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Paul Huggins
Paul Huggins
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Aug. 23, 2014
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I don't like key carding with an uncontrolled side suit, even if there's a good chance there is a club control opposite. I would rather have investigated below game and allowed partner to express an opinion. This seems like a good hand for either a non-serious 3NT over ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A94 Qx KQT9542 A
if we didn't have any other way of showing a single slam try in diamonds then yes I agree with starting with a transfer to diamonds. if so then your methods have a hole in them when responder has short clubs (rather than / which are catered for ...
Ovunc Yilmaz's bidding problem: 732 A97 AT8 K762
I would have cued (whichever of 2 and 2 is our agreed cue raise after this start) rather than redoubling on the previous round. but in any case we're highly unlikely to belong in game opposite a passed hand that couldn't make a stronger move earlier
Lauri Naber's lead problem: Q73 KT5 AQ642 42
you're missing the auction :-)
Mike Wenble's bidding problem: AK985 4 T84 KQJ3
with a 6th spade, say instead of a small diamond, I'd have bid 2 over 1 on the previous round
Eric Dong's bidding problem: AQ AJ8 AK932 A62
this hand fits nicely into the 22-23 balanced category so I see no reason to upgrade beyond that. It's not relevant to this hand but how would we show 20-21 balanced - would we have to open 1 of a suit?
How does one go about this?
as Barry says, my first thought is that cashing the A, then the A and playing a trump gives us the best chance of a forced red suit return to get us over to dummy to pitch our 3 losing clubs, even if there is a club ruff coming after ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ5 JT 7 QJ9863
I'm the one with the shortage in their suit so I have to stretch now or risk our side being kept out of the rest of the auction
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A5 KJ76 JT AK876
and is 1 4th suit forcing or would that have been 2?
Your call after 2!c opener’s penalty double
what if anything did our pass of 2 show on the previous round?
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