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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Ian Wilson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
St Petersburg, FL
Favorite Tournaments
N.A. Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Blue Team Club; Your convention card.
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Life Master
Would you open 1NT with a void?
With 0-4-4-5 I open 1 unless the Diamonds are pathetic and the Clubs are very strong. With 4-4-5-0 I open 1 unless the Diamonds are pathetic and the Hearts are very strong. (Kxxx-AKQT-xxxxx-void)
Partner's failure to alert an alertable call or failure to announce an announceable call is always UI. This is true regardless of your hand or partner's hand.
forcing or non-forcing?
Just because responder is limited, does not mean opener is.
1Nt---(2M)---X as penalties
Keeping partner happy is more important than than optimizing treatments. If partner feels strongly that these doubles should be penalty, then penalty they shall be. I would certainly rather play these doubles as negative, btw.
Bridge post-mortems at the table
Ya, what David wrote. Rule #1 in all my partnerships: Don't get into a land war in Asia. Rule #2 in all my partnerships: Our only at-table discussions are to clarify agreements.
Peg: What do you have against noodles?
It is VERY hard to argue with your reasoning. It is also the perfect explanation to N/S for the decision.
delayed support by opener in comp auction
I agree that the sequence ending in 2 should show 3 hearts and a good hand hand in context. The only explanation I can invent for the sequence ending in 3 is a splinter. A hand on which opener almost bid 3 or 3 on the ...
Assuming South is an experienced player, there should certainly be a procedural penalty for the "ruling." Experienced meaning regularly plays in open games. I would wonder why North did not salvage the situation by calling the director.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: T95 T64 --- AKQJ987
I did not respond earlier because I assumed 3 was a type and you meant to ask if bidding 3 was "correct." I now see the errors of my way. Even if the partnership has agreed that a Cue Bid of a weak two specifically asks for a ...

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