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Paul D East
Paul D East
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July 27, 2011
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about me

Mathematician, 1988-2015

Lexington Community College, Lexington, KY

Now  retired and living in Daphne, Alabama 



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Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Redonkulous, my new word of the day. Have to work into my conversation at the bridge club in a little. "That play was rednkulous partner."
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
It appears as though the following could theoretically be contradictory For knockouts with more than one bracket, the Yellow Chart is used in most brackets with these exceptions: Red Chart - Top bracket (regardless of the team masterpoint holdings) and any other bracket where the lowest team has 8000+ masterpoints White ...
LaTeX version of convention cards?
I have a Precision Latex card which I have shard with a couple of people. If your interested, let me know.
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: AQ972 AKQ4 986 Q
Would never bid 3. With that forced on me, I now pass.
Is this alertable?
No alert required.
2way checkback over a 2Nt rebid.
Yes, the method is very playable. Note he audience it is aimed for. It is simple and consistent with 2-way checkback over 1NT.
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Thanks Jeff. I missed the "Responses and Later Calls" section.
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Both the Red and Yellow Chart say Note: Almost all agreements are allowed beginning with Responder’s initial action. How do you determine if something is not one of the "almost all"?
We Hope You Stay Home
Componentization is a seductive software development practice. Simply put, software componentization is when you break your software system down into smaller easily identifiable pieces that have well-defined interfaces – and you do this in a specific way (i.e. by following a component model).
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Don't think Multi will allowed in pairs.

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