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Paul Gipson
Paul Gipson
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Member Since
July 29, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Nickell team in the Spingold in Zia's first and last years in the team.
Bridge Accomplishments
Improving from the #106 seed in the Spingold to the #56 seed in the Vanderbilt over the past few years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Gipson, Helen Gipson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Berwick Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Spring Foursomes, any ACBL National that I can get to
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to one club, transfers in competition (not for the faint-hearted)
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
My advice to the juniors is that when they are unsure whether to pass or bid, then they should bid. The hand is not ideal for 3 but I thought it was a viable option.
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
Partner's hand was Axx K Q10xx KQJ10x At the table 5 was chosen and they were settling in 6 when the opponents saved in 6 for +800. More likely to happen when you bid confidently. I thought it was a difficult hand and said 5 ...
Screen regulations
I'm not a trained or regular Director, so when asked a question I just straight to the laws. Although we all know what to do with an unfaced lead out of turn, I could not find a reference in the laws for the situation. I know it must be ...
Screen regulations
Q2 - if all the players agree that there was a slow tray, there is not a problem. When one player calls for a hesitation on their side of the screen, and their partner was waiting until the end of the auction to raise the issue of the slow tray, as ...
Screen regulations
1 - I think our problem is just that the laws do not seem to address an unfaced lead out of turn. We all know what we'd do so presumably there is a general 'director can do the sensible thing' law. 2. It would be nice if 3.3 (e ...
Paul Gipson's bidding problem: --- AQJT543 KJ 6432
The question of what 4NT should mean is certainly a teaching point and tactical bidding is always interesting. I'll reveal the full hand on Tuesday.
Continuations after 1!c (2!d) multi overcall
The multi-2 overcall is a Brown Sticker Convention unless 1 is not a natural opening, which is why there is not much in print about it. However I play a short club and most jurisdictions permit any defence to an artificial opening (even the ACBL allows any defence ...
Jump in the fourth suit
In these parts (north of the Young Chelsea), it is popular that it shows 4-card support and a singleton in opener's first suit.
Gold Cup
Slow play in private matches has bedevilled bridge since time began and is very difficult to address. There are no time limits for private matches in the Gold Cup (nor in the Scottish Cup either). It used to be ameliorated by the quality of the half-time tea, but with so ...
Gold Cup
In Scotland I think distance is the major problem with the Gold Cup. Although efforts have been made to regionalise the early rounds, entries really fell below critical mass and are unlikely ever to recover. What is interesting is that the Scottish Cup has been relatively robust. All the matches ...

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