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Paul Hightower
Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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responding to 1NT overcall
"Transfers over interference" then.
Allen Kahn's bidding problem: --- AKQJ5 AQJT63 Q8
1. I expect the bidding may well come back to me at 4, so I want to get the hearts in now. I plan to bid diamonds next, rebidding them if necessary to emphasize they are for real. If partner bids spades (or clubs) he should NOT assume ...
Yet Another What's This Double
Good clubs, strong hand, short spades.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AK532 --- 53 A97432
I voted pass, but I would likely have bid 2 followed now by 4, unless 2 shows something like 10+.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: 62 AK7 J983 AQ84
Jumping to show 13-14 balanced seems about right.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: KJT7 A7 AQJ54 AK
Adding a comment like "(not what you meant to bid!)" would have made the problem clear; as is, I abstained expecting some explanation about how the poster mixed up the problem and would re-post.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: 3 AK764 KQJ74 K5
You are of course correct that on this particular sequence, partner must either have three diamonds or chose 2NT rather than 3 on specifically 3226. So do we have a different rule for this case as compared to 1-1NT; 2-2NT; 3?
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: 3 AK764 KQJ74 K5
Bridge World Standard isn't much help: "...treat as forcing or nonforcing by which seems more sensible to the observer." I would want a meta agreement about bids after an invitational 2NT by a hand not narrowly limited in strength, and would favor forcing. To bid 3 as a ...
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: 3 AK764 KQJ74 K5
In the sequence 1-1; 2NT-?, a common agreement is that all bids are forcing. An alternative is to play something artificial, such as Wolff or transfers. The given sequence, and many others, seems similar to me: an invitational 2NT opposite a hand not tightly limited in strength. Absent ...
Antonio Cocco's bidding problem: KQT8 AKT98 T6 62
With no significant extra high cards, playing strength or shape, no reason to bid again.

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