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The problems of over-alerting
I suggest that criterion for alerting the double of a natural suit bid below game should be that the double promises length or strength in a specified suit, including the suit doubled, sufficient that it would greatly reduce the likelihood that informed opponents would bid or raise the suit naturally ...
Post 11. Captain Ewart Kempson - “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” Monday, 18th September 2017.
I'm convinced that Ken Deighton is right about Kempson's date of birth. Readily accessible online records confirm that: - Ewart Kempson's will was administered by his brother Walter Ansell Kempson, and "resealed", i.e. certified for the release of assets to the administrator, in Jamaica. - Ewart Gladstone Kempson ...
Defense against a BSC over 1!C
A suggestion: any pair playing a multi-meaning convention should be obliged to provide approximate frequencies for the various options.
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
But you already agreed to it Anthony - "...with the proviso that I can specify East's strategy with QJ doubleton, and we throw out any deal where the card he's already played (the jack) is inconsistent with my declared strategy.". In bridge, we don't see East playing the ...
Test Your Play – The Bridge World, September 2017
West's problem if declarer ducks at trick one is of some interest. Declarer hands where the result is in doubt include: Ax AKxxxxx x Qxx. West needs to take A on the first round and switch to clubs Ax AKxxxxx xx Qx. West needs to take A on the ...
Post 11. Captain Ewart Kempson - “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” Monday, 18th September 2017.
The missing word in your newspaper quote is "misère", written (wrongly) as "misére". Kempson may have been playing solo whist.
pass fail
I think 3 is just a game try, it doesn't show hearts in particular. It might be better to play 3 showing hearts, and use 4 as the game try, but I doubt that's a common agreement among pairs who have an agreement. Opposite a ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
Anthony: My proposal follows the OP. I will declare my strategy for East when he gets dealt QJ. Then in each round we shuffle and deal 21 cards - Q 98654 10986542 109875432, 11 to East and 10 to West (to add to the the 98 10 already played by West ...
The problems of over-alerting
Thank you Richard. I refer anyone who seeks a full description of the alerting regulations to the EBU's Blue Book. My point, sadly obscured by my inaccurate description, is that there is real value in having the alert procedure distinguish between penalty and take-out doubles. I'd add to ...
The problems of over-alerting
I should have written "unless they're for take-out". But my point stands.
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