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Paul Dalley
Paul Dalley
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March 30, 2018
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Sept. 11
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about me

Having my bid, putting down a good dummy, making partner's life easy, getting a plus score. Not that concerned about going +170.


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Favorite Conventions
None. Conventions are sometimes fun but they lose IMPS / match-points, particularly in partnerships that practice less than 10-20 hours a week together.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
6NT play problem. Finesses, combinations, squeezes... it's got 'em all
Why duck a spade instead of a diamond?
6NT play problem. Finesses, combinations, squeezes... it's got 'em all
I would win in hand, run the 10 of diamonds, win the return and cash a lot of winners coming down to this position - x AK9 - 10 KJ x - then time to judge the ending, depending on table read, in particular who strained for discards. If there isn't much ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: A75 982 KQJ62 AT
concerned about possibly wrong siding the contract?
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: 4 Q4 AKQ94 Q8752
Assuming 4S is a club raise, bidding anything other than 5C with 1 keycard seems wrong. Perhaps the point in the poll is whether 4S is passable?
What is the distribution in this hand?
Avon, thanks for your corrections, I'm more interested in technical bridge insights rather than accurately representing the methods used in double bay, which is why I took the liberty of explaining the methods as I did. Sincere apologies if that some how disturbs any readers.
What is the distribution in this hand?
Question 2 - assuming diamonds are 5-3, what is the correct play in hearts?
Peter Gill's bidding problem: AK9432 K985 8 Q4
Peter, the only way for bad players like me to deal with the frustrations of the game and continue working at it, is to take comfort in the fact that the very best players do make errors. So, thanks you for the occasional error!
Another hand from the rubber bridge table
Double would have been penalty
I cheat
I don't think this is cheating (as the title indicates), it is more like unintentionally breaching the rules in broad daylight and clear sight - like a tennis player putting their foot over the line during their serve, and receiving a foot fault. I disagree with the bid you made ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQ7 Q4 AQ985 A96
That comment isn't persuasive. Anyway, its probably a matter that a simulator could give some insight into. What would you say partners expected point count and shape is? There are 22 points unaccounted for. Illd say North has very little to bid like that, so partner probably has 7-16 ...

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