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Paul Grünke
Paul Grünke
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April 10, 2012
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about me

Unfortunately an Ex-Junior by now.

Played in many international tournaments for Germany and won one European University Pairs Championship with Vemund Vikjord.


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Dahl and Oshlag Lead Silodor Pairs
You are right. But so is the article.
To tank or not to tank
Action double would make sense here if 2 would be non-forcing, constructive. With the 2-bidder not being limited in any way, an action double does not work and and I think 4X should be the contract.
Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: QJT 8643 75 9753
Partner might have some extra offence and double. Then I would bid 5.
ATB : missed slam and let opponents in a winning game
I do not like the 2-bid at all. But I dont think passing over 4 can be a good a decision by West.
Play this slam
This line will work in many other layouts as well when ruffing the 3rd low wins. If you want to play on the it seems to me, that ruffing the high is the better play, because in the 4-2-case, it is more likely that the 10 is ...
David Cole's bidding problem: 9 AJ9432 A643 82
I can not understand how passing can be right here. Three players already believe 1 is not making and there is really not much in my hand that suggests otherwise. I think 1 + XX is slightly better than 1NT + XX, because this way, we could also play 1NT ...
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: J9 AJ973 KT5 842
The actual hand was xxx KQx Qxx AKQx. I figured, that I would only go past 3NT at this point, if I have support. My main idea was, that I did not want to wrongside the contract with xxx in behind the 2-bid. I was aware, that this ...
Adriano Rodrigues's bidding problem: AKQJT KQT853 --- 96
This is why a direct Exclusion is better. The explanation being "Asks for aces excluding the Ace." The implication of a possible void in is drawn by the opponents and not names by the system :)
Good auction to slam
2 Transfer + 2 would show slam interest in in my system. I would make one more try afterwards.
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: xx Kx AKJx AKJxx
Follow up for those who doubled. What do you bid after 2 X 3 pass pass?

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