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Paul Dalley
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about me

Bridge players have suffered as a result of the invention of the rigid expression "penalty double". It is a short cut for people that struggle to determine what features partner is bidding and/or what candidate hands partner has. The impact of the expression is wide spread (probably safe to say ubiquitous) and in my opinion is stifling most (all) players' comprehension of bridge bidding logic in a non-trivial way. 


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Started playing nationals in Australia about 1 year ago. Came 2nd in the most recent event (VCC). Have had a couple other top 3 finishes. Hoping to improve on that in future events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ash Bach
Favorite Conventions
Having my bid, putting down a good dummy, making partner's life easy, getting a plus score. Not concerned about going +170. Bridge is won in the part scores, bidding games is important but overrated.
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Best option?
3rd seat NV opening of 1D and partner doubles... (S)he probably has diamond support. Also the 2 might be suit preference because I don't think partner is leading from KQx on the bidding. I think Q switch. If for example you play 3 diamonds (declarer holding up) and ...
Declare 6NT
10 at trick 1. If that doesn't work, cash AQ, if the j doesn't appear, play 3 rounds of hearts (ending in dummy). If they don't break, play for the A of spades to be in the hand that does not contain the 4th heart, so, if ...
Plan the play in 4!S (II)
Yep exactly. Would just try to take a solid view on the heart distribution as thats the key to the end game, once the spade layout is known. Edit: with Hx he may unblock by t he way, so its tough to read. Oh, unless you play small to dummy ...
Plan the play in 4!S (II)
Plan is to make 4 spades, 2 diamonds and then EITHER: 1) 4 clubs 2) 3 clubs and a heart trick because west is end played by the 3rd club, with only hearts to play back. (Note, West likely has AK of hearts, because probbaly they would've led t ...
Assign the blame missed slam - 2
Really? How do you play it after a spade lead to the A then a low spade back? I'm starting to think its less than a 50% slam. I mean suppose you draw 2 rounds of trumps and they don't break, what next? Club A and ruff a ...
Assign the blame missed slam - 2
I'm about to go to sleep so I'm probably not seeing the obvious answer, but assuming diamonds are 2-2, what are the 12 tricks? (if spades and hearts don't break).
What is East's double?
4 spades, 3 or less hearts, 12+ points, can't bid 3NT. possible hand: K10xx AJx xx KQxx
Is this forcing?
4 directly is a clear slam try. The sequence given in the poll was an attempt to play in 3NT. However, when 3NT wasn't possible, playing in 5 minor is a different story altogether. Good opposition will double you when appropriate, so there is serious reason to pass ...
What is the meaning of this double?
Paul F: I agree with almost everything you said, except about emphatic doubles. I'm not sure what that means (I'm not being sarcastic). What I am trying to say is - I agree that hand you gave is a good approximation of what partner should expect from your double ...
What is the meaning of this double?
Yes but with AKJxxx and out I would bid 2 but I wouldn't double 3. I can't imagine anything more necessary than a natural pass in that situation, so in my opinion it is not forcing. To me a forcing pass would also seem inconsistent with ...

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