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Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: J975 JT543 Q6 J5
@ PF "" 1974 - Bols Tips
ATB for missing this slam
How can a 21HCP hand and so mainy controls pass over a 4 bid which is expecting rougly only 12!!! North 100%
Some help needed.
@ kd Who told you that X support at 4 level was made with 13 HCP. Im french not americanwho as fat as I read on BW X even with 4333 12HCP at 1 or 2 level. Any beginner knows that they must have strength to bid at 4 level. Note ...
What is 4!C?
4 natural as with fit 3 was available. Yu:) I agree 3 is at first asking for stopper. But if opener bids 3NT 4x shows that 3 was a fit aiming to slam wtith x control. i.e. 3 then 4 = ...
Some help needed.
Thru 4
How do you play 3D here?
"It's primary purpose is to give partner another chance to bid." 3 as GF also so whats de issuet And unless 2 is a true fit (3+cards) 3 show 3+cards (hence natural and not 4SF) & that respondr is not able to bid 2NT or ...
Luc Bellicaud's lead problem: K642 642 A97 K72
Nor 2 which implies 4315 minimum or 4324 18-19 (with or without stopper )if you have the good habit of rebidding 1 with balnced 4432. See you Tuesday?
Kang-Wei Fan's lead problem: --- AQT764 AQ93 T86
If they want to lead small the 7 it is (for switch) not the 4 (which implies switch)
David Parsons's bidding problem: AK76 Q K642 A954
That's why i bid 3 Ill know if partner has a wasted K when bidding 3NT.No, partner is not supposed to bid 3NT with bare Ace
Pontificate on a Common Game deal
J is a real plus card, a better one than Q.

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