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Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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Common game Board 8 (02/18/19)
I ran this poll on a similar hand: On your hand I would expect the bidding to start 1-1 1-2 With 16, rather than the 15 in my poll, I assume opener would continue with 2NT, and responder likely raises ...
Sukhu Nayyar's bidding problem: AQJ4 J6 AT942 A7
Pass if double is penalties, bid 2 if takeout or values (or a transfer), bid 2 if double is Stayman. In ACBL land I would hate to guess what partner meant.
What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
Playing 5 card majors and 3 card minors, I definitely want 2 to be a simple, 4-card club raise, putting opener in position to compete on a 4-4 fit; with negative doubles and new suits forcing 2 as a limit+ club raise seems right. But when clubs could ...
Do we want to be in slam here?
Kit, at my club, it's pretty common for at least one pair to be in a part-score on a slam hand! But basically I agree with you.
David Parsons's bidding problem: 75 QT4 AK7 AK874
If 2 is "pass or correct" should that not be alerted and explained for the purposes of this problem? I'd hate to bid as South or North without determining what 2 meant. Surely it shows something other than "I was going to bid 2 over a ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: 75 QT4 AK7 AK874
Michael, why does East need to make a pass or correct bid over the North's 2? I assume double would've meant "compete/describe your hand" (a common treatment over many ambiguous interventions) but perhaps double is used for something else.
Nicholas France's bidding problem: K T7532 AKQ865 T
I need new glasses, but the red suits look like 4-7 to me.
David Parsons's bidding problem: 75 QT4 AK7 AK874
It sounds like East has six diamonds and better spades than hearts. They may not have a fit. Both 3 and 3 make little sense to me.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: Q8 KJ7652 AKJT4 ---
When we chose to treat this as 5-5, we decided what we were doing over 3NT. I think I would've rebid 2, expecting a 2 preference.
Todd Zimnoch's bidding problem: AT KT654 82 J542
There seems to be differing philosophies on whether a non-forcing constructive advance suggests passing or bidding with a misfit. Part of the reason I prefer forcing advances.

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