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Patrick Laborde
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March 13, 2013
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Kerry Kappell's bidding problem: AKJ4 J2 J54 9876
What is X? Am, Support double.
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
@ Alan ERIC Jannersten
"on this side of the pond playing 2/1gf and forcing NT it is common and normal to start with 1NT holding spade support in a sub minimal hand" Over here also even without forcing 1NT. Many studies about playing 1NT vs 2M with 2 balanced hand, etc.
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
3.1 [§ 3 Last sentence] It is considered desirable that players should vary the tempo randomly when returning the tray under the screen. 3.3 Modification of Rectifications when screens are in use. (..) e) When a player takes more than a normal time to make his call, it is not ...
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
Duboin placed the 3rd pass BUT EUROPEAN BRIDGE LEAGUE REGULATIONS for BIDDING BOXES, BRIDGEMATES AND SCREENS 2017 3. Screens (..) 3.1 Description of the Operation (..) After two players on the same side of the screen have made their calls, North or South (as the case may be) slides the bidding ...
Doesnt matter. K. Singleton is paramount wether partner has values in or not.If not 4 wont be a good game ...unless partner has AK e.g. Just bid game.
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
Defense Against Short Minors
Recall. Against the Canape systems of the Italian hegemony the "cue-bid" as defence was NATURAL. If you think of It its the same as 1m Pass 1M where 2M by N° 4 is natural.
Doubling in this Position
Values. Transferable values, quick-tricks within the 9-11HCP.
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
@ JA Read ProfiS of english members.Most of them write "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?" They'll explain better than me the differences between "England," "Great Britain," or "United Kingdom. But "U.K."= "even "United Kingdom." .

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