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Peg Kaplan
Peg Kaplan
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June 17, 2010
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about me

Peg Kaplan is the proverbial "jack of all trades; master of none". When not competing at the bridge table, this Grand Life Master promotes the game she loves, with writing, photography, managing bridge websites and coaching.  In "real life," Peg sells real estate in Minnesota, and misses her pet birdies.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6NT off 2 aces - and having to play all suits - against the Vanderbilt winners :)
Bridge Accomplishments
Escaping hospitalization from any partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Kent, Kerry Holloway, Paul Meerschaert, Kurt Schaeffer
Favorite Tournaments
Nebraska Regional
Favorite Conventions
Invitational jump responses, CRASH
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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Liam Milne's lead problem: T3 2 AT82 KT9862
Good point, Anthony.
Implicit private understanding?
Richard, just to be clear. While some may play that 1NT is game forcing (and I know some who do), I do not play it that way. I'm happy to see statements that anything above 12 is an alert. I've never seen anything to that effect.
Implicit private understanding?
Ray, if you look at how Ed stated the case, my understanding is that he put the alert procedures in italics, and his opinion/view in regular type face (oops; I am quoting Ed below but don't know how to get the italics in! Check above to confirm...) 1 ...
Implicit private understanding?
Ray, no way my 1NT forcing bids are GAME forcing! Two different animals! My only point is that I'm not aware of any point range for 1NT forcing one round. The primary point of it is to let the opponents be aware that the auction 99.9% of the ...
Implicit private understanding?
Ed - for at least 30 years (maybe longer) I've played 1NT as 100% forcing. And frequently I will have 14 hcp for the bid. I've never had a director call over it - and - never read anything either that states you cannot have over a certain HCP holding. "Forcing ...
Great Marketing Piece for Bridge
Zach himself is a terrific marketing tool for bridge :)
Director's ruling opinions?
Larry, I think this is a lesson hand such that when your RHO makes a bid that is unclear to meaning and LHO says "not sure" - best to call for a director at that point. Not 100% certain what the director might have done. But at least you might well ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: QJT87 KJT3 KJ3 J
Might pass at "real bridge" - but - it's MATCHPOINTS!
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
Dennis is indeed a superlative choice to join this elite group of bridge stars - and stars in sportsmanship. The smile you see in Dennis' photo above highlights how much he enjoys our game - and how he exudes joy and warmth to all. Thanks to the two Steves and Zia for ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Mike, wholly agree with "different strokes" and all that. But - in your post you highlight some of the differences. I did not have an easy time finding housing. And, some of us (me now, too) don't get around very easily at all. If you do - you are fortunate! I ...

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