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Paul Block
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Jan. 3, 2014
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Sven Pride's bidding problem: AK986 --- K8753 AT8
Not my first (or last) -590.
Missed Slam
From the OP, "3NT instead of 4♥ by South would have showed non-serious slam interest."
Grade this call II
Partner should have the sense to know that the K is not a valuable card. If you tend to have heart shortness or extra strength partner will be able to give appropriate weight to their lack of wasted values in hearts and appropriately discount heart honors.
Grade this call II
I like this double better than the 4-3-3-3 crappy 12-count takeout double that is gaining popularity.
Missed Slam
South has a monster hand after North splinters! I can't imagine not at least looking for slam with that hand.
Surely you're not tired of assigning blame yet?
John, is this agreement applicable for you at all vuls and all forms of scoring? Is it your feeling that either the hand is good enough to overcall with 65432 or, if it's not, that it's also not good enough to balance?
Kyle Rockoff's lead problem: KQ9763 QT AJ T86
I'm tempted by the Q - partner likely has good hearts - but I'll go conservative with the K.
Paul Block's bidding problem: AQT8 QT732 Q7 KJ
Doubling seemed obvious to me, but when no one else in this (admittedly small) robot tournament doubled (and went -550), I thought I should take a sanity check. There were seven players: 5 bid 5, 1 passed and let his robot partner bid 5. I alone doubled and ...
Paul Block's bidding problem: AQT8 QT732 Q7 KJ
I wish we could add that note when we have a clear penalty double. What GIB actually reads if you double is "5+; 11-21 HCP; 12-22 total pts" (although, I like yours better). If you choose to bid 5h GIB reads the exact same info. I will post the ...
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