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Paul Meerschaert
Paul Meerschaert
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Jan. 4, 2011
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May 30
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Bridge Player
about me
Game addict for as long as I can remember. At one time I was serious about Chess, Backgammon, Gin among quite a few other games. \nNow I pretty much exclusively just play bridge. \nAside from Bridge I enjoy my family, my "bud-bud" Kibitz, my Llapso Apso mix, reading, movies, racquetball, and I have become a bit of a gym rat these past few years. Though it hasnt done much for my expanding waistline. Maybe someday I will win that battle. Though just like bridge the enjoyment comes more from the battle than the victories! \n
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a XX small slam missing all 4 aces!....The joy of smiling at my wife and saying "I didnt" when she complained about my overcalling a 4 card suit, after she surprised me with 9 card support!!
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Balderson
Favorite Tournaments
A special fondness for any national tournament - but enjoy them all!
Favorite Conventions
Fit Jumps....enjoy agreements much more than conventions though!
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Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
My first really strong partner was Jim Hall. Those in the Midwest knew him well. If I ever had a hand with J10x and did not lead it I heard about it. Perhaps a bit superstitious, but I have never forgotten about it!
Paul Meerschaert's bidding problem: J9xxxx Ax Qx AKx
Yes 3H was a limit + in spades ..yes that is a good idea for progressing after the Michael's q-bid, but not really relevant this time. I am more curious how many would pass the decision to partner, and how many would express the desire to play for the likely ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: A94 T2 K953 T863
I remember this hand, (I held the hand in question) and was considering whether to bid 4H after 1S-2H-P-P-3C-3H when the penalty double on my right stopped me. I don't remember my partners hand though.....but I do the result! Good hand for defense for everything but clubs? And ...
Joe Grue, ACBL Barry Crane 500, All Time Point Winner
Way to go Joe!!
A Request from Ms Manners
Well said Miss Pegs. It is something I have noticed as well. As an additional comment, I have noticed many times when I have posted a problem where the bidding has not been "perfect" up to that point. Instead of comments like "This bid is better at the 2nd turn ...
Paul Meerschaert's bidding problem: 974 Q7 AK6 AT864
Good point Rob, it does not of course!
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 8752 KQJT8 AQ8 3
A good hand for Ripstra (Not sure I am spelling that right) Majors + a diamond fragment! I want to bid, hate calling a 5 card suit a single suiter, while the spades are anemic, I prefer giving more options to partner than 1 suit. Who knows sometimes partner drops me ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: T3 8743 A8 K9862
As I play that a 5C bid shows clubs and a red suit, (4NT as one minor) I chose that. I think it is close to bidding as is. If I were playing with the more mainstream approach as you mentioned, I probably would pass. But holding my breath until ...
Ben Kristensen's lead problem: QT3 AQ75 542 Q75
and admiration for the Q of spades hitting the table!
Directors Ruling
I don't know if the responder is legally required to make a logical bid like 4H, or even 3D showing slam interest, and really is not the main point of this post, but rather I am submitting it in response to my partner being upset that it was assumed ...

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