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7S puzzle in segment 7
Suppose you know that clubs are 5-2 and spades are 1-4. Then each opponent has 7 vacant spaces for red cards, so hearts 3-2 either way is equally likely. Call the probability of 3-2 one way p (we could work out what it is, but we needn't). Either line ...
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
South can tell from the opening lead that declarer has a heart stop. So what else can 3 show but four spades?
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
I'm not impressed by South's telling opponents about the clubs, where he had a strong holding, rather than the overall shape implications. A better explanation might be "I haven't promised club length: I could have any game-forcing hand which is willing to play in 3NT opposite a ...
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
East's entitled to check politely whether he's been properly informed about North-South's agreements. South is entitled to object politely to comments about his bidding. There's no need for it to escalate. Zero Tolerance ought to be about encouraging friendly behaviour, not a weapon in the hands ...
Missed slam - who was more responsible
Or he might listen to the auction.
7S puzzle in segment 7
Arguably it's not difficult for LHO to discard deceptively from a 4-card minor here, with the heart suit fairly obviously the key to the contract. But Michael Rosenberg did in fact (according to the BBO record) discard a club from 1345, so it's evidently not routine. And RHO ...
Missed slam - who was more responsible
Ken, I doubt West would see his xxx as a promising attempt to hold the lead. He'd be more likely to try his AK.
Missed slam - who was more responsible
If South had - AQJxxxx xx KQJx, whose fault would it be when they went off at the five level?
Legal: AI or UI?
No. Partner's statement that he thought 8 was a trump is plainly UI. Opponents' statement that 8 was not a trump is plainly AI. That's all the AI available to you from the exchange. Comments are not "traits", regardless of who hears them. The laws do not say ...
Legal: AI or UI?
Opponents told you that 8 was not a trump. That's AI.
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