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Peter Boyd-Bowman
Peter Boyd-Bowman
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 8, 2013
Last Seen
June 13
Member Type
Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Hudson, Olin Hubert
Member of Bridge Club(s)
ACBL Unit 169, Triad Bridge Club
Favorite Conventions
weak NT
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
2/1 with a weak nt, udca
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Runout Systems Poll
This question should be taken out and shot.
What's this double?
Feels like East has is probably 5-4 or 5-5 in the black suits with 6 or 7 points and can murder any running.
Mitch Towner: Poker and Bridge Winner on Same Day
Little known fact about Mitch... he's actually "the man." Well done.
Congratulations Poland
My heartfelt congratulations to the entire Polish team. They played a great tournament. I only really know Jacek and Mike, but they are both standout people and great players.
And Another One Bites the Dust
Why have so many people made comments along the lines of "I doubt if the ACBL will release a complete rendering of what happened and what they know or could prove." Aren't we a membership organization? Can we not compel the appropriate parties within the ACBL responsible for recording ...
Alex Hudson's bidding problem: AQT7654 5 Q9764 ---
Can't pass and then bidding spades at an appropriate level next go around show this hand? Isn't it better than guessing which level of spades to bid right now... 3? 4? 2? Opening 1 is insane, though... you have potentially 0 tricks on defense.
Greg Herman's bidding problem: Q9 AKQ7642 AK75 ---
Anyone for 2NT? I can't imagine partner would ever pass. Correct any bid by partner to 4 hearts. At these colors, surely partner will place you for 10 in hand with massive hearts, and will be able to evaluate the spade ace and any possible diamond shortage accordingly.
Preempting Style Poll
Never is a strong word. I don't think preempting light in 1st seat is a winning strategy long term. It's great when it works out, but I don't feel it's sound. I feel what would influence me as much as colors is state of match. If ...
Report and Ruling of the Hearing of the WBF Disciplinary Commision
Kevin I disagree. I think the DBV was rightfully named a defendent intitally. Atlhough a governing body is not solely responsible for the actions of its members, I would argue that it is partly responsible for its members. I would hope that the findings of the committee prompt the WBF ...
Congratulations to Junior USBC U26 Semifinalists
Wait to go Alex Hudson & company!

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