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Paul Gipson
Paul Gipson
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Author of the Beer Card blog, living in the Scottish Borders. Our house is located in a very beautiful rural area overlooking the river Whiteadder. We have a retired rescue greyhound, Gillie, who keeps us busy when we are not playing bridge (me), Scrabble or knitting (Hels).

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Nickell team in the Spingold in Zia's first and last years in the team.
Bridge Accomplishments
Improving from the #106 seed in the Spingold to the #56 seed in the Vanderbilt over the past few years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Gipson, Helen Gipson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Club (
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Spring Foursomes, any ACBL National that I can get to
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to one club, transfers in competition (not for the faint-hearted)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
BBO Dealer scripts
David, not all variables (identifiers) are equal. I've found that some variable names are not permitted but all you get is the error generating deal message. Trial and error :)
Is anyone else having problems with the deal source hand generator on BBO?
As David says above, a number of existing scripts are not working and you need to replace "&&" with "and" replace "||" with "or" Unsurprisingly there is a more information on the BBO Forums.
Faulty BBO
Did you modify the tournament to get it to reread the include list? Generally the include list updates fairly quickly, for some value of fairly.
BBO Dealer scripts
David M is right that BBO uses a subset of the full Dealer specification and it is not always clear what that subset is. But wrong that it must be one line. Multi-line inputs and the use of variables (identifiers) is supported. For instance, this is what I wrote for ...
BBO Dealer scripts
Dealer scripts are a black art that is made more complex by a few bugs that have appeared, particularly && and || not working so you have to use 'and' and 'or' instead. I am sure there are others. However this is a feature. You need shape(south, any xxxx - 4432) The ...
BBO format
It sounds like you have adjusted all the window (pane) sizes inside BBO, the settings for which BBO remembers for you. So you can make the chat window larger or smaller. A lot of people inadvertently collapse the panes on the right-hand side, so that you can never see the ...
BBO Team matches - recommended set up options for undo, barometer and kibitz
I use different settings for the two communities I am helping. For the Flight A players it is no more than semi-serious so undos are permitted. We don't want the game spoiled by a misclick and we all know each other. Barometer is off since we don't want ...
BBO Bidding Practice. Deal Constraints
Those of us who have been on BBO for a long time have a special code to describe versions of BBO, by which we mean client versions and then we are careless to boot. The latest web version is v3, which is also confusingly known as the HTML5 version. The ...
BBO Bidding Practice. Deal Constraints
The advanced constraints have problems too at the moment, although the only one I've come across is that "&&" does not work and you have to use "and" instead.
BBO Bidding Practice. Deal Constraints
I discuss the partnership bidding rooms, including constraint sets, on my video at, with a follow up video on using the advanced constraints at Constraint sets and using the advanced options are using a very recent part of the current BBO client ...

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