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July 12, 2011
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Mini and Micro Spingolds on ACBL Live
Thanks Mike. Was not surprised to see the two 0-2500 finalists; we went 1-1-1 against them in the round before the quarterfinals, -10 IMPs overall for the loss. The losing finalists are a pretty neat story, it's four high school kids and their teacher/coach from China... their teacher ...
Donations Needed
I don't suppose you could arrange with BBO for us to donate BB$ to Bridgewinners, could you?
Today's problems were yesterday's problems too
I guess if there are two Ks we might assume there are only 12 hearts, but I don't think it's a good assumption...
Marginal New Minor Forcing Hand
If partner will always have 2 or 3 spades on this auction, 2 is worth a think. But I don't want to invite in this auction.
ACBL Player Results now Courtesy of The Common Game
I dunno, but it seems like Randy's comment may be exactly why Nic has so many problems getting traction. With my rose-coloured glasses on, maybe Randy was being ironic?
Interview with Gavin Wolpert
Found it using Podcast Addict using the same approach (search "thesettingtrick")
Auken-Welland Lead LM Pairs
I think you've cleverly identified reverse causality.
Reserving Rights
Phil clearly plays against different players than I do (notwithstanding having played against him in KC last year). When you're down below 2500 masterpoints, "can we agree your partner's call was a little slow" is taken as an insult for some reason.
Paul Holmes's bidding problem: 32 AKQJ94 QJ42 A
So I belted out 7, hoping this was a 5-or-7 hand; after all, surely partner has the A, and we're likely making 7 if I can talk them out of a spade lead. I was half-right about the 5-or-7 when partner turned up with K74 7 K9853 ...
Paul Holmes's bidding problem: 32 AKQJ94 QJ42 A
My mistake, see above.

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