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What do these bids mean?
3 with a 3 TRSFR
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: AQ986 J9 J2 AQ86
If they dont whant to pass now( trap pass V/NV was ridiculous)3NT remains
GNT Finlas - A Push Board
Most of us over here: When having preempted (opening or overcall) hand is most often unbalanced i.e. there's a stiff.Hence they lead stiif wanting ruffing tricks. Then 9 is a stiff hence partner plays a SPS card. With stiff in opps trump suit or without a ...
What do these bids mean?
System's on as over 2nt opening
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AJ9873 T75 AKT Q
Better if we had known the strength for a 4 bid.This one is not my cup of tea with such a hand: too strong
GNT Finlas - A Push Board
Why did W play A if 2 was SPS for , was it? If it was W has no more .
Bob Okker's bidding problem: AQ2 8 K93 AKQ954
"showing partner a stiff heart with the only way you can." Doesn't a direct 3NT over 1NT scream to opps that opener is stiff. Godd help for the lead!
O/D Parity and Total Tricks
Moreover many are confusing Lott and "Rule of 7 to 12". The latter means partnership can bidd at the level of its number of trumps (adjusted at first when having a double fit). This rule implies a one ond only lonely bid from opps. Lott applies when each player has ...
O/D Parity and Total Tricks
" It said the total tricks for a given hand is equal to the sum of number of trumps (best suit of each side)" Not exact i.e. only "on average". LC was too conclusive when writing equals. Hence all the bashing about Lott is inappropriate. Lott is only a rule ...
What is fair.
Indeed to name "short Club" a 3c opening is archaic.That what I was pointing. But there's a huge difference between a 2c 1 opening which implies a balanced hand ( a developpement of archaic short club, prepared club,natural as 3c is a length) and an artificial ...

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