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Paulo Brum
Paulo Brum
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 5, 2015
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June 21
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Bridge Pro
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Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first guard squeeze, or any time in which I fooled a defender with a well-timed falsecard.
Bridge Accomplishments
South American champion (at junior and open competition) for a few times. Represented Brazil in open World championships since 2007.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gabriel Chagas, Roberto Barbosa, Marcelo Branco
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Tournaments
Any WBF tournament
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh (in a fully developed system)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Debate on Fast Arrival
December 1978. According to the Bridge World Index at least. But it sounds right. I can check it out later at home.
Allendale, NJ IMP pairs—Tough Suit Combo
Ok, presuming no ducks by South, and no 4 clubs either (which would lead to some strategical considerations that would become complex), Line 1 (Jack first, low to the King later) [b]loses[/b] when South has 2 singletons (A and Q), and 2 (actually, 4) relevant doubletons (Ax and ...
Allendale, NJ IMP pairs—Tough Suit Combo
My probably too-quick analysis was that the straight finesse against the 9 is the cleanest try (not necessarily in the first trick, as there are entries to make it later). Without any other consideration, it is roughly a 63% chance (presuming 6-1 hearts). Alternative scenarios which win when South has ...
What’s Qxx(x) Worth?
The "expected amount of HCP" in any given suit in a particular hand is given (roughly speaking) by the formula: Total HCP*(number of cards in the suit/13). So, in the hand: J10xx-Qxx-xxx-xxx, this Expected HCP in hearts would be 3*3/13 = 0.7. Having 2 HCP in ...
Can this sequence exist?
I wouldn't double at the 1st round but I don't hate it. That said, I surely think that at the 3rd round a pass is enough. If I wanted to do something at that point, I would double 3.
Can this sequence exist?
Why do you think the upper limit on East's clubs is two cards? East can have, e.g., 4=1=3=5 and bid 1 over the double. It is very easy to picture hands with 4 or 5 clubs over there.
Can this sequence exist?
I think he is something like 3=6=4=0 (or, 3=7=3=0) with good spades and middling hearts (he was looking for heart support earlier). He is not doubling because he does not want to defend 3 doubled, and he is more agressive this round because ...
I agree about East's expectations. The whole business is a mess. 2 is truly the worst bid in a partnership context. That said, if I had to replace someone who had a stroke and was presented with the auction so far, I would bid 5.
As the bidding had progressed (!), I can't find fault with 5. (Meaning, if I had been parachuted into West's seat and had just asked for a review of the auction). It is surely reasonable for West to suppose that partner (who had bid only 1 and ...
Another year,another forcing pass calamity.
The idea here is that a mistake by them is more likely (in the original deal odds) than the rare make... when "they" are assessed to be a weak pair. If their skill level is unknown (or if they are known to be reasonable at least), the odds change. You ...

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