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-590: assign the blame
Pass would not have been forcing.
Help settle an argument please
Partner wins K and continues the suit (he needs to have 9). Declarer has no entry for a squeeze.
Help settle an argument please
I think declarer's hand is xxx KJxx AQ10x A10. We need to play a club to protect partner from being endplayed. If we play a diamond, declarer can rise ace, cross to a spade, and exit in clubs to get two diamond tricks or a ruff and discard.
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
Yes agreed. I think that once the alternative explanation is that partner missorted his hand, I should be allowed to check my memory for a system forget. But I can see merit in David's approach also - it makes for a clean game. Really I just wanted some clarity about ...
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
The AI suggests I should check my recollection of our agreement regarding my 3NT bid. So does the UI. If I'm allowed to act on the AI, I'll remember our actual agreement. Then it will no longer be a logical alternative to play in 4 if I ...
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
The UI does not tell you that he has not missorted his hand.
The New Tricks Tournament Series
The names are in the closing credits. The first hand could do with a bit more analysis of the relative merits of Q and 2 at trick two. And some discussion of the defence if Q is allowed to hold.
Permissible enquiry?
ok, I meant any information not known to a similarly expert player from the planet Zarg. I said something like that in my previous comment.
Permissible enquiry?
No. During the play the three active players seek to determine how the hidden cards are distributed between the two hidden hands. Declarer is entitled to any information the defenders had before they took their cards out of the board which might help them make that determination. What dummy thinks ...
Is this a guess?
Partner is very unlikely to have a singleton diamond at this vulnerability. And it can't be necessary to switch to hearts - if partner's got A he'll make it before declarer gets to discard clubs. So the choice is between a spade and A. A is necessary to ...

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