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Law on Bidding after Pause
I think what Yu C wrote wasn't intended to mean what you think James. The clear statement was "My pause was to avoid double instantly to show everyone in the world that I am doing a penalty double."
Fundamental Principle
It's not just a question of judging whether you like or dislike the suit, it's also whether a deliberately unclear signal is permitted for half liking it.
When Computers Deal Like We Used To
The 2 overcall is horrible. You can consider a 2-level overcall on a 5-card suit if you have at least three of the top five honours.
Law on Bidding after Pause
I'd say five seconds is normal tempo for a penalty double.
Negotiated Settlement
Why have they called the director?
Negotiated Settlement
46B5 "If declarer indicates a play without designating either a suit or a rank (as by saying ‘play anything’ or words of like meaning) either defender may designate the play from dummy" I rule that "it doesn't matter" is sufficiently similar in meaning to "play anything".
Insufficient advance
If the director (rightly) gave you the option of prohibiting the lead of any one suit, what would you do?
Upon the Stanislaus
David, are you saying that a claim "I'll take five diamonds tricks and three hearts" will be sometimes accepted (as it was) when the more detailed claim "I'll take five diamond tricks, unblocking the ten under the ace, then three heart tricks" would not be? Or rather than ...
Fundamental Principle
One can write only so much on the convention card. But if asked a general question about the lead style, I think East should say that Hx42 is a possible holding, if he knows it is.
Whose fault or call TD?
They got the defence wrong. Declarer is entitled to four heart tricks and the pointed aces. The question is whether he can make his fourth spade, or ruff it with dummy's 8. If the defence starts with three rounds of clubs, declarer ruffing and East discarding a spade (the ...
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