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Peg Kaplan
Peg Kaplan
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June 17, 2010
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Peg Kaplan is the proverbial "jack of all trades; master of none". When not competing at the bridge table, this Grand Life Master promotes the game she loves, with writing, photography and managing several bridge blogs.  In "real life," Peg sells real estate in Minnesota, and loves her pet birdies.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6NT off 2 aces - and having to play all suits - against the Vanderbilt winners :)
Bridge Accomplishments
Escaping hospitalization from any partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Kent, Kerry Holloway, Paul Meerschaert, Harmon Edgar
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Minneapolis Grand Slam Club
Favorite Tournaments
Nebraska Regional
Favorite Conventions
Invitational jump responses, CRASH
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ACBL Elections
IMHO, if someone does a great job and people wish to have that person continue to represent then, I have no problem with it. Ergo, I'm not a big fan of term limits. Yet, for years I've felt we have two flaws with our BOD system. First, 25 ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Sounds to me like many here think that everyone should alert their raises to 2 - especially after a double. Statements have been made with a wide variety of ranges that they consider "normal" that others say they would not expect at all. So - what to do other than alert every ...
What is the meaning of this double?
AQxx, AJ10x, x, AKxx? What was the overcall? What was the raise? What would you bid over 3 if you had: AKJx, xx, xx, AKQxx? (Or, is this everyone's 1NT opener?) Would you raise diamonds with this? Bid spades? I'd rather double - and let partner judge from ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
My primary point is this. While it may well be impossible to cover all the hands and define them with clear precision - surely the rules/laws can be defined with superior specificity than what we are able to find. From reading through this discussion, to me it appears that people ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Thanks; just saw this. But - I also saw that Jeff Lehman thinks that 4-7 should be alerted. To me, 4-7 would be what I would expect. "About expected strength" is so amorphous, I don't know how this could be clearly regulated.
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Mike - if this is the case, then a player ought to be able to find it somewhere at the ACBL website - no? Do you know where there is mention anywhere that a weak raise to 2 after a double is alertable? If so - please direct us there (or share the ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Can anyone find a link to this specific question - if a weak raise to 2 of the major is alertable after a takeout double? I found this - but - obviously it does not address the issue. And, I was unable to find anything else that did. ...
What is the meaning of this double?
I would think that double is "cards" - and at most 2. Leave it up to partner whether he thinks it's appropriate to leave it in or bid. While now and then one might have a penalty double of 3, I would think that the times where opener ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
Don't you just love it, Jim, when you are declaring and the partner of the opponent who shows out says, "You don't HAVE ANY?!" with a strong tone of incredulity? Depending upon the strength of amazement, his partner can almost count your suit length!
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: K6 AJ8653 AKJ5 4
Nope. Just went and researched and found it, Howard: (Sorry I didn't post the link previously.)

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