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Paul Barden
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Aug. 20, 2015
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ATB - Who applies The Law
It is? I'd have thought a trump lead would be pretty automatic.
Going for the Overtrick at Matchpoints
I don't know whether you know what you'll do. SuitPlay assumes that the defence is double-dummy, so that RHO knows to cover from Kx not more than one third of the time, so you might as well play him for K10 doubleton when he does cover. In real ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
You don't need J onside - you play to ruff two diamonds.
ATB - Who applies The Law
How many spades did 1 show?
Do bridge paradoxes exist?
Say that in a major suit 11 tricks are certain, 12 tricks will make 60% of the time, 13 tricks will make 40% of the time (a subset of the 60%). You're vulnerable at IMPs. If they're in game in the other room, bidding slam gains 13 IMPs ...
What are the ruling principles here?
Usually I'd answer "it depends" when you don't show West's hand. Or when you don't specify how slow the double was in this auction which will have taken South by surprise. But in this case West has announced that he'd rather play 6 than ...
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
I suppose he is as well able to bombast out a no-trump slam as the best of you.
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
If you play a conventional double you want it to show some minimum point count, so that partner can pass it sometimes.
Partner Confused
Many times. But this case seems not to be an isolated misrecollection. Rather, they never had an agreement in the first place.
Tricky Discard at Trick 2! (Flint)
That Kelsey hand: [code] | Q 5 | A K J | K 10 9 4 ________| 8 7 5 3 8 3 9 7 2 7 5 3 2 J 9 4 2 1NT 2 3 P 4 P 5 all pass [/code] The opening bid showed 15-17 ...
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