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Peiyush Jain
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Nov. 19, 2012
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Software Engineer at Google.


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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
Yes agree it is not cue-bid in hearts. I just mentioned that to pad the options :P
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
My ignorance is probably showing but I would be very afraid to bid 4 then 4 over 4 without prior discussion: is it choice of games? Cue bid with hearts? Slammish with spades? something else?
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
I am surprised I am the only one that bid 4. To me the choice is essentially between 4 and 5 (of course I am probably missing something). It seems unlikely that partner will have exactly 3 card spade. We will have the same spade losers whether ...
Meaning of 4C
Are you implying 3 is a cue? Anyway, I usually don't reply to rudeness, but since I think I have known you from BBO forums (MrAce?) I will just make this comment and be done.
Meaning of 4C
Perhaps all partner is interested in is hearing about a diamond singleton/control and the best way to find that out is by bidding 4. Anything else and you might land in a position where you have no clue about that.
Winning At Wilcox
Well done you two!
Improve my Guess
If you are going to guess to play the Q, you might as well have played A first. So make the guess before touching the low club?
How to play 6!H and win or lose the Bermuda Bowl
Misread opening lead. Deleted.
Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: T96 AKJ T75 7652
So what were the hands? Maybe it is early, but please do share at some point.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 953 AT5 AQ7632 4
Oh well then maybe I am overboard. Too late now :) What happened at the table?

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