knows.Where am I? LOl.
Do You or Don't You?
Why would I provided alternative as the bidding is forced. OP didn't ask what would be our rebid over 1 nor if we agree with 2NT or even if OK with 1 opening. Am,if having opened 1, 3 - albeit hand is very good - is ...
Do You or Don't You?
Many unlikely occurences to be in such situation. E.G. At my table I would shuffle again without calling director.Ofc board not yet played.
Do You or Don't You?
I disagree. As it is impossible to have such hand I cannot actually have those "13 cards" then will never be in a position to summon any TD.
Puzzled by Evening Swiss Ruling in San Francisco
"Bids stick together, too" Both would be on the table.Or player seeing both would chose one which clearly would be intended

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