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Oct. 9, 2012
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Board 12, March 12 - Argentina vs Italy
I keep forgetting so please keep up with the reminders :)
Board 11, 12th March
I saw
Board 10, March 12th, Italy vs Argentina Bermuda Bowl 2007
Our West only raised to 2S, and after Stephen's 2nd double, stayed silent. I only bid 3H and there we played making 10. The other 2 results showed assistance from opponents to reach 4. Had West bid again, I wouldn't hesitate to bid 4H but when he passed ...
Board 12, March 12 - Argentina vs Italy
aye aye to brave and strong... mental muscles are getting a work out
Board 6 March 12 Argentina v Italy
I suspected trends may have changed so I googled it before I wrote this up to check. It was still there but this hand demonstrates '13' works fine :). There'll be no stopping me now. Interested to see what happened at other tables.
Board 11, 12th March
This board was a good example of leading a trump when opponents have shown a 2 suited hand to stop cross ruff. 1C-P-1H-2NT*; X -4D - X - all pass Unfortunately, I lead a club. When the dust settled, the score was -510. Stephen's X showed values and mine was take ...
Board 8 Italy v Argentena 12 March
We defended 4H after Stephen overcalled 1S and West made a support X. East rebid 4H trump couldn't handle trump break. It drifted 2 off. Would like to know Liam's line for 1 off.
Board 1, Italy vs Argentina, March 12
I wanted to open 4H but would prefer the 10 hearts as well to bolster my aggresive opening. Instead I opened 2H and Stephen raised to 3H. West overcalled 3S and I now bid 4H and 4S from East. In hindsight, a more descriptive bid of 4D might have been ...
Board 12, March 12 - Argentina vs Italy
This is a board I'd like some advice on. East opened 1D, Stephen overcalled 1S and West bid 1NT. I was itching to X but I didn't want Stephen rebidding 2S so I passed. 1NT by West went 1 off when we are cold for 4H. I like ...
Board 13 March 12 Argentina vs Italy
I opened 1S and Stephen bid 3H (natural and invitational). He played there and made 9 tricks

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