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Paul Elstein
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March 28, 2013
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about me

Been playing for 55+ years, but am still at the intermediate level.  Have been teaching beginner bridge to seniors.  Strong believer in the 5Fs--fun, focus, forgive, forget, and if none of those work go into a private place to shout the 5th F.  Another f is for frustration; but we always come back to play in spite of it.

United States of America

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Coming in first in our section, the first day that my partner and I played in a Regional Tournament
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For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
It may be researchable, but I wonder whether the number of players of Little League and other programs for youth is increasing or not. (we can't measure the number of people like myself who played non-organized baseball). But playing doesn't necessarily turn into attending games. (see soccer aka ...
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
I've never wanted to bid 8, but a lot of times, I would have liked to bid 3 1/2.
Bye, bye
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
"Well known fact : Many countries underreport memberships to avoid paying fees to the WBF. Many just enlist a small cadre of international players. So let’s get relevant facts straight." I guess some countries cheat at bridge just like some players do
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
"From 1973 to 1996, possibly with some extra duplication where there were midseason changes: Ralph Houk, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Dick Howser, Bob Lemon, Billy Martin, Dick Howser, Gene Michael, Bob Lemon, Gene Michael, Clyde King, Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Lou Piniella, Bahar Gidwani, Billy Martin, Lou Piniella ...
Dismantling a board
How many organizations replace their Boards of Directors, even when there is substantial unhappiness with them? Not just a question of age; more of intertia and/or the idea that better the devil you know...
Can an invitational-classed club game restrict entry in this manner?
'Contact' is not a verb!" – Nero Wolfe. Nero Wolfe destroyed a dictionary because it had "imply" and "infer" as synonyms.
Prize money in bridge?
I would guess that with money at stake, the person who the director ruled against would be more likely to think that the director was not impartial.
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
"Rather ironic to use this particular American-football metaphor to describe this type of action, because in that pseudo-sport "punting" amounts to a willing (presumed) transference of control to the adversary." Psuedo-sport??
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
My friends had to play in a facility a couple of blocks awaywhere players with fewer than 750 points were playing. Evidently, the hotel only had playing rooms for those with more than 750. I was not there and it may have only been for the weekend, but if ACBL ...

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