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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

Bald and overweight with a scruffy beard and usually wearing a hat. Loud and can nopt spell. Most often wearing a cat-themed Tee shirt, Down to living with only five of the prince and princes now. Before we moved from St. Paul, MN my spouse ran a cat rescue group which took in those animals most other could not. These were mostly "surplus" litters and elderly and sick cats. We and others in the group, Cause for Paws, tool the beasties into our homes and found permanent homes for most. For those we couldn't (or won't because we fell in love with them) stayed with us until the end.

Learned bridge in college (Class of 1970). I learned the game by reading every bridge book in the college and town library. Enjoy studying bidding systems and have played a wide variety thereof. Prefer a Strong Club/Weak NT canape systems. Never claimed this is the best approach, merely the type I enjoy. Now I am stuck with strong NT. five-card majors 2/1 GF. Ah well.

Started off my supposed adult life teaching Middle School. Loved the kids but not many of my fellow teachers. Taught in a Catholic School which is unusual for a non-practicing (or practicing) Jew. Needed more $$ when my wife became sick (uncovered bills of 6 times my annual salary) so got a job as a Home Office geek in group medical insurance. Ended up as a minority owner in a group medical reinsurance intermediary and manager. Chief nerd. Pricing, underwriting, IT, etc Enjoyed the pricing part the most as it was puzzle to be solved with insufficient data. Ya, kinda like bridge but playing with others peoples' money (in the multi-millions). The company was sold to a Biggie in 2000. I retired soon thereafter at the ripe old age of 53. Spent the next 10 years travelling the world; sometimes solely and sometimes with my spouse. In the early 2010s, we had to move to Florida to take care of my failing in-laws. After they passed, we are stayed -- my spouse likes it and I like my spouse, so ...

Current hobbies: Reading: Science Fiction (Neal Stephenson is my fav author). Physics (Time is my favorite sub-topic)

                         Bridge. Playing locally only. I have played off and on for a total of about half of the 50  years since I learned the game.

                         Watching my favorite sports: Bicycle road racing; Rugby (particularly 7s)

Heros: (Heroes?) Bridge: Michel Rosenberg and Edgar Kaplan for their work on ethics

                          Life: My brother who was an underpaid, overworked Public Defender for 45 years and continues the struggle in retirement.

                          Historical: Paul Robeson for whom I was named.; Dorothy Day who actually lived her beliefs; Dorothy Parker: Oh, if Could write like that.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Ian Wilson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
St Petersburg, FL
Favorite Tournaments
N.A. Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Anything that you and I both know and you know that I know it.
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Going through the Table History takes quite a bit of time -- often time that the Director does not have. It is quite useful if the question is did South take 10 seconds or 3 minutes to bid 3 type questions. It is not very useful when trying to determine ...
What card play concepts/conventions/treatments missing from the 2011 Encyclopedia of Bridge would you like to see included in the next edition?
And Inverted Weasel
What is your choice?
Richard Fleet's argument for a club is pervasive but there is no way I'd find it at the table, so I voted for the Spade 10.
How do you get to Slam?
1 - 2 2 - 3 3N - 4 4 - 4!N 5 - 6 3N is shows a minimum with mild interest in bigger things. If my partner opens 2, we are playing 4. AKK is too strong for a weak two in ...
Online Issue #2 - Slow Play
Yes, I am saying there is no way to assign a PP.
Online Issue #2 - Slow Play
Them director can adjust the results to any contract with any result. There is no way to penalize one side while giving the actual result to the innocent side. Because of the way the system works (All this is based on Virtual Club games; life might be different for others ...
Online Issue #1 Last Hand
If it's a barometer game, everyone gets, say, 18 minutes a round for for rounds 1-6 and 21 minutes for round 7. Everyone gets the same amount of time as everyone else for each set of three boards; it's just that for set 7 (boards 19-21) everyone gets ...
BBO claims should be "*You* (opponents) get X more tricks", not "I claim X more tricks"
The complaint I hear most is that the claims are based on remaining tricks rather than total tricks. I must admit I have a hard time understanding that issue. The most confusion seems to be when there is a claim in the middle of a trick. Since the trick has ...
Online Issue #3 - WT...?
David: I've never seen one "skipped." I have seen ones misnumbered during a game -- but not for some time.
Online Issue #3 - WT...?
In Virtual Club games: When a play is knocked offline, the director has the choice of a) waiting, hoping the player will come back soon b) substitute a robot c) try to find a human substitute willing to fill in (there is a substitute list people can sign up on ...

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