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March 24, 2014
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Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Polish (P) not polish Mr Babsch. EDIT: Thank you for correcting.
Drop-Outs from World Championships
What does criminal record have to do with representing a country in WC as part of national team? Same for religion, or any other reason. This is not tourist visa, he is not going there to see Great Wall or try Pecking Duck. I think it is not right, as ...
Drop-Outs from World Championships
Similar situations have been suffered by others, not able to go to the US or Indonesia for visa problems. This is not a first time thing or even a China thing. In this case I don't think that neither of these (US, Indonesia, China) should be appointed as hosts ...
Crunch Time
It seems (from videos) that Fantoni gets more help from Nunes that other way round - I have not seen Fantoni helping Nunes when declaring, but I might be wrong.
Italy and Amnesties
5. Is Rossano-Vivaldi an active partnership in Italy? they played in Milan last December in Burgay team. they did well - just in front of Fantoni
KASLE Wins Senior KO
Starkowski, not Starowski. Well done.
The Next Step
Your view is not my view. He said that he knows how they do it. Once you know - not that difficult to prove.
The Next Step
Tell authorities what you know and let them prove it. How about that?
The Next Step
'I know pretty well which players play dirty and mostly how they do it. Nevertheless, I was never ready to call these names in public. ' Knowing who cheats and not disclosing it is IMO as bad as cheating by yourself. I don't understand how do you want to be ...
Our game is under threat
AFAIK team that won silver has not cheated, and it probably matters to them if you associate them with PS, that's all I mean.

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