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Paul Maris
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Oct. 22, 2013
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about me

Expert from the Netherlands, in top-40 masterpoint rankings. As a committee member I served the NBB for 30 years, EBL 20 years and WBF 10 years.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Milan 1996, when I squeezed Garozzo for an overtrick in 6NT. After trick 9 he looked at me, I nodded and he put his cards back in the board.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of numerous tournaments. Played in Dutch top-division both teams and pairs.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ABC RKC Igrec Zed
Richard, Assuming 4NT is RKC setting hearts as trumps, then 3rd/4th step response show 2 or 5 keycards without/with the queen of trumps, thus 5 shows four aces plus K and Q. Of course it seldom happens that you have to show 5 KCs. (Leaving aside whether ...
David, I don't think Harrison really complains about needing more information. I think that he is pointing out that he doesn't believe that north opened 1NT on 8 HCP. Moreover, in this way north is declarer, while in the previous post on the subject south was declarer.
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
"With the actual hand I would bid 3 then 4". Given the chance; what do you bid when reponder bids 4 over your 3? (Maybe he was just looking for the right game, and you also bid 3 with hand 2.)
"Flexible signals" (part two)
Obviously I guessed wrong with 10, not taking into account that even 7 would do the trick. Anyway, I should have called the TD for a deck of cards with two 9's. That was the purpose of my message. Perhaps you understand my comment now?
"Flexible signals" (part two)
Case c. I guess you meant D AJ10.
Your Trick 1 Play
J, that's what partner is looking for. If you don't and declarer holds up his Ax(x), partner will not continue hearts. The scoring method is not relevant. Q is not a "desperation lead", it's impossible that north hasn't an alternative. If north just wanted an ...
Play problem from Eurochampionships
Apart from Joris' smart line, I see two straightforward lines of play (neither bothering about an overtrick nor trumps 5/0). Which one is better? 1) Go for the club ruff, by giving up a club at trick 2 - in this case you cannot afford a trump loser, so diamonds ...
Play problem from Eurochampionships
Say on the A LHO drops the 10. What can you do now? There are no options than to continue spades, ruffed and overruffed, heart return. So you are down in a situation where you could have made your contract. If spades are 3/2, you make your contract basically ...
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
Lynn, Does the following bidding sequence (red against green) meet the conditions of your FP rules? (1)-Double-(1)-Pass; (2)-4-(Pass)-Pass; (4)-PASS?
Negative Free Bids and the consequences
No, that would be too extensive. The terminology NFB (Negative Free Bids or Non-forcing Free Bids) is used in particular for the situation: opening bid - (overcall) - new suit by responder. And specifically when that new suit is at the 2-level. (Not 1-level, F1R; not 3-level, have an agreement with your ...
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