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Paul Gipson
Paul Gipson
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 29, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Nickell team in the Spingold in Zia's first and last years in the team.
Bridge Accomplishments
Improving from the #106 seed in the Spingold to the #56 seed in the Vanderbilt over the past few years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Gipson, Helen Gipson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Berwick Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Spring Foursomes, any ACBL National that I can get to
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to one club, transfers in competition (not for the faint-hearted)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Convention Chart Revisions
A pre-emptive 2 opener showing both majors is permitted in the Open Chart as it is a quasi-natural opening bid (and not 'An Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT'), so long as it has a range of less than 10HCP. It is also permitted in the Open+ chart. [At least ...
Creating a WBF Convention Card
Both comments above were made by the same Paul G :) I'm happy for anyone to take a copy and share it. If you sign into your Google account when viewing the document, then you will be able to take a copy using the File menu ("Make a copy ...") and ...
Creating a WBF Convention Card
This is one of my completed system cards in Google Docs. Any Google user should be able to make a copy of it. If anyone has problems using this, then please message me as I'll not necessarily return to ...
Creating a WBF Convention Card
I have a Google docs template that I'll share with you.
Many relay pairs will use pass as the first step and double as the second step most of the time, and may well continue in this situation for ease of memory. This is because a pass then shows something and allows double to be a further relay. The other way ...
3NT Overcall over Pre-empt. Methods?
I play the same with 4M as Michaels when it is their suit.
Full Disclosure ?
I think most people playing transfer advances play 2 as showing diamonds, otherwise you are not really playing transfer advances.
Weird weak two bids
It is clear that the intention of the C&CC was to permit Muiderberg opening bids in the GCC, where 2M is a weak opening bid showing 5M and 4+ minor. It is also clear that the C&CC and/or BOD are incapable of wording the chart to reflect ...
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: J9752 A64 K6 Q86
I fear that one spade would be on the table before I started thinking.
Two Over One - three bids that rarely occur. Is this a better use?
Garozzo's Ambra system ( uses this method and contains continuations. Ambra has the 2M-1 bid as either a weak raise or game forcing with diamonds. I play a version based on Ambra and like it, although it takes a fair amount of ...

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