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Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
If i understand the OP correctly, the match result was reported by Greg Hinze, who was captain of one of the teams but had sat out the match. No one told him what had happened, but he overhead the word "tie" being used more than once, so he reported an ...
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
If you sit in the wrong direction at both tables, doesn't that make it the right direction?
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Do the ACBL results slips report IMP scores as well as VP scores?
Double Dummy problem from BBO practice
The book lead of a small trump against a grand slam is the winning lead on this deal. Chapeau to the person who wrote the book.
Capitalize Convention and Treatment Names?
Indeed. Why worry about how to spell "McKenney" or "Lavinthal" or "B.Jay Becker" when you can put "Suit preference"?
Smells like teen spirit
Partner would have followed to K with his lowest diamond with that hand.
According to Borel!
Missing Q432, at the point where you've seen the 432 the 2-2 break is 12:11 over 3-1, by vacant places (the side-suit cards you've seen may change this a little). Missing 5432, at the point where you've seen 432 restricted choice changes the odds. If LHO ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
Of course one tries to make the call which will get (in utility-weighted expectation) the best score, in preference to the one for which the systemic description most closely matches one's hand. However, when those two calls are different, the systemic description is incomplete. We should aim for full ...
help with odds
You should play for the drop if you will see a small card from LHO on fewer than 29 of the 99 holdings where he has the queen well-guarded. That is if he will cover with more than 70 of those holdings.
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
Thanks Magnus. I bear Borel a faint grudge for inspiring much more commentary on sigma algebras than I ever wanted to listen to, but I don't suppose he cares. I'd be interested to see the relevant parts of the 1940 and 1954 editions. I suggest that we add ...
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