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Who Will Direct the Directors?
TD's ougth to create files with such offences = information document and to apply to the appropriate authorities (Bridge Intelligence Services) . Laws without true sanction are trying to dazzle but leave the door open so cheaters can come in. As in any other area.
Boye Brogeland
LAW 65 - ARRANGEMENT OF TRICKS A. Completed Trick When four cards have been played to a trick, each player turns his own card face down near him on the table. B. Keeping Track of the Ownership of Tricks 1. If the player’s side has won the trick, the card ...
John Torrey's bidding problem: A9754 KQ976 AT7 ---
If partner wanted to know about Q he would have asked with 5
1S 2S 2NT
Am 2NT is GT only by opener ( Note 1M 3M is "Mixed Raise", 2NT is complex 3-4 c 11-14 support NOT J2NT) but slamish by responder.
1S 2S 2NT
Partnership ought to know first if 2 is "constructive" or not (1NT). I play constructive I would have bid 4 over 2. 2NT is a general game try (good 6 losesrs) asking for a maximum partner and /or If he has 4+ c in other M.2 ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A852 --- AKJ9653 K6
If wanting to show 4c , bid them unless its non forcing.
2018 European Championships Results
Seems so. But, - if I understand english enough-, seems there are slags as " I would be extremely pleasantly surprised, though, if nobody was cheating".
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: J9 42 AQ632 AT87
Lisa is a convention Bart-alike but Am more efficient. Popularization says its "Bart's smarter little sister." TBW Oct 2007 (Wipple-Radcliffe) and other variations (Neil Timmn, Sher-Umeno's Anti-Bart)
All the Vu-Graph Matches Compiled in .PDF (Courtesy of Tim Bourke)
2018 European Championships Results
France lacked also François Combescure, Rombaut's partner at 2017 Bemuda Bowl. Hence Lorenzini and Rombaut not having their partner (JC Quantin and F Combescure)get married again (a few years ago partnership).

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