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Paul Weinstock
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Aug. 29, 2015
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about me

MScME Mechanical Engineer, Power Plant Maintenance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management experience.

Real expert, under World Class player, 8 World Championships, nothing to really brag about.

Happily married, two kids, both Software Engineers, my pride and joy.

Love wife,  bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order.


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Another Forcing Pass??
After bidding like Samson, there are only very few special hands when pd could pass non forcing, catering to my zero hand. I take it here as strong hand, then pass is forcing. If pd would double, that would be reggressive, covering my zero hand. But again, as other people ...
Another Forcing Pass??
Very interesting. Pd's hand should be able to play a spade or minor suit contract at game level or more, in front of a 4 card suit and zero points in my hand. His pass is forcing. The ace of spades is a great asset, offense or defense, but ...
ATB - reaching a bad slam
The 3S bid is a compromise. Is the least of the evils, working in front of any North hand. When another effort has been made (4H and the redouble which guarantees the Ace) South is clean. His job was done. The slam decision is North's alone. I think going ...
You be the judge!
You can only suppose that your pd was the one who huddled. Perhaps that is not what happened. Perhaps the opp on the other side wanted an explanation of a bid. You can only bid your cards, according to the system. I feel that underbidding (imo) 2D and later bypassing ...
7!d : plan your play
Take the A of diamonds on the table, play Q of heart (I saw people covering this) to the A, ruff heart, spade to the K, ruff heart (K third is falling?), A of spades and spade ruff (careful, ruff with the 9), decision point. If spades are 3-3 or ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
It is.
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
I beg to differ, Greg. IBF's ruling was hugely important if they would appeal in an Israeli Court of Justice, for loss of income or something alike. Think of the Doctors.
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
Les said : "Israel managed to do “ The Right thing :) , FS and their records were gone without any Cas or other BS . How is it that they managed this while the Monaco outcome was the exact opposite ?". I think it's about money, which they didn't have, apparently, to follow ...
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
I really appreciate that one of the top leaders of world bridge takes time and participates in such an important discussion. Al Levy did it for WBF and now Jan is doing it for EBL. Respect ! This is the medication to the feeling that "the dogs bark and the caravan ...
Congratulations to Monaco! Now named official 'winners' of the 2014 European Championships
Tomasz, that is the essence of "contragioco".

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