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Patrick Laborde
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The Unlucky Expert
Do you mean Belladonna's Coup which wasn't played by Belladonna.Quite different deal. This OP hand basically is no more than an avoidance play.
The Unlucky Expert
AFAIK,there are two kinds of bridge problems. Solution is 100% with any opps distribution.Pure problem Solution is 100% whatever the defense but with some distribution constrainsts.The best line of play. Declarer cannot win sensibly with p 3 opps distibution. Will win againt 33 42 or 31 ...
The Unlucky Expert
Just one thing.About which diagram are we talking? Moreover, roughly 33 or 42 is 84%, finesse 50%.
The Unlucky Expert
If West plays South takes Ace then play . EW can't have both winners 1 AND 1
The Unlucky Expert
West cannot both continue attacking and switch for partner's K.
1M-3M: How Do You Play It?
Mixed Raise = 4 card support 8-10 support points not 4M333
Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: 6 AKJ76 AKQJ4 95
"partner will downgrade any hand with 3 small diamonds." That's the issue if splinter is badly used:partner has to downgrade wasted values in the splinter suit not in another suit. To show are solid or to ask for a 4c fit is a matter of system agreement ...
Is 3x - (pass) - 3y forcing or non-forcing
Dont improve a partial contract unless aiming to game.
What's your play at trick 2?
@ K S Thanks I didn't notice. Mea Culpa.I'm so used to having the dummy on top of diagramm, etc....
What's your play at trick 2?
I suppose you mean that if E plays, say, ♣K declarer will take Ace then play towards J. When making ♣ Q E will play ♥ (say 10) expecting ♥ AQ in partner’s hand. As I said with ♥ AQ my partner would have led ♥ A (standard lead in such situation) so I ...

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