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Thinking early in the play in various jurisdictions - and potential UI
I don't like this procedure. At trick one, think before you play. Subsequently, if you're genuinely not thinking about the current trick, play your card face up, and keep it face up at the end of the trick while you think.
Thinking early in the play in various jurisdictions - and potential UI
EBU white book: Pause by third hand If declarer plays quickly from dummy at trick one, a pause by third hand should not be considered to transmit any unauthorised information to partner, nor to convey potentially misleading information to declarer. In such circumstances, no disclaimer is ...
Tuesday Spingold matches on Vugraph
Will there be a vugraph theatre at the venue, or is it internet only? Thanks.
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
We had dinner at Byblos during the Spingold break yesterday: it was very good. Thank you for the recommendation.
The EBU's white book explicitly states that a defender may pause at trick one if declarer plays quickly from dummy, even with a singleton, and that no disclaimer is necessary. ( Perhaps the ACBL should adopt a similar regulation.
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
It's possible. I'd also like to know the criteria for deciding whether to open a 7-count in third seat.
Is an adjustment warranted?
I'm not keen to adjust, but where is it written that North- South must have a spade stop in this sequence?
Is an adjustment warranted?
It seems to me that if 2NT were natural, 3 should show clubs and deny a spade stop. Say xx AJx AQx KQxxx. So South might bid 3 to show half a stop. But usually the spades will block anyway, so it's not at all clear that ...
The unwitting accomplice in the split stake corners scam
What are the stakes when Bob partners Jane?
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
Certainly. Suppose that you play 5-card majors and strong NT. Then your minimum lengths for a (non-psychic) suit opening might be 5533. You would open a 3-card minor only with 4432, 4423, 4333, or 3433. And you would have some agreement about which to open with 4333 or 3433, which ...
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