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Pete Marvin
Pete Marvin
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April 15, 2015
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Pete Marvin's bidding problem: AKJT98762 --- AJT5 ---
Yes, exactly. I reasoned that there was no way to find out about controls, nor would I ever hear a spade bid; and what was vital was diamond info. So I opened 2c to maintain a game-force auction. Over the 2d response I bid 2S. Partner then gave me the ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: Ax A Kxx KQJxxxx
Tough situation now...perhaps obviated by my preferred opening of 2c. In clubs, it's a 4-loser hand. I'll say 2c, then over a bust or 2d (waiting) response, keep bidding clubs till partner passes or swerves me into NT. Over a positive response I'll ask key cards ...
Pete Marvin's lead problem: 2 KJT76 84 QT852
Thanks Richard. Their bidding agreements are not known to me in detail, but I doubt they use the 3NT bid you describe. I do know they recognize "fast arrival". In any case, I can't wait to hear what you'd lead... (And I DID agonize over interfering w 2H ...
Pete Marvin's lead problem: 2 KJT76 84 QT852
They play 2H over 2C as a bust, so by inference 3S implies more than a bust + at least 3-cd support for S.
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: 9 KQJT87432 T8 4
Given the unfavorable vulnerability, plz state the rule of 2, 3 and 4. Thank you.
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: JT52 KT98532 T7 ---
1H. If partner bids 1S, I pass or compete ONCE in Spades. If he bids anything else, I bid at least once more in hearts.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: J87532 A6 K4 642
Partner MUST have a good suit to launch at the 2lvl vul. My diamond K is likely useful. Can't touch spades at this point, and would never overcall 1S w such a ratty suit (much less 2S). Might pass and defend 3d...tough call.
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: K54 T 76 AKT9865
Thanks to all. My response was 3c. Partner bid 3NT, which makes overtricks, but for only a 35% matchpoint score, as 6c is cold. I'm trying to figure out how to get there; the 3-lvl splinter is intriguing, and would've worked in this case.

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