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Pauli Nieminen
Pauli Nieminen
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 18, 2012
Last Seen
March 24, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm hobby bridge player who sometimes happens to win small competitions.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Tallin Bridge Festival 2009 and Wroclaw EYTC 2013
Bridge Accomplishments
Finnish cup runner up, Finnish teams championships 6th and 7th
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Conventions
Ambra (system)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Juho Granström & Pauli Nieminen
5 Card majors and short club, strong 1NT
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Implementing a Better System to Detect Cheating
"I would guess they work best if the declarer doesn't know how to take advantage of the (disclosed) information…" To decode hand parity signal information correctly one needs reference information from biding and play. Declarer often has a lot less hand pattern information available from biding and play than ...
Implementing a Better System to Detect Cheating
I have tested the prisma signals (hand parity signals during play) in table. They do work but require quite a lot more thinking than ordinary count signals. Those signals give quicker the accurate count information. But I prefer using smith style encouragement of lead and suit preference instead. As for ...
A short introduction to Slawinski-style leads
Or simple accept that Hxxx can lead anyone of small cards depending on ranks and information from the auction.
A short introduction to Slawinski-style leads
Slawinski like leads are nice to combine with smith like signal encouraging to discouraging lead even when defending trump contract. I lead often J from Jxx just to make reading the lead easier. Even tough Jxx lead is less likely than xx lead.
Splitting honors (2nd hand play)
I have made inverted agreement. Splitting the top of sequence is asking unblock. That means I split highest only if I think my partner can put the next higher card to this trick.
Is it possible to endplayed them in a second trick?
I was just yesterday playing 2 in a bbo robot tournament. Dummy: xxx AT7xx Txx Tx Me: Kx Q6x KJxx AKJx Lead was K that is obvious singleton from a robot. I ducked it. It is first trick end play but ...
Minimal bidding space consuming strategy for question-answer sequences in bridge. Fibonacci grouping
Symmetric relay is based on Fibonacci like grouping for shapes. That can be made pretty close to optimal if 3NT is always the last safety level. But pure Fibonacci grouping is suboptimal biding system. There is possible system design that puts some bids to have safety level at 3NT while ...
Yuan Shen's lead problem: Q7653 QJT5 93 85
Where would they discard losers? To me it looks like lead is more likely to give a extra trick for declarer than would disappear later.
David Hankins's lead problem: T82 K983 874 Q52
Declarer is likely to be short and dummy might hit down with 4 card heart. I would lead ten from KT8x but 9 lead from this is too small to matter. It won't pin declarers important spot card under it. If declarer would be more likely to hold 4 ...
Hugh Williams's bidding problem: AQT AK9x AKxxx K
I like to open 1 and rebid 1NT forcing or 2NT fit to partners possible very weak 1M response. But when playing more mainstream one level opening style this is close to 2 opening but I might forget to open 2 still.

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