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Peg Kaplan
Peg Kaplan
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June 17, 2010
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about me

Peg Kaplan is the proverbial "jack of all trades; master of none". When not competing at the bridge table, this Grand Life Master promotes the game she loves, with writing, photography, managing bridge websites and coaching.  In "real life," Peg sells real estate in Minnesota, and loves her pet birdies.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6NT off 2 aces - and having to play all suits - against the Vanderbilt winners :)
Bridge Accomplishments
Escaping hospitalization from any partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Kent, Kerry Holloway, Paul Meerschaert, Kurt Schaeffer
Favorite Tournaments
Nebraska Regional
Favorite Conventions
Invitational jump responses, CRASH
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Grand Life Master
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Advise the Tournament Chair: When a BAM movement gets whammed ...
Oh - I didn't know the exact details of why the 2 women thought something was amiss. But yes - I do think Ellen was one of the "alerters" - to no avail.
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3)
Again, Tom - have you seen how people bid today? I won't even post some of the preempts I witness; sort of "PP" - "pornographic preempts"! Why couldn't LHO have KQxxx, pard Ax and RHO Jxx- with a bit of shape? And to repeat again, I'm confused as to ...
Advise the Tournament Chair: When a BAM movement gets whammed ...
I don't remember where or when it was, Phil - but - I was playing with my beloved Laurie Kranyak and it was a MAJOR disaster. IF we are talking about the same event (dunno), I don't think it went to Swiss. But - poor Chris Patrias literally spent hours trying ...
TD Ruling
Timo, it's my experience that the vast majority of players when using screens do not scour their opponent's cc for an explanation. Most of the time their screen mate writes to their opp what the bid means. That the CC may say "majors" seems rather irrelevant if my ...
What to do
Like MOI.
I apologize for this question
Nicolas, when I can attend a tournament and no longer have the experience of one director telling me something is "x" and another director explaining that the identical thing is not "x" but instead "y" - then I'll expect all of the players (including yours truly) to know it all ...
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3)
Marty, as usual, I agree with most of what you state. One point, however, would not occur to me - and - that is bidding 3NT with a stiff spade. I personally would be way too fearful that we'd be down 2-3 - with perhaps slam being cold somewhere! (Or, at least ...
What to do
Nikos, I would guess that for many of us, this does not show 19-20. With the right shape and values in specific spots, the 4 bidder could have fewer HCP than this.
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 2)
Sorry, Mike - guess we will just have to disagree here. IMHO, not only may partner be trying to weigh whether 3 is an underbid OR that he should force to game rather than jump raise - he can be contemplating other calls, too. Due to that, I say "Bid what ...
What to do
I find this an interesting discussion for personal reasons. It is not difficult for me "count wrong" because my brain often speeds up too rapidly in such situations. So, usually I try to count a few times to make sure I'm not switching the responses in my mind. Does ...

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