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Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Grand Life Master
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Std, 2/1
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Dahl and Oshlag Win Fast Pairs
Matchpoints. 11 minutes to play each 2-board round.
Walt Walvick
The Crab, may he rest in peace. A gentleman, and favorite partner of mine in days long, long past.
Slow Return
I would be very interested to hear how some of the expert commenters would "coach" the West player. Imagine West is your student, and brings this situation to you as a question. What should West's thought process be after the Dummy comes down -- including not just the bridge analysis ...
Implicit partnership agreements with new partners
I think you should say: "We have not discussed this auction, but based on what I know about my partner, I think they are showing...." Note that this is different from the situation where you have no idea what partner might mean, and "we have no agreement" would fit. Here ...
Screen Procedures
Jeff, I believe 41A section B is a single line, and is the second of two alternatives when "no fault of the declaring side" applies. The subsequent text refers to when it IS the declaring side's fault. In answer to your question about not knowing: The text says "could ...
Screen Procedures
After getting a heads-up about this from Jan, I did some reading and came up with these comments: In my opinion, the proposed revisions to the USBF Screen procedures section of the GCOC should be run through one of our committees (the TC, I would think) before being enacted. The ...
Final Review: 2018 General Conditions of Contest & Special Conditions of Contest for 2018 Open USBC
Traditional in other events is for there to be no seating rights in overtime playoffs. We would use blind lineup submission -- equally fair to both sides.
Final Review: 2018 General Conditions of Contest & Special Conditions of Contest for 2018 Open USBC
I have not recently reread those charts. However, I would assume that Tom is correct, pending any further detailed review.
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
Re Drop-ins to the Pairs: Every four years, the WBF runs a World Championships with two premier events -- The Rosenblum Teams, and the Open Pairs. Anyone can enter both events, and be fully eligible to win. One way to look at the drop-in rule is that there are two ways ...
Magic the Gathering champ also plays bridge!
Fun video to watch, Melanie. Congratulations on being Seth's Mom!

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