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There must be more useful ways to waste your time than ....
Win the club lead in dummy, play four rounds of diamonds, duck North's switch to K, win his heart or club exit, lead Q to the king and ace, cash dummy's diamond winner and continue with 10. If North lets you have that, cross back to your remaining ...
There must be more useful ways to waste your time than ....
Declarer is entitled to three spades, a heart, four diamonds and two clubs.
ATB - How did we let this through?
The opening lead is wrong (West had the chance to double 2), and the duck is wrong. West should give count on the club lead, which would make it more obvious for East to take A and switch to hearts.
Caught in a Backwash
If you judge he's 3442, you cash the clubs ending in dummy. On the third club he has to pitch a spade, now you can ruff out his last spade and endplay him as before.
Caught in a Backwash
I agree that this is not a backwash squeeze, nor anything like it. I think the backwash squeeze was so named by Geza Ottlik in his series in Bridge World in 1974 (but I don't have the issues to hand). By definition, one of the defender's losing options ...
Caught in a Backwash
You have to decide whether East is 3442 or 1444 to know which black suit to eliminate first (if he's 2443 you can play either way).
Help with UDCA Discarding please-This Month's Bridge World
Bridge World standard 2017, documented on the Bridge World website, is "Suit-preference signals: high prefers higher suit; low prefers lower suit" Meckwell play upside-down suit preference to go with UDCA, but most don't.
In another part of the forest
Ah. If my hand is xxxxx xx Jxxx Qx he can discard two diamonds on the clubs, then ruff the second round of diamonds high. So I am going to drop Q under A. Mind you, he should have played the second heart before K.
Do you spend too much time playing bridge?
If one or more of you had taken the trouble to find a cure for cancer, which turns out to be hard, I wouldn't be wasting my time playing bridge. So there's that reason.
In another part of the forest
I've been trying to work out why he'd play a club even with a singleton. Perhaps just to do my head in.
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