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Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Grand Life Master
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Std, 2/1
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A Round from the Reisinger
And the Q
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
I was honored to be on a couple winning NABC teams with Hugh and Peter Pender, back in the 80's. A great player. Sad loss.
Steve Goldberg
The last time I remember seeing Steve Goldberg playing bridge was when I lost to him in an early KO round in the 1994 Rosenblum Cup in Albuquerque. More recently, I've heard he's been seen playing high-stakes Video Poker in Las Vegas. Steve Robinson was on Steve Goldberg ...
Claim ruling poll
Thanks, Debbie, for posting this hand, which has triggered a very interesting discussion. Thanks, Michael and others, for a thorough examination of the issues. It may be unfortunate, but I think the Laws require the application of judgment to resolve this case. It is not black and white. Not surprising ...
Claim ruling poll
IMHO, coming down to the lowest spot card in the short hand, prior to leading to the long hand, is completely routine, and the declarer should be assumed to do so. However, if the unblock that is needed is the rarer case of discarding a blocking card, then I would ...
RIP Steve Landen
Great guy, great teammate, great player. Sad to lose him.
A CC/UI hypothetical
I believe the following is true, though it's possible I am mistaken: West, when deciding whether to pass or open 2, is NOT entitled to know that his partner has a 2NT opener. However, he IS entitled to know that his partner has committed an infraction, and will ...
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
Am I correct, Jan, that you are NOT proposing a penalty for both pairs for a table that "finishes" on time, but has a board removed? (Penalty for both only possible if a board is still in play when time expires.)
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
Here I agree with you, Tom. Preparation of defenses should be done by accessing the SSF before the time clock starts.
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
Danny: Plenty of times I've seen tables race to finish a board (or two) at lightning speed to beat the clock. I would avoid pulling boards if there is time left.

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