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Paul Maris
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Oct. 22, 2013
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March 6
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about me

Expert from the Netherlands, in top-40 masterpoint rankings. As a committee member I served the NBB for 30 years, EBL 20 years and WBF 10 years.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Milan 1996, when I squeezed Garozzo for an overtrick in 6NT. After trick 9 he looked at me, I nodded and he put his cards back in the board.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of numerous tournaments. Played in Dutch top-division both teams and pairs.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What's this double?
Patrick, I don't understand your comment. "And advancer could have 3343". It is advancer who doubles.
what is 4!d?
Not playing leaping Michaels doesn't change my answer. Only the distribution now can be different including 5+/5+. To answer your question about leaping Michaels: Method 1) just pass, let them show their suit and act as you would have done over this weak two. Method 2) bid directly ...
what is 4!d?
Hi Jeroen, I think I see your problem. On one hand, the spades do not seem strong (and/or long) enough for a direct 3 (or DBL + jump in spades), so auto-cue is impossible. On the other hand, partner did not apply leaping Michaels ("Wereldconventie"), either direct or delayed ...
Penalty or responsive?
Stefán, "why not just pass with penalty?" and " why not just trust partner to protect?". Because I think partner will not 'protect'. In this case partner did protect already (he was a passed hand) and if you don't act now, he has no reason to tell the same story ...
Moppet Stayman Revised
David, you're welcome. At that time I also was a young player, interested in bidding theory. It was a pleasure to browse through those old magazines again, all those memories. In those years people began to see that bidding after 2NT could be improved. For sure ideas came up ...
Moppet Stayman Revised
Some history about bridge magazine articles In The Bridge World, June 1981, in the department What's New in Bridge there was an article "F C T S" (Five Card Transfer Stayman) by David Caprera and Gerry Oehm. In the ACBL Bulletin, in the department Master Pointers, George Rosenkranz had ...
What Do You Bid Over 2NT
Michael, What's the problem when partner transfers to spades? Your first example is a super-accept, the second is not. We give up 3NT as super-accept, but we still do have the super-accepts of 4, 4, 4 and 4. You can even build in two messages ...
What Do You Bid Over 2NT
Things to consider with this approach: - you cannot stop in 3M (however, many play Jacoby over 2NT as GF); - you give up one possible transfer super-accept (no big problem). Otherwise this approach works fine: you discover any 5/3-fit and any final contract is played by the strong hand.
What Do You Bid Over 2NT
Or also 3NT over 3, see Louis Dekker below.
Forcing to what?
Mike, You play limit raises to show a limit raise. If this by system results in playing at the 3-level, so it will be. Here opponents offer you an opportunity to invite cheaply and to reject cheaply at the 2-level. Why not use this option? And if 2 was ...
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