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Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
There is no doubt that having more players is an advantage. Can anyone come up with a handicap scheme that could turn it back into a level playing field when you have six playing against four?
Assess the blame (11)
Exactly my sentiments. There is a danger of two quick losers but I cannot see how to avoid that every time.
When else can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
I usually raise with this pattern because we will always have, between us, two or more fewer cards in hearts. So unless our hearts are significantly stronger than our spades, I prefer spades.
Attention: all fans and opponents to Polish Club!
For a while I have been playing X of the Polish Club showing a strong club hand (16+) with 1D negative and all the system I usually play in strong club systems (so 1D is negative). Other bids are therefore limited. I prefer to pass on balanced hands which allows ...
Alerting when there's no agreement?
And that quote is the key point : failure to alert is a definite declaration that the bid is natural : if such certainty does not exist, the opponents are entitled to know, and this can be done without creating UI problems.
I must declare that I am not good at, but must try harder, to follow the Michael Rosenberg interpretation. But to me, the reason we see alternatives being mentioned here (and used in practice) is that a consequence of the current Laws and the current Regulations is that once someone ...
Cue-bid after Polish 1!C is overcalled
I have always played it as 55+ major-minor with enough values to compete, as if I show one suit and they bounce I might not get to show the other.
How would you rule?
I voted OTHER, thinking that West should be rebidding 5 over 4 and that East could well pass that. So that must be part of the outcome. This result would be remembered better than any PP and might have a better effect.
2NT opening
I have played it both ways (one minor, both minors), and its occurrence is so rare it is hard to tell which is better, but I have found myself switching to both minors more often as that avoids it being a Brown Sticker convention and I save myself the hassle ...
Ethical - can we avoid this word?
Again no quarrel with the above but the discussion is clarifying for me what the problem is : it is that while there is no stigma with accidently breaking a rule (any game, including the Laws of Bridge or any regulations) it is very difficult not to associate the word UNETHICAL ...

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