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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Ian Wilson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
St Petersburg, FL
Favorite Tournaments
N.A. Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Blue Team Club; Your convention card.
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Life Master
How should this be bid ?
Barry: No sir. Your system says that when you reverse, your first suit is longer than your second suit. This has nothing to do with the definition of "reverse."
Systems Poll
I responded with favo(u)rate. Unfortunately, I seldom get to play it. I am almost always stuck with 2/1 GF with strongish 1NT.
Forcing or not?
Back in the olden days, it was sometimes played that 2 over 1 could be weaker than 2m over 1M. I have never heard it played the other way around (i.e., what the poster suggests). As Jim mentioned, playing 3 over 1 as invitational makes ...
A Trappist passes on
Dang, from the title I thought this article was going to be about Belgian beer.
Who should act and how?
I was wondering that three.
Quick question about alerts.
Clubs can mostly do what they want.
Controlling noise at your club
When I was on the BoD of the club, I suggested Tasers. For some reason, I am no longer on the Board.
Is this defence to precision as mad as I think it is.
I think your partner's idea is wonderful. I'm going to convince all my opponents to use it. :)
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
Patrick wrote: "A door must be opened or closed" Alfred de Musset Don't forget Schrödinger's Door. It's openess/closedness is indeterminate until an observer collapses the wave.
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
Agreed. For the geeks/dweebs/dorks among us (moi), "semi-forcing" brings to mind "Almost dead" from Princess Bride.

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