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Paul Dalley
Paul Dalley
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March 30
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about me

Having my bid, putting down a good dummy, making partner's life easy, getting a plus score. Not that concerned about going +170.


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Favorite Conventions
None, not because they can't be fun but because they lose IMPS / match-points, particularly in partnerships that practice less than 10-20 hours a week together.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
How do you rule?
It doesn't look like EW had any special agreements or extra inferences beyond what the opponents had. It is obviously essential for bridge that all partnership agreements as well as full inferences are disclosed to the opponents in good faith. This is quite an active role for a player ...
T2 defense
my point is that probably with a 5-5 declarer might've had some way of showing it.
T2 defense
It is not likely that declarer bid 4S on that shape.
T2 defense
If declarer has 5 diamonds, what holdings does P have that even need a promotion? Qx Only? And even if P does have Qx, if declarer has a losing club and is something like 6151 then its trading tricks isn't it?
How Discouraging?
It would probably just deny the Ace.
Ella Pattison's bidding problem: K95 KQJ93 42 A87
My guess is 75% or more of the time you will end up in 3NT. So obviously wrong siding the contract by bidding 2NT is not a good idea, and here that is a very high chance of happening for most of partner's spade and/or diamond holdings. One ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: AJ974 AK86 --- K862
Peter Gill's lead problem: A72 842 Q965 865
If partner passed 3rd in chair with 6 spades?
Peter Gill's lead problem: A72 842 Q965 865
A computer somewhere probably. Just calculates the average expected value of each lead, over millions or billions of hands. What works on the individual hand is not as relevant, although maybe worth noting, especially if it was a reasonably predictable layout of shape/cards etc. Over analysing the results on ...
John Newman's bidding problem: Q8752 AJ9 T72 Q4
Imagine partner has something as good as AKxxx xx AKxxx x You have 3 losers. Im bidding 4S because I don't want to encourage partner (and I don't think 4 here is lead directional, even if a lead is better). If your hand was instead something ...

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