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Feb. 5, 2012
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A Small Taste of Open Bridge: The 2018 Camrose
Don't you have to redouble to tell your partner that you have three aces, so they can bid 7N with the heart ace?
Active ethics: A Step too Far?
I voted that this was a step too far, but I have since been pondering whether I can always be 100% sure of that. And the answer is rarely. I must therefore be extremely circumspect in not telling of my own revoke. In a case where the revoke really did ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
I must declare my support for the David Burn position. What people don't seem to realise and to accept, is that the rules here go way beyond restoring equity. In order to guarantee that you are not taking advantage of UI, the rules are such that you nearly always ...
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
There is no doubt that having more players is an advantage. Can anyone come up with a handicap scheme that could turn it back into a level playing field when you have six playing against four?
Assess the blame (11)
Exactly my sentiments. There is a danger of two quick losers but I cannot see how to avoid that every time.
When else can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
I usually raise with this pattern because we will always have, between us, two or more fewer cards in hearts. So unless our hearts are significantly stronger than our spades, I prefer spades.
Attention: all fans and opponents to Polish Club!
For a while I have been playing X of the Polish Club showing a strong club hand (16+) with 1D negative and all the system I usually play in strong club systems (so 1D is negative). Other bids are therefore limited. I prefer to pass on balanced hands which allows ...
Alerting when there's no agreement?
And that quote is the key point : failure to alert is a definite declaration that the bid is natural : if such certainty does not exist, the opponents are entitled to know, and this can be done without creating UI problems.
I must declare that I am not good at, but must try harder, to follow the Michael Rosenberg interpretation. But to me, the reason we see alternatives being mentioned here (and used in practice) is that a consequence of the current Laws and the current Regulations is that once someone ...
Cue-bid after Polish 1!C is overcalled
I have always played it as 55+ major-minor with enough values to compete, as if I show one suit and they bounce I might not get to show the other.

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