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Paul Dalley
Paul Dalley
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March 30
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Favorite Bridge Memory
Spring Nationals Sydney 2017 - qualifying to the semis and topping the pairs datums playing with my friend Ash for the first time. (although he has topped the datums in that event and won many (many) other nationals etc so....).
Bridge Accomplishments
Nothing that noteworthy, 2017 was the first year that I've had time to play National Tournaments in Aus which normally require several days off during the week.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ash Bach
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Long and winding road
I am not overly confident in this, but I think try putting in the J at trick 1. If it wins, play the J of spades. Playing clubs could easily be wrong. It could produce 2 losers which you may not have if you don't touch the suit. For ...
Assign the blame - 3NT failing while slam makes
(sorry if I am repeating what someone else has already said) Souths 3 is very understandable but with the benefit of lounge chair analysis, I think X is a better bid. If P bids a minor, you have a clear spade splinter as your next bid. If P bids ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AK874 AK5 62 Q42
Even though the hand is quite nice, diamond honours are at a huge premium. K of Diamonds is worth about 5-7 points. Etc. Q may not be much of a card. Actually could see 3NT going down. Give partner Jx QJx AQJ10xx Ax K of diamonds off side, and clubs ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: AK9874 9 A96 KT3
You opened and then bid extra strength with the cue. You have bid your approximate strength already (although you could be slightly weaker). Bidding 4 seems right, if partner has a good hand without control they can keep going, potentially stopping in 5 at worst (if you ...
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: JT63 A32 732 KQ3
In that case double seems automatic.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: JT63 A32 732 KQ3
Is 4 natural/values? If so, double.
What is this Double?
Takeout makes a lot of sense because they have a 9+ card fit. It is the sort of hand where declaring is typically at a premium - you are either making or you are efficiently sacrificing. Conversely, say the opponents bid like this - (1) Pass (2) - alerted as showing ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AQ6 74 J72 K5432
Pass at matchpoints. 3NT if it was IMPs scoring.
Liam Milne's lead problem: J863 A AQ42 8542
You can tell quite a bit from the bidding Declarer is 24(34) or 2434 exactly, depending on opponents methods. Hearts are 5521. Pard has say 4 points on a good day. It doesn't look like a highly aggressive lead is called for, particularly because hearts are sitting badly ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 53 53 Q9 Q976542
If you can make 8 tricks you are risking 220, not 100!

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