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Paul Huggins
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Aug. 23, 2014
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Sarik Goyal's bidding problem: JT73 AJ KJT5 KJT
I don't want to punish partner for stretching to compete when they have a very likely void in the opponents' suit
Mistaken bid
On the face of it this sounds like a clear case of correct explanation, score stands (and lucky for you that partner had a good enough hand to raise to game opposite the "weak hand with spade support" they were expecting opposite). This just needs a couple of caveats though ...
Can Berktaş's bidding problem: KJ7532 QT872 JT ---
what did South's double show?
A Bridge Swifty
"It's useful to have a way of evaluating the strength of your hand", said Tom pointedly
A Bridge Swifty
"It's good to interfere in the opponents' auction when you have a long suit and a weak hand", said Tom pre-emptively
Tanking to get a read
It isn't right to vary tempo to try to browbeat the opponents into giving a tell. However it's hard to tell the difference between an honest tank at the critical point of the hand and a dishonest attempt to get helpful info. What makes you so sure they ...
What should TD Rule? Misinformation or Misbid or Extremely Serious Error
a 5332 8 count with 5 spades for example? Ignoring the UI from North's explanation of South's cue, rebidding spades opposite a general forcing noise suggests they have at least 5 of them - probably not 6 because of the failure to open a weak 2 on the previous ...
Advice on minimum for a two suiter overcall
The wider the range your partnership agrees for hand strength for these bids, the more you will push the opponents around (as you get into the auction more often) but the more you risk getting partner off to the wrong lead (eg leading from Ax/Kx when you hold Jxxxx ...
ATB - lousy slam
Maybe East should have raised diamonds, but in practice their 2NT bid should have warned West about the risk of wasted values and West should have trod more carefully from then on. Still, the slam may not be great but at least it has reasonable chances :-)
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: J J82 9852 JT953
what did partner's doubles all mean?
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