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Paul Gibbons
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June 5, 2017
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about me

I have been playing bridge on and off for almost the last 60 years. On for the last 30 years. Since my retirement from my real job I have become an EBU Panel director. I am a decent enough tournament player usually an Ace of !C on the EBU's NGS.

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How do you view this ruling?
If this hand was played in England the relevant regulation is: "Prepared or short 1 and 1 openings (which are non-forcing but may be made on two cards or fewer) are announced as “may be” followed by the minimum number e.g. "May be two". Where the opening ...
Is the double a comparable call?
In the OP under 1) I assume you meant 5-card majors. I voted not comparable. The calls are certainly not similar there are many hands which would double which would not open 1 and many hands which would open 1 which would not double. To satisfy the 'similar ...
Insufficient Bid -- what is the correct ruling?
Henrick has made a pretty good job above of explaining the ruling in a club game. However playing with screens under WBF/EBL regulations, as you were, your partner by pushing the tray to the other side of the screen has accepted the insufficient bid. I would hate to be ...
Arrow Switches
As an ageing director I like to do anything which reduces my reliance on my memory. When you have table cards everything is usually fine. The difficult I have found using an arrow switch on the first round when playing a standard mitchell with an arrow switch is with entering ...
Entering leads on Bridgemates
Here in England most clubs have a playing director so checking the unusual contracts in EBUScore during the event is not possible. I reckon that having the opening lead validation turned on stops between 5 and 10 incorrect score entries per session. Beside getting the right score for the right ...
Bridge Software?
My contact with BBO support suggests it is quite likely that support for Bridge Movies will not be implemented in the new BBO client
Steve Barnfield
And the use of a substitute in the trials didn't produce a thousand item thread in Bridgewinners??? What a different time.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
"allow correction of the revoke". It seems that the WBFLC did not consider the situation where there was more than one card which could correct the revoke and that different cards would lead to different results. East only 'played' the K of spades after he/she had seen the other ...
Director Ruling: First ever situation
A point on which nobody has yet commented is that East has several cards which he/she could legally play on the Q of spades. Although the revoke must be corrected play ceases when the director is called following the claim. The director is his/her adjudication under Law 70A ...
What is an Expert in EBUland?
It also depends on the how the stronger player plays. When I play with a sub-45 player in a sub-45 field it usually in the club's gentle duplicate session which I direct and host. We play more slowly. It is aimed those who are fresh from their classes and ...
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