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Paulo Brum
Paulo Brum
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March 5, 2015
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4 hours ago
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Favorite Bridge Memory
My first guard squeeze, or any time in which I fooled a defender with a well-timed falsecard.
Bridge Accomplishments
South American champion (at junior and open competition) for a few times. Represented Brazil in open World championships since 2007.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gabriel Chagas, Roberto Barbosa, Marcelo Branco
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Tournaments
Any WBF tournament
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh (in a fully developed system)
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ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
The situation has been tainted by other people's knowledge of the persons involved, but the OP took pains to present a "clean scenario". I agree that in the concrete cases, implicit agreements (and knowledge of tendencies) abound.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
This does not strike me as an illegal regulation. Well done. Of course, the OP situation was presented as one in which there was compelling evidence against the notion of an illegal implicit agreement.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
So AQ AQ 10987xxx Jx would be legal, but AQ AQx 10987xxx J is illegal? It still looks like an illegal regulation to my foreign-educated eyes.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
But neither is the case. The definition is not being followed (that is what makes it a psyche), and it is not an artificial bid being used. The player could open 1NT with xxxx xxx xx xxxx if he wanted to. Hardly wise, but illegal?
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
With all due respect (being a newcomer to ACBLand), in these perhaps too artificial conditions (first time partner, no clear history of psyching tendencies), any regulations that declare this action to be illegal are illegal regulations, as I understand the Laws.
handling interference over our 1NT opening
I do believe that the best "first approach" for a partnership is to interpret 2NT in competitive auctions as scrambling, on grounds of frequency (in which we would want to aim at 8 tricks in NT) and usefulness (of finding the best strain intelligently). I agree that there should be ...
handling interference over our 1NT opening
According to the very useful meta-rule "2NT is never to play in competitive auctions", South has a clear 2NT bid to depict no clear preference between the minor suits, and no 4 hearts. The bidding then rests in 3D by North (showing hearts as well). You may lose a 5-3 ...
Struggle in 3NT
I'm betting that when South has both black honors I'll read the pitches and play a spade up.
Struggle in 3NT
As the cards are, the "natural" (unthinking) pitches from South are 2 quick clubs and then 2 slow major suit cards. In the meantime, the unthinking pitches from North are 2 clubs, or one club and one spade. If these are the pitches you have all the info you need ...
Struggle in 3NT
Let's say they pitch correctly 20% of the time when the club finesse is on (note that it includes unguarding the club queen; if they keep a guard on that you can always make your 3 clubs later. You will go down only if you lose 3 hearts and ...

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