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Feb. 5, 2012
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Transfers over weak twos
I had a scheme for this a while back, but struggled to persuade partners to take on the memory burden. The set up was a. Transfers start at 2N and are always accepted (but it doesn’t guarantee that suit). Responder can introduce one suit but never two (unless first ...
Golden Rules
The opening sentence of this article sets the wrong atmosphere. The truth is that the 32/48/64 results which contributed to the outcome included an appeal outcome. Within the set of boards played a number of random outcomes occurred. When the result is close, all we can say is ...
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
If we want to minimise time wasting, why don't we always just give the bridgemate to the dummy.
Seating rights
If indeed (and I don't believe it because I see so many times the chooser loses out) seating rights gives an advantage, then the last think I want is for a coin toss to give that advantage to the other side. I much prefer automatic change of opponents every ...
Back to Basics, assumptions about WJOs
The key consideration in choosing jump or non-jump is that the jump is more obstructive and less constructive. How much more and less depends on the vulnerability and when vul against not the obstructive element is very small. When being obstructive, the right answer is to bid as high as ...
How would you play this?
Here's my confession : I was faced with a ST lead from silent opposition and beat the queen with the king. I had a small chance in diamonds, and I wanted to make sure I could try to ruff out the club queen when that was an option. I started ...
A question on the laws
I accept that there are different preferences as to what will maximise enjoyment. I simply yearn for a world where bridge players can compromise when that happens, without needing to refer to the Law Book to decide on who gets their way.
A question on the laws
The question being asked is one we should not want to ask. The Laws are there to help the game run smoothly, and restrictions such as taking out hands when opponents are not present are there to help avoid mistakes happening (and to avoid some other unwanted effects). The fact ...
The Next Step
I believe this *honesty* is key to resolving BIT issues. We must accpet the fact of BITs but get into the habit of acknowledging BITs so that partner knows what the position is and has a better chance of acting correctly. And it makes it more straightforward for the other ...
Did S take advantage of a failed alert?
What I haven't seen mentioned is North's action in failing to alert. For me, failing to alert is a **positive** declaration that the bid is natural, and that if in doubt the answer is to always alert and to do so promptly. If quizzed (which won't always ...

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