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Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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Jacoby 2NT?
I haven't seen a form of Drury that promises five card support.
Jacoby 2NT?
I insist, with all partners, that all passed hand jumps promise a fit. This is mostly to PREVENT partner from jumping to 2NT or any other silly contract opposite a hand that merely opened for a part-score. Playing Drury-fit, I specify that 2NT is invitational with 5 trumps or AKQx ...
There's always something new
"This dummy" appears to be missing from page one.
To Q-bid or not to Q-bid this is the question
1-2 2-3 I would not control bid 4 with a shortage, or the Queen. I would prefer not to bid 4 with anything but the Ace or King, and at ths point that should not be necessary since 4 would be a strong ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: T762 A2 87 AK875
I've changed my vote to 4. If he always wanted to play hearts, he should've responded 1. If he wanted to make a slam try in clubs, he should've responded 2NT. While BWS appears to rule out a good suit that could be bid at ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: T762 A2 87 AK875
My guess, from the problem being posted, is that partner has a powerful hand with long hearts; second choice would be slammish with a spade fit. But BWS says a redouble should be 10+ on a hand unsuitable for a new suit bid or raise. Over 1 that would ...
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: QJT63 A932 A4 96
OK, what's the rest of the story?
Revoke followed by incorrect concession/claim--Result?
John: an alternate fix would be to avoid transfering a trick that cannot be lost through legal play, such as the defender's trump; then declarer would always get 12 tricks. And I can accept that any "fix" is apt to create other problems. A good example of that was ...
Revoke followed by incorrect concession/claim--Result?
Not the way Law 70 is at present, I think. But I think it should perhaps be changed.
Todd Holes's bidding problem: KQ AKJT 2 KT9876
1 is forced by system if 2 would be weak or is expected to be at least five cards. And vanilla NMF combined with a non-forcing jump to 3 makes a hand like this impossible to bid sensibly. I play that two-level jumps can be four and ...

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