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Paul Barden
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Aug. 20, 2015
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"The worst play I have ever seen"
No recourse? I'll ruff and lead a spade honour. (A heart exit then ruff high when dummy plays diamonds also works.)
"The worst play I have ever seen"
Playing four rounds of clubs, East pitching diamonds, is ok. Declarer has to lose two trumps and a heart. But it doesn't work if East is 4612 with the same honours. That might be ruled out by the auction, depending on how passive East can be. Since East ought ...
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
Does anyone want to explain why the law should be like this?
Boxed Card ???
Before there were police forces in England there were nightwatchmen, who were provided with upright sentry boxes to shelter in when not making their rounds. The boxes were not much larger than a person, but nevertheless it was not uncommon for nightwatchmen to fall asleep in them. And not very ...
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
Law 27B (about correcting insufficient bids) specifically says that law 16C (about information from withdrawn calls) does not apply.
Ripped Off
Isn't it usual for membership organisations which ask members to pay fees for services to have member accounts?
Seven Eleven
How about win the heart and play a spade to the king in order to secure your ninth trick before setting up the diamonds - if East has A and clears hearts, you hope to get 9 past West. When K wins you duck a diamond, they clear the hearts, you ...
Save Bundy's Sanity
"Das - ist nun mein Weg, - wo ist der eure?" so antwortete ich Denen, welche mich "nach dem Wege" fragten. Den Weg nämlich - den giebt es nicht!" Which is to say that the English translation quoted is rather approximate.
Definition of a penalty double
We have a general rule which says that take-out doubles are off here.
Definition of a penalty double
Yesterday I held Qxx Ax Qx KQ10xxx at favourable vulnerability, on the auction 1D(from partner)-P-2C(not GF)-2H, 2S-3H-? As usual I didn't know what to do, so I doubled. LHO (behind screens) asked what double meant, and I told him "not take-out", which I thought a ...
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