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Paul Dalley
Paul Dalley
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March 30, 2018
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July 7
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about me

Having my bid, putting down a good dummy, making partner's life easy, getting a plus score. Not that concerned about going +170.


Bridge is a great game for bringing to the surface some of our innumerable faults as thinkers and more generally as humans.


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Wishing everyone happiness and joy.
was it match points? Your play at trick 2 might be excellent or at least decent. Picking up the heart suit for no losers may be relevant..
John McAllister's bidding problem: --- AKJ73 KJ872 732
I would play 4D there as denying a club cue bid, so for me slam would be out. Whether 4H is to play or not? Probably depends on partnership style For example, I might play 3D as one of these two things ONLY 1. a serious hand that has good ...
Overcalling strong NT openings
I think the point is that people will open 1NT a lot more frequently against opponents that aren't able to show strength. For example to assume a 3rd seat favourable 1NT opening is a properly balanced 15+ point hand is misguided against dynamic players, but might be a safe ...
Self-Alerting Question
Art - there are some significant reasons why, this is one- Say you were in a situation at the table (not online) where you momentarily forgot the system, and your partner alerted your bid. You are deemed to have forgotten and cannot wake up to it, you have to continue bidding ...
Self-Alerting Question
I like to give the full explanation to the opponents which includes - what the system says it means, and what I actually have. Its happened to me once in memory, but possibly twice (over the last thousand or so boards I've played). I think its the sporting thing to ...
Coast Conduct
Yea, I guess those further statements were also made at a similar time, just wasn't sure - "you can't bid 5D when partner hesitates" being one of the main ones.
Coast Conduct
I think the best you can do is ignore it. Have your own personal ethic and get satisfaction from pursuing that. Don't worry about what others say, but do be self critical and analyse your ethical mistakes, which WILL happen (unless you are like me - god like). My personal ...
John Newman's bidding problem: A864 9 AK854 943
Interesting point John, say in a cramped auction you have this hand AKQxx x KQJxxx x Keycard in diamonds and partner shows 0 or 3.. hmmm Old fashion 0, 1, 2, 3 keycard might make a return, its not without its merits.
It Happened One Day
I think the definition of cheating basically requires at least a hint of dishonesty. In clear daylight telling your partner how to play the hand as dummy is probably more accurately described as breaking the rules, and probably done by someone suffering from some sort of unhealthy impulsive behaviour, and ...
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Perhaps. I'm not particularly confident on this point. Its hard to refute without some sort of experimenting, as my personal experience alone could just mean I am in a minority (to the extent that I can accurately recall and examine my own personal experience anyway).

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