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Technical question: is this 3!h bid forcing
Playing 15-17 NT, are you content to open 1NT on xx KQJxx Axx AJx? If not, you might want to be able to rebid 2 here invitational.
Online Bridge Ruling: Failure to Alert and Wild Bids
Under online alerting regulations, a player is entitled to an alert on the basis of what his opponent understood his call to mean at the time he made it, even if that understanding was wrong. East has committed an infraction by not alerting his double of 1NT - at the time ...
If there's an issue, it's not the tiny difference between the explanations, but that neither of them mentioned that the lower end of the range is zero high-card points.
What would you choose?
Conventions: take-out doubles, splinters, 5NT pick a slam Bridge book: Adventures in Card Play Partner: My late wife. Who is likely to leave it to the locals to site opposite me at the card table.
Gratuitous Question!!!
The information that East made the very poor play of covering J at trick two makes me doubt the suggestion that his double was based on expert analysis of the auction.
If they play weak 2s and trash multi, they should tell you so. And even if they don't, it wasn't quite full disclosure. But you're an experienced player, behind screens. If you would have done something different if told 0-8, you should have asked.
Gratuitous Question!!!
If one were going to exploit the alert procedure illegally, this West hand would be just the sort for the question to show. You have support for anything partner wants to bid, and a likely defensive trick if he makes a penalty double. It would work less well to ask ...
TD please
I'd be surprised if Norman's method applies after a reopening double.
TD please
LHO's 1 opening is passed round to you. Your shape is far from being 4414, but you're too strong for anything else, so you double. Do you want partner to jump in your short suit when he's got a very weak hand? Peg, I suggest that ...
TD please
I agree that it's unlikely that partner would have been dealt a hand where 4 is a playable contract and he won't have bid hearts more strongly already. But we're not looking at absolute probabilities. One of three unlikely things has happened: - partner has been dealt ...
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