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Paul Gipson
Paul Gipson
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 29, 2010
Last Seen
29 minutes ago
Member Type
Bridge Player
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Nickell team in the Spingold in Zia's first and last years in the team.
Bridge Accomplishments
Improving from the #106 seed in the Spingold to the #56 seed in the Vanderbilt over the past few years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Gipson, Helen Gipson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Berwick Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Spring Foursomes, any ACBL National that I can get to
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to one club, transfers in competition (not for the faint-hearted)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
Great article. If real life, the chances of this trump combination coming up twice or more times against the same opponent is almost zero so it really becomes a psychological game. How good does my opponent think I am? I believe my best strategy is to comment on this thread ...
EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
I think you mean EBL.
Invitational 4M-5m when playing transfer responses to 1C
This seems such a sensible question that I'm surprised that my regular partnership has never even discussed it, let alone looked for a good solution. I think we just invite with 2NT in a way that gives opponents the opportunity to get into the auction with a lead-directing double ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
I think it is a mistake to mix the Alert Chart with the Convention Charts. The Convention Charts should make it clear what is allowed: the Alert Chart should make it clear what is alertable. This chart notes two instances of alertable calls and thus will need to be updated ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
There are multiple 'allowed' and a single 'permitted'. This should probably be changed to 'allowed' to prevent a discussion of the difference between the two :)
He Didn't Shift
Kit, Yes, that is accurate. Although they may run into the same issue if there are some artificial non-game forcing responses but this is likely to only affect the same 1%.
He Didn't Shift
Suppose a Polish Club pair plays that a 1 response to its 1 opener (12-14 balanced or any 17+) is an artificial game forcing relay. This is not permitted under #3 and so the 1 response is Mid-Chart. Suppose that a strong club also plays that a ...
He Didn't Shift
The GCC clearly permits any response structure where 1 guarantees 15+ HCP ([i]Rebids and responses #7 "ARTIFICIAL AND CONVENTIONAL CALLS after strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bids" [/i]). However, you cannot use this paragraph if 1 is opened with fewer than 15 HCP so you [i]may ...
He Didn't Shift
There is no problem with opening a 'strong' club with any number of points, but Mike and I are both trying to say that there *may be* an issue with some forcing artificial responses to a one club opener that has less than 15+ HCP. In reality, most responses (excluding ...
He Didn't Shift
Upgrading a 14-count does not make it the "strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bid" that is needed at GCC to permit any response structure. Watching vugraph I know that a lot of strong club pairs do not believe that this regulation applies to them, perhaps because at Mid-Chart they can ...

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