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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

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Precision sequence 1D - P - 2C
By the way, in Precision I also prefer that 1-2 could have a four card major (with game-forcing values.)
Precision sequence 1D - P - 2C
I chose not to abstain but per my comments think 4-4 hands should be able to respond 2. I think this is even more important in Precision where the 1 bid can have two or three diamonds and four or five clubs.
Precision sequence 1D - P - 2C
There are also great advantages if fourth hand competes. After 1-(p)-1, we could have a nine or ten card club fit, or no fit at all. If fourth hand preempts, opener will usually be forced to pass on a wide variety of shapes: balanced, possibly with ...
Precision sequence 1D - P - 2C
Exactly -- with a game-going hand, you bid naturally, starting with your longest suit, or strongest when there is great disparity in suit quality and the bidding can accomodate your choice. Since 2 shows sufficient values for 2NT and does not deny a four-card major, opener can freely rebid 2 ...
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
Mike W.: Playing invitational jump shifts also works: 1-1; something 2 is then weak, whiie 3 is game forcing.
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: AKJ9 T5 T843 862
Hope partner has some actual defense. Mine seem to turn up with a spade void in an Aceless wonder.
Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: KJ AT987 A74 AQ8
The article is a joke. The treatment, unfortunately, is real, played by tens of thousands without any explicit discussion (that would be cheating) and, we can charitably assume, no realization this is what they are doing. Of course, enforcing the mandatory pause over a jump bid would largely eliminate Weasel ...
Rodney Lighton's bidding problem: QT65 AK65 A632 J
Changed my vote. Vulnerable at IMPs, inviter should do the stretching. So IF we have agreed on that, 3 looks right. If not, I suspect partner will strain to invite over 2.
Rodney Lighton's bidding problem: QT65 AK65 A632 J
Marty: No. The jump raise shows 17-19 support points. I rate the hand as about 5 cover cards; invitational bids should be within half a trick of game, so 5.5 for 3 here.
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
I prefer to play jump rebids by responder as forcing, so 1-1; 2m-3 largely seems to take care of the problem addressed by Sparts. Invitational hands can go through 4SF.

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