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Paul Weinstock
Paul Weinstock
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Aug. 29, 2015
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May 22
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about me

MScME Mechanical Engineer, Power Plant Maintenance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management experience.

Real expert, under World Class player, 8 World Championships, nothing to really brag about.

Happily married, two kids, both Software Engineers, my pride and joy.

Love wife,  bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order.


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Thank you Zia!
Amazingly beautiful. Best bridge story of the century. Respect !!
Crunch Time
Agree. But much less than cheating.
Crunch Time
As a first step in the right direction, if the authorities fail to un-invite the cheats, I think that Steve's suggestion is very down-to-earth and viable. It won't have you thrown out, it's disrupting, calls for civil disobedience and has all the chances to be followed by ...
Crunch Time
... Ace of trumps please ... :)
What other sport or mind game competition allows bad players to become champions by hiring good players ?
Avon, could be that mr Sponsor agreed to that beforehand and it was part of the contract between the sides? Because if not, I doubt very much that he had employed that pair again. On the other hand, it's interesting if the pair continued to be sponsored after this ...
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
"To act after the fact is easy". Easy ?! Can you please elaborate a little, instead of sounding like the Oracle of Delphi ? "Easy" would be something like you do today, sitting on the fence and pointing fingers at others. But that is only my opinion.
Unauthorized Information?
One interesting aspect which bothers me on the matter : (almost) all robot bids and plays are instantaneous... besides putting down the dummy after my lead when the robots win the bidding stage, when there is a clear delay of 2-3 seconds. There are instances when advanced robots are "thinking" a ...
Unauthorized Information?
When I implied wrong doings in a past post, people asked me (rightly, of course) "on what purpose ?". I have no answer to that question, but I still feel cheated by the bots sometimes. On the other hand, this kind of feeling is surely coming up to a lot of ...
Double Standards
..."quite surprising that two experienced professionals, playing in a major tournament are seemingly unable to cope with their opponents opening"... The most important word here is "seemingly". You know better, Richard. And they know you do. And you know that they know. They play by the rules, playing with the ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Art, there's nothing wrong to appeal, if you think that you didn't get a fair judgement at the table. The question is HOW you do that (remember the appeal against Brian Glubok). On the other side, the bigger question is IF the appeals committee is up to the ...

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