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Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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Nick Anand's bidding problem: AT7642 --- K9754 84
5 here asks for a control in their suit.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: A73 AKQ QJ7 KQ74
I agree with your 1st and 3rd paragraphs. As for 1NT, I'd rather play 4M on some 4333's opposite 5332's than force responder to bid a second suit just to force opener to reveal three card support. Responder does have the option, with 5332, to use Stayman ...
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: 65 A92 AQ2 Q9875
This is a balanced 12. With no tens, it is not 12.5. 1 could be an unbalanced 11; this does not add up to 3NT or 5. I would prefer a non-game-forcing 2, but if you've agreed on this system, 2NT is the bid.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
K-CL: Sorry, did not read your post thoroughly. Transfers solve many problems. But the ACBL won't even allow transfers over 1, let alone over major openings, so your method is not available for many of us.
Bidding Problem in Real Time
Down 40% of the time at 2NT when partner passes the invitation, and 49% at 3NT when partner accepts, look like rotten odds to me. The winning action was to pass 1NT.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
K-CL: Many of us have found that mixing game-forcing hands into 1NT cause severe problems when opener makes an unexpected rebid (such as a jump) or an opponent interferes.
Would you open
12 hcp including an Ace is an opening bid for me. The stiff honor goes along with useful shape. 11 hcp, no Ace, not a first or second seat opening unless very good playing strength.
David Parsons's bidding problem: A9843 AT432 T9 2
"Actions in sandwich position: ... Over an opposing opening bid and one-over-one response: (a) one notrump, two or more of opener's suit, or two of responder's suit is natural; (b) two notrump shows the unbid suits;"
Steve Moese's bidding problem: K72 4 7652 AQ982
lebensohl seems questionable once responder has failed to make a move toward game. 2NT for the minors might be better. Double for takeout, rather than specifically spades (negative), might also help.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
Many play 1-1NT; 2 or 2-2 as an invitational raise of the minor. With that in mind, 2 as 5-5 minors here seems reasonable.

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