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Perry Khakhar
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Dec. 7, 2012
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Nov. 11, 2019
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Please settle a bet!
What else would you do with a 3-3-4-3 9 - 10 count when you have Jxx or less in Spades? Allowing them to play seems wrong at matchpoints, so I would make this general strength showing takeout double. If converted, We will lead trumps and get our plus.
Fixing the Forcing Notrump (Examples included)
Look, we are looking at a potential misfit with near balance of power. We are simply trying to find a place that may play okay. If the responder has an invitational or better hand, we will find out at the next turn in bidding. * We have denied a 5 LTC ...
Fixing the Forcing Notrump (Examples included)
It is important to find the H fit. So, the opener bids a 3 card H suit or 2S denying 3H. If the opener bids 2H or 2S, the responder will be able to pass, correct, or make a game try.
Fixing the Forcing Notrump (Examples included)
Actually it was developed prior to Gazzilli. And, it is different. You may actually call it “reverse gazzilli “! There are significant differences in how each system handles bids beyond ......2-2 relay.
Gazilli Questions - Meaning of opener’s rebids of 3M and 3NT?
You may wish to look at my alternative to gazzilli. It is sort of a “reverse gazzilli”. Answers to these and many other sequences are here. Examples are included.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: KJT8 7652 9 KJ93
I think that I can easily visualize Axx x AKxxx AQxx. Making 7 on a good day! Lacking the 3 waiting agreement described above, I would bid 4.
Gazzilli: An Introduction
Here is my alternative. It’s similar to gazzilli, but developed previously. It is in many ways a “reverse gazzilli”.
If not discussed no alert or explanation is required (BBO ruling question).
The simple answer to this question is "undiscussed, but meant to be a splinter". Active ethics demands that you do this! Remember that you are self alerting. By the way, since self-alerts apply in high level competition with screens, at least one of your partnership has been given the proper ...
Kevin Strangway's bidding problem: T KT82 872 QJ865
As much as I like +200, I think that my hand is useful on offence as well. I think getting a plus is much better than the iffy 200. Partner is allowed to be a little light in that seat.
A new way to handle the No Trump hands using coded minors - Work-in-progress
I suppose that takes me back to KS!

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