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Patrick Laborde
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Double of Sandwich 1NT
Me too
YBTJ--Who is more to blame for this disaster?
All south. Too many pairs of rose colored glasses. North 4 was sign-off after showing his strength.3 is "a little too much" but ought to have stopped South climbing the mountains, specially when N wasn't able to bid 4 over 3. South didn ...
Double of Sandwich 1NT
Double is a standard t/o (44 54)i.e with as much defensive strength a pass allows ; 1NT is a defensive 2 suiter: 46 or 55. Which one is the agreement to be made: top and bottom-like, what ever... depends on the meaning of 2 of openers suit (natural ...
Double of Sandwich 1NT
"why should this bid be treated differently than if they double?" Because a double is a different "thing" than 1NT. Double is a double an 1NT is similar to "unusual". The rest is agreement. But each is own.
Double of Sandwich 1NT
support double which over here means 3c support with good non minimum opening and a little shapr OR 18+HCP
Am I Old Fashioned?
Am I Old Fashioned?
Acol is the name of a road in London
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: 752 A97 T964 AK2
Without AK I would lead .
Am I Old Fashioned?
Other explanations in "Bridge: modern bidding" (1970) V Mollo. But same conclusion. "Strong rebids" p 38 Jump bids not forcing "All jump bids are limited.(..).Responder can pass or he can Sign Off by rebidding his suit at the lowest level as in the sequence 1 1 2NT ...
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: AKT8 53 T64 J742
What does X means: no 4c or exactly 4c or 4+c ? If no 4c , I bid 1s : F1 4+c. Otherwise, pass.

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