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Paulo Brum
Paulo Brum
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Member Since
March 5, 2015
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
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Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first guard squeeze, or any time in which I fooled a defender with a well-timed falsecard.
Bridge Accomplishments
South American champion (at junior and open competition) for a few times. Represented Brazil in open World championships since 2007.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gabriel Chagas, Roberto Barbosa, Marcelo Branco
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Tournaments
Any WBF tournament
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh (in a fully developed system)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Construct a hand
I had this hand before (or one very much like it), and started with the world's smallest reverse. (In that partnership, it was very clearly a reverse, since we used to open 1 with 44 in the minors, whether bal or 3-suited). Did not get such a fitting ...
Slam Choice/Play Problem
(1) With these cards, 6NT looks better (2 imps are not change money), but both contracts are sensible, and 6NT could be quite worse than 6 on some similar deals. (3) Auction looks good. Although I play a different kind of Stayman, after the early auction I hope that ...
Why is it worth taking part in an appeal committee?
A nice story, with a happy ending for the committee member (which is so rare!), but my first reaction was that everyone is opening 1NT with hands which are far too strong for it. AKxxxx is quite powerful (indeed, as the examples showed).
Great Players; Great Books
Perhaps there are people who haven't read Killing Defense but have read Test Your Match Play or The Needle Game. And perhaps there are people who haven't read Killing Defense but have read Partnership Defense by Kit Woolsey (a book which is just as useful, although focused on ...
Csaba Czimer's lead problem: 6532 652 9743 65
I think diamonds are the most normal lead without the double (given that 4 was not doubled). Ergo, the double should not ask for a diamond lead. (I have seen the full hand, based on the other thread; I think your partner should have passed 6NT). The principle behind ...
how many spades?
I don't think 6 will go for only 500, and so I am happy with losing 600/620/640. Indeed, at my first turn, that was pretty much my goal. Of course, the style of NV vs Vul preempts is very important.
Value of Support Doubles?
Support doubles are very useful in their home environment (Precision), since the need for limiting your hand in your second rebid is not as pressing. In 2/1, I think a double showing 15+ (in effect, showing something like the strength of a Precision 1 opening) is more useful ...
We Double Their Michaels
As I play it, that shows a balanced or semibalanced hand, no fit in spades, interesting in competing if no penalty is found (10-13, more or less). Something like Jx A10xx KJxx Qxx would be an imperfect example. It may include bloodthirsty hands (1=4=4=4 full of intermediates ...
Make 2S against best defense. Related to a lead problem.
If East does not cover the club honor it is our 8th trick. Sure, not covering saves the overtrick if a club was pitched by West.
Make 2S against best defense. Related to a lead problem.
After the first 3 rounds of trumps and a diamond return (all forced, else declarer can ruff losers or establish clubs), dummy plays a club honor, covered by East. Now 2 trumps reduce the position to 6 cards. South has 0=4=1=1. West cannot pitch a club or ...

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