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Paul Block
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Jan. 3, 2014
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March 27
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Tracy Brines's bidding problem: A75 AJ62 AKQ A93
We were going to make some number of nt. Now, we're headed for a bottom in 5 or a decent score in 6m. I think I'll take door number 2, please. By the way, I actually like our chances to make. It's just that the matchpoint ...
2017 NAP-B report: breaking up squeezes
On the last hand, I believe you mean, "North winning his ♠Q and returning a low diamond to the ♦Q."
Paul Block's bidding problem: J 74 KJT764 AQ96
I bid 2nt which I thought was normal - showing longer diamonds than clubs. Partner thought I should have bid 3d which I thought was overly risky when it's still possible that 3c is the best spot (and I certainly don't want a correction to 4). I'm ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: QT943 AT97 97 43
I'm worried that all of my heart winners will get ruffed if we play with a trump suit. The ace of hearts mitigates that worry a little, but I'll still go out on a limb with "pass."
Paul Block's bidding problem: J 74 KJT764 AQ96
At this point in the auction I clearly wish that I had bid diamonds and then diamonds. Now I could pattern out with 3. Earlier, however, when the auction was still developing it seemed to me better to show 9 of my cards rather than 6. Isn't my ...
Ted Ying's bidding problem: AQJ9754 K9 J853 ---
Pass and pass. Squirming by RHO slightly improves my confidence level that either we might beat them or that they might be missing a slam, but doubling is not a logical alternative. I pat myself on the back for the 4 bid and work on planning a defense.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: 653 9 AKJ52 K987
I had a minimum(ish) opener when the auction started. I like my hand for spades, but the 2 overcall by LHO has taken the wind from my sails. If they start with a trump, I expect partner to face a significant challenge even in 2.
UI Ruling Question
The answer is, yes. Say the auction goes: 1 - 2nt(explained as 20-21 bal) - p - 3 (explained as prefers clubs over diamonds); 3 - p - p - ? Partner must act as if still expecting 20-21 bal, and take the appropriate action from that perspective.
UI Ruling Question
Kit, while I agree with you on almost everything that you write, I feel like I'm not getting your position on this issue. Why should West have to parse North's opaque statement to bid his own hand? Since when is deciphering linguistic gymnastics part of bridge?
UI Ruling Question
I also wish you nothing but goodness, and I did not mean for my comment to be any sort of personal attack. My concern was entirely with what you wrote which was wrong in so many ways that I had to confine myself to what I considered egregious and ignore ...

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