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Paul Weinstock
Paul Weinstock
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Aug. 29, 2015
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about me

MScME Mechanical Engineer, Power Plant Maintenance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management experience.

Real expert, under World Class player, 7 World Championships, nothing to really brag about.

Happily married, two kids, both Software Engineers, my pride and joy.

Love wife,  bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order.


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The Next Step
One can argue, Gary, that playing with tablets IS real bridge, for people not interested in winning by yadda yadda.
The Next Step
If you want the thing to be truly recorded, report yourself. Don't expect anything from anybody, this way you'll be pleasantly surprised when someone really does his/her job... :). And don't forget to include the name of the TD also.
commentating on other table
At the www theater of vuegraph, we are only spectators. Some people simply cannot stand this situation. It's hard to remain specs at THEIR game and to watch people they know so well. I feel that those resisting comparative commentating are taking themselves as contenders, not as bye-standers.
The Next Step
"Now I remember why I stopped posting on Bridgewinners !" Right on, Leslie ! You're 100% right to feel this way. BW has the biggest concentration per square inch to be found online, of Secretary Bird type bridge players crossed with the essence of the two old timers on the balcony ...
The Next Step
One more reason to report. And to report the director as well.
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
The parking fee at the hotel would be $22 per day. If you plan to book in another hotel, you will need a shuttle twice a day. Book the hotel which will give you that. The Mariott World Center supplies no shuttle services.
Why does the membership not revolt against the Board of Directors?
...But of course... :).
European Open Championships 2019
I wish too... If this will happen in my time, I'll register to play.
European Open Championships 2019
Okan, my personal take on this is that you see what's happening but you don't let the facts bother you enough. "I don't think it is fair to call the Turkish system a dictatorship, although there are serious human-rights violations and worries about the judicial mechanism". Ditto ...
So you Think CAS Stinks...
Tom T., (almost) nobody doesn't refuse to play in the Europa League. On the contrary. There's good money to be won for everybody, so... Shawn Y., you would be surprised on how many good teams renounced to play with their second string because the opposition is too fierce ...

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