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USA2 Semifinals, Day 1
Overall -- good report. Slightly flawed analysis on Diamond-Harris segment 2 board 21. You wrote "then Diamond made a good lead against a game to win 10 IMPs when declarer went down three" Diamond did make a great low diamond lead, but Platnick had to find the heart switch and understandably ...
Test your defense
See above (I added a last section) When E pitches a H down to 3S and 2H, declarer pitches a S instead of a H. Assuming W is 3-3 in the majors... (a premature H pitch would allow declarer to duck a H in both hands then Ace) If W ...
Test your defense
If declarer held that, instead of they could run 8 minor cards double-squeezing the defenders in the same 2 suits! In the 5 card ending, if E keeps 2S and 3H, then AK and a spade finishes it. and if E keeps 3S and 2H, then W gets squeezed ...
Test your defense
Nope. If you discard the K on the 4th club, declarer leads a to their T setting up dummy's 9.
Test your play: squeezes and probabilities.
Well suppose you play 4 rounds of diamonds. RHO wins and returns a heart (since a spade is fatal). You may have to make a decision on which squeeze to play for. I think the 'best' approach is after the DA reveals the 0=4, to play SA and then ...
Assign the Blame - Australia vs USA1 Juniors
Echoing previous comments: In my partnerships, 2H would be the standout 80% blame, but 3N is a close 2nd at 15%. When I am unpassed and you are vulnerable - I expect a real 2H bid. However, I would have had no problem with a 3H preempt on this hand. Over ...
I would switch to the heart Queen. Same reasons as mentioned for the heart switch, but also catering to declarer holding: xxxx AKx QJx Qxx where a low heart is the only card which allows declarer to make.
What does partner's bid mean?
Q: with minors, couldn't you start with X, and pull partner's 2S to 2N?
Toronto NABC - Feedback
Ahh the great 1 & 7.30 versus 10 & 3/4. Most of the comments here use personal opinion (which is fine), but also use over general conclusions with no statistical basis like: * Local players overwhelmingly prefer earlier times * old people like earlier * West coaster like later * Partiers like later In ...
Toronto NABC - Feedback
Sites: I agree with all the previous posts about split sites. At other NABCs, after failing to qualify for the next day of a national event, I often would enjoy grabbing a beer and playing the midnight game - which as pointed out was not possible. Rooms: I guess I was ...

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