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Paul Elstein
Paul Elstein
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March 28, 2013
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Nov. 11
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about me

Been playing for 55+ years, but am still at the intermediate level.  Have been teaching beginner bridge to seniors.  Strong believer in the 5Fs--fun, focus, forgive, forget, and if none of those work go into a private place to shout the 5th F.  Another f is for frustration; but we always come back to play in spite of it.

United States of America

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Coming in first in our section, the first day that my partner and I played in a Regional Tournament
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Some Medicare Supplement policies (Medigap) do vary by gender. Some also vary by tobacco smoking. Most have some kind of age-related premiums. Additionally, some States do not require Medigap policies to cover disabled Medicare beneficiaries under age 65.
Electing a Member of the ACBL Board of Directors
Hi Judy, I was ashamed to say that I did not know the term, "bubba meisa." So I looked it up in The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten. Neither word was in there, and while I can figure out what you mean, my ignorance may be more justifiable! I ...
Bermuda Bowl-1959 Segment 1
He was in their minors, where bbref is spotty. bbref also has no record of Bill Sharman having suited up for the Dodgers in the Shot Heard Round the World playoff series, since he never got onto the field. Bill Sharman never played a game in the Majors, but was ...
Electing a Member of the ACBL Board of Directors
Judy, I assume you mean the Wall St. Journal article. You also might want to look at the judge's decision the following year in Blubaugh vs.the American Contract Bridge League
Do What Will Motivate Governing Bodies; Not What is Easy
"I'm pretty sure that I've raised this before - but - why can't organizations have all players, when they purchase entries (or get a membership with the organization) agree in written statement that their participation is contingent upon this? That if they are found guilty of cheating, then their ...
If Looney Tunes Had a Team
Boris and Natasha would be an interesting pair. The only question is how obvious their Ch**ting would be.
There is a difference between "innocent," not guilty," and probably something like "not proven guilty." I'm not sure which the EBL ruled.
Any converts?
I abstained because I haven't read it. But what is the difference in the poll between "not convinced" and "adamant that all was kosher?" Also, between "convinced" and "adamant that nothing was kosher?"
Falling numbers in Orlando
" As for international attendance there are many things that combine. I would venture that Tourism to the US has declined the last 2 years or so, the ETTD-effect." According to this article, tourism dropped in 2016 as well. But the writer makes some interesting points ...
Did The Blue Team Cheat?
I abstained because I don't know. Avon has certainly given a lot of evidence that they did cheat. I wonder why the few voters who said 'no'voted that way.

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