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Another ruling case
Patrick, what's missing is a procedure for alerting my opening bid in first position. Are you saying that opening bids in first position should be pre-alerted if unusual or artificial, but never alerted during the auction? Whereas opening bids in fourth position should always be alerted if unusual or ...
Another ruling case
Since apparently the French regulations don't specify a procedure for alerting before one's screenmate has made any call, I don't see how the Director can rule that what North says he did was contrary to the regulations.
Another ruling case
In the case la dernière déclaration de son voisin d’écran would have been on the previous deal.
Another ruling case
I suggest that all the good players who play different conventional defences depending on the NT range should adopt a formula for answering questions along the lines of "Against a strong NT we play that 2 shows an unspecified major".
What is the correct ruling?
Of course if East is asked for an explanation of 4 he should say whether or not it is forcing, without the need for a specific question. One can imagine the following exchange: "What does 4 mean?" "5+ - 5+ in and " "Is it forcing?" "Yes" Pass ...
Another ruling case
Alerting procedure is a matter of Regulation, not law. We can't answer the question without being familiar with French regulations. EBU regulations say that "The alerting player must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that both opponents are aware of the alert." North and East contradict each other over ...
What is the correct ruling?
West was very lucky that East didn't have preference for hearts. (I once lost a close match in the Spring Fours to a similar system forget.) North-South have been damaged by bad luck, not be the misexplanation to South. Result stands. How did they lose a trick?
You be the Judge
East's defence for the first six tricks was fine. West's diamond pitches have done no harm. And he can surely be trusted not to discard two diamonds from 1534.
You be the Judge
I repeat: cashing A at trick seven costs the defence a trick. When East next leads a heart, South discards a diamond loser on it. His hand now can't be forced, so he makes his long clubs - six tricks for declarer. If East holds onto A the diamond discard ...
You be the Judge
If South has six clubs cashing A makes no difference - it's the only trick the defence will get in any case. It's the actual layout where cashing A loses a trick, since declarer can then discard his diamond loser on the heart switch, and keep his trump intact ...
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