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Patrick Wang
Patrick Wang
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Feb. 8, 2011
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Nov. 30
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Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: KT32 --- AQT3 T9853
Based on your description, I think you're missing a pass from E.
In the Well: Larry Cohen
Hi Larry, What are some of your favorite bridge books? What is the most memorable deal you have played? Assume you are to play a day of bridge with Mike Lawrence. What do you think you would play, and do you think the two of you would get along? Would ...
John Cunningham's bidding problem: --- J54 AQT875432 7
What is our agreed defense vs NT?
In the Well: John Kranyak
Congrats on getting USA1! Which game do you enjoy playing more, bridge or poker?
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: KQxx J AKxx QJxx
I think 3 would be similar to 2, just stronger. It would be a hand where you don't want opener to pass unless they have a dead minimum and no fit.
Patrick Wang's bidding problem: Txxxxx Q JTx AJx
Ok. Is it still automatic to go to game if P invites 3S directly over 1S?
Patrick Wang's bidding problem: KTxxx Qxxx x A9x
After bidding 1S, LHO passes, partner bids 2D, RHO passes, you pass, LHO doubles, 2 passes back to you. Do you leave it in 2D doubled or pull (assuming rdbl is asking p to bid something)?
Patrick Wang's bidding problem: Txxxxx Q JTx AJx
Sorry, not the best bidding problem haha. Bidding continues 2H from partner, 2S from you, 3S from partner. Do you go to game?
Patrick Wang's bidding problem: xx Qxxx Axx Qxxx
If you choose to pass, the bidding goes 2D, pass, pass. Now what?
In the Well: Joe Grue
This was given to Fred Gitelman in the last one, but I'm curious as to your thoughts as well. "I'm interested in your thoughts about how the game of bridge is going to evolve after 20 years/40 years."

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