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Steve Moese's bidding problem: --- KQJ AT983 QT853
I disagree with 3 as X has already shown 3c . Irrespective of the way they play 3,4 is obvious. What are respective - lenghts? Are they sure responder has 5c- 4-5c and not 4c-5c? In the latter case 3 ...
Double is?
Neither choice because direction is clear
Something unusual enough?
Over here afaik 2 is alertable and 5 also as it shows something else with not only . Note: Over here no delayed alert.We alert or not.
Responses to Drury
Make up your mind after having read ¤ 1 Bridge the Bidder's Game G Rosenkranz 1985 isbn 0 910791 20 1 p 231-250 ¤ 2 Passed hand bidding M Lawrence 1989 isbn 1 877908 01 0 ¤ 3 Bid to win win Play for pleasure G Rosenkranz & P Alder 1990 isbn 0 ...
Bill Papa's bidding problem: AKQ987 A753 T K5
Over an opening 1 bid in "Canapé" there's no Q: the bid of of openers suit is natural. Moreover, whe, bidding starts (1x) P (1y), 2y is natural specially if y is major. Here its the same.
How would you rule?
We all know that or something similar over here. I meant that West is so badly brought up as regards to bridge that he didnt think to alert a very unuual transfer bid.
How would you rule?
The heart of the matter is that West is absolutly dreadful with regard to bridge convenience when he thinks 4 ♥ is transfer (which is very unusual) and doesnt alert . Should strongly be reprimanded…but which Law ?
Defence to DBL of 1NT showing a single-suiter (or similar)
System's on : i.e. 2= Stayman, 2x= Transfer; a.s.o whatever is your system
K98x vs AQ7x
@ DG =>79.13% for 4 tricks
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: 6 AQT3 KQJ73 A64
Over here 2 is standard, specially if they play "Reverse Flannery by responder": no need to force bidding with 2.

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