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Paul Maris
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Oct. 22, 2013
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Sept. 18
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about me

Expert from the Netherlands, in top-40 masterpoint rankings. As a committee member I served the NBB for 30 years, EBL 20 years and WBF 10 years.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Milan 1996, when I squeezed Garozzo for an overtrick in 6NT. After trick 9 he looked at me, I nodded and he put his cards back in the board.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of numerous tournaments. Played in Dutch top-division both teams and pairs.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What does non leaping michaels show?
5(+) / 5(+).
Critique the bidding
Anyway, the partner of the 6-bidder should have passed 6 conform the good old rule: a jump to slam ends the bidding. Of course, other bidding sequences are conceivable.
What is this double?
@Craig That's what I said: normally exactly 4 hearts, BUT when responder has a 5(+)card, he has taken responsibility to show this with his next bid. We play it the other way around, namely Negative (or Non-forcing) Free Bids, thus 2 = NF, via negative double is forcing ...
What is this double?
Unlike other contributors, IMO this is NOT a support double situation. In 1-(Pass)-1-(1) responder showed 4+ hearts, with emphasis on plus. So a support double or 2-bid reveals the degree of fit and partner can take advantage of that knowledge and bid accordingly ...
Promised lenght in advancer's hand
David, may I ask you to share that reason with us? Thanks.
Promised lenght in advancer's hand
I can imagine that there are hands on which I want to bid a 4card spade suit, just as after (1)-1-(Pass). In fact I am searching for a 4/4-fit in this case. On the other hand, if partner decides to overcall 1 with also ...
What's this double (#206)
Penalty! Exeption if no room for game invitation, in this example a double of 3. All options "game try with …" look like 'stolen bid'.
Unique or at least very special
No, completely different. My partner's hands were respectively 19: 6 5 9 6 2 K Q 9 4 3 2 A K 23: 9 6 10 9 6 4 A K Q J 7 3 2
Unique or at least very special
The essence of the post were the hands, not the results. I'm absolutely sure this has nothing to do with a bug in the hand generator. It was just a coincidence, once in a lifetime.
Simple question - What honor is "standard"?
@Kerry - if you refer to my post: third hand play is not splitting as Monty already pointed out above. My post was concerning third hand play: it is standard to play the lowest of touching honors, my example was an exception.
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