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Defending Against the Precision 2!d Opening
"Particularly nonvul, it has become "standard practice" to pass 2D with a bad hand and as few as 3 diamonds" I suppose that this habit is fully disclosed by every practitioner!
Who has the jack of hearts?
East doesn't know who has the 9. Then he cannot play 10 from K1087 as leader might believe he had K109.
Who has the jack of hearts?
Journalist Leads p 134
Three card limit+ raise over 1M - (X)
Other XX= NO FIT = 10-11+HCP Usually for business or minors (slam or 3NT) 2M = competitive more or less weak depending on style 2NT = Limit raise 11-12 "support" points 3-4 c 3NT = 5c support balanced 5332 5422 12-14H defensive tricks 2M-1 = constructive 2M support (8-10) or slamish 14-15+ Add: 1SA ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AKT852 A6 K AT52
Today I'm optimistic: X...and Thursday
Overcalling a (natural) 1!c opener when holding a real !c suit of your own
I wrote about Ghestem convention in more than one post. Seems you are confusing the general principal of "Ghestem" (p 174 & 178) with the particular situation when the opening is 1 (p 179) Repeated: Summarised from "Le Bridge de demain" (1964) p 174-181 p 174 & p 178 Over 1 ...
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: A2 642 AT94 K962
They opened, hence they assume: mandatory balancing double when short in overcallers suit. Edit typo
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: QJx AKxx KJ QTxx
3NT over 2c: 4=1=5=3 15-17 stopper 3 woulf be same with !x xxx or Axx 2SA is stopper 12-14H.OR balanced 18-19 with somme variant but that's another story.
David Caprera's bidding problem: AQxxx Kx xx AQxx
What if openers hand has 3 ? Another question? If 5 asks for controls (with which I disagree totally) what would 5 over 4 mean?
David Caprera's bidding problem: AQxxx Kx xx AQxx
Alain Lévy and Michel Bessis are the two top french bridge « professors ». They are brother in law as they married two sisters (ofc) : Veronique (Many times World and European Champion) and Anne-Frederique (international). When Frédéric Volcker doesn’t play with Thomas he plays most of the time with Alain Lévy ...

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