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Peter Bonfanti
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July 2, 2011
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July 8
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Defending against 1NT is a pain
Whoops: 15-17
Last Hand of the Night
Just to clarify two issues raised by recent replies: (a) "Nothing's at stake..." referred to the fact that we weren't winning the event regardless (although it turns out that my choice cost us second place and 0.42 mps). (b) My placement of the "UDCA" label was essentially ...
Just a boring opening lead problem...
Hi, Steve. That was my initial plan, but the format doesn't seem to allow for the options I wanted to present. I'm not a frequent poster, so please let me know if I missed something.
If you don't ask, you won't get
I'm going to risk being a lone voice in the wilderness here. I agree that doubling with two aces is silly, to say the least. Would any top-level player do it, sitting opposite what might be a flat yarborough? Being far from a top player, I'd say "no ...
Yet Another 10K Scheduling Snafu: Reno
Regarding a few earlier comments: the logic behind the Fall Nationals schedule has always been a mystery to me, but that's not a 10K-specific thought. On the subject of 10Ks, I feel like I am exactly the ACBL's target audience: I went to Providence for 2 days, Chicago ...
Just another 3NT you'd like to beat
I should have noted that, in real life, partner played the spade five at trick one, which of course I didn't know until I ducked. I ducked mostly in the slim hope that the ten was singleton and that declarer would overtake, which in retrospect seems a weaker plan ...
Just another 3NT you'd like to beat
"rofl" seems a bit extreme, Ron. If it had gone all pass after 3D, I'd have wished I'd bid 3H. If LHO is going to bid over 3D, he'll still do so over 3H, but at least he's lost a cheap cue. Worst-case scenario is that ...
A theoretical disagreement
Thanks for all the comments. For those interested, I was South, but now (in part due to what I've read here) agree with North's interpretation. I think the key was actually my 3D call. Over partner's 3C, if I'd had club help, I would presumably have ...
1!s X XX P?
This thread is giving me food for thought. My system notes with my most regular partner say that passing a redouble suggests defending "when that is a logical interpretation" (classic case: 1 - 2 - x - xx / P), but makes a specific exception for 1 of a suit - x - xx ...
Other than "I hate you, partner"...
Done; sorry about that!
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