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Assign The Blame
I think 3 is non-forcing. And I think it's an underbid. But it's a reasonable underbid. Whereas West's bidding deserves at least 100% of the blame.
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
Covertly looking at your smart phone seems to me to be exactly what the regulations should discourage. I would be better to say that if you look at your phone it must be in full view of the other players at the table.
Break In Tempo
The law now reads "A player may not choose a call or play that is demonstrably suggested over another by unauthorized information if the other call or play is a logical alternative." So it's irrelevant whether the call selected is a logical alternative.
Break In Tempo
What happened at the other tables constitutes a sort of a poll on how players of a similar standard (at least they play at the same club) would defend. That's certainly relevant to determining the likely result at this table. Here, if West leads his doubleton diamond to East ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
The EBU's NGS system gently encourages players to play with weaker partners, since it assumes that partnership strength is the average of the strength of the two players.
A sign of things to come
As best as I can make out from the published accounts, an increase in pay-to-play fees of 2p would make up the shortfall, if the increase had no effect on numbers playing. If you and other members of your bridge club would rather pay the extra than see the Olympiad ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
It was reported at the last AGM that the EBU has 54,579 members as of March last year. However, that includes 8,739 who hadn't actually played a club session in the previous year, and 8,004 who'd played less than one club session a month. I ...
A sign of things to come
Richard, this is from the minutes of the AGM in November: "The Board and Shareholders have agreed that over a four year cycle, reflecting the International calendar, we should aim for a small profit...Unfortunately current projections suggest continuing deficits totalling £130k over 4 years which is incompatible with this ...
A sign of things to come
Which decision is plain stupid Peter? The decision of the EBU Board to bow to the wishes of EBU members and make savings in the funding of its teams in international events? Or the decision of the Selection Committee on how to make those savings if necessary? The EBU already ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Pay-to-play is currently 38p per session to the EBU plus a few pence to the county association (which varies by county). Sessions at Andrew Robson's bridge club cost at least £11. I doubt that the cost is a major factor in ARBC's decision not to affiliate.
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