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Is this psyche legal?
Marty Harris: I would prefer to see terms like "flat out cheating" reserved for a completely different class of activities. IMHO, an incorrect explanation does not qualify. There is a difference between INTENDING to mislead ones opponents via an explanation (the intent there is cheating, and I think is rare ...
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
Leaving aside the merits of running the Candidates Tournament during the pandemic, I enjoyed kibitzing online, with commentary provided (analogous to BBO viewgraph.) It was a pleasant distraction during self isolation at home.
Tournament Cancellations
District Six (Md, Va, DC) GNT final stage for flights Open, B, and C, are tentatively rescheduled from the original weekend of April 18th to the weekend of August 29th.
Tournament Cancellations
Gatlinburg cancels, per:
Infected Tournaments and Games
Good luck, Kitty
Find a layout where you can make
Franco: See this article and discussion for info on how the 1998 contest worked: There was also a similar contest at the Geneva 1990 World Championships, won I believe by Benito Garozzo. Maybe someone can find a link to those hands, as well. There ...
Format for 3-way Match with 2 survivors
I voted for VP scoring in 3-way matches. I prefer to view a 3-way match as just a small Round-Robin, and would score it as such. I think there are reasonable arguments on both sides of this issue.
Format for 3-way Match with 2 survivors
For what it's worth, my opinion on scoring multiple-session 3-way matches by segments versus by whole is now to score by whole if there are more than two segments, but score by segments if there are only two segments. This is consistent with our current policy to score regular ...
Format for 3-way Match with 2 survivors
Nicolas: If you are interested, see my reply to David Caprera upthread, regarding the matter of computing VPs in segments rather than once on the whole match.
Format for 3-way Match with 2 survivors
Here's a different scenario, where VPs rather than net IMPs might fix a problem: Team A beats Team B by 40 IMPs. Team B beats Team C by 1 IMP. Now, in version 1, Team C beats Team A by 1 IMP. But in version 2, Team C loses ...

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