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Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Grand Life Master
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Std, 2/1
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13,000 Table Online ACBL Regional
Per ACBL Live, 9897 individual players earned masterpoints during this tournament. That's around 6% of ACBL total membership. Presumably more played without earning points.
Conclusive Call
Kit, In the hypothetical auction continuation: 4NT,5S; 5NT,6D; 6S, 6NT -- where the 6NT bidder has KQx of Diamonds, couldn't this work out badly, if the 4NT bidder just wanted (but didn't find) the Club King for a grand, while 6NT could be in danger? Give him ...
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
Don, Negotiated Resolution is a relative recent addition to the CDR. You are correct in your memory that it didn't used to be there.
Should This Be Legal?
It may look like a duck, but does it quack like one? A psyche is defined, I believe, as an intentional distortion, not an accidental one. So a misclick is perhaps not a psyche, and a method to reveal one is therefore maybe not a psychic control.
Soloway-style Knockout (Round-Robin Qualifier) #2
Tom: I like your rule that players must identify themselves by their real name.
What Dat?
In my notes, 2H 4H is both minors, and 2H 4NT is Blackwood.
BBO Virtual Regional Results?
Re: "Stars" couldn't play. I heard that a bug prevented players with "star" ranking from playing in the Regional on Thursday. So BBO temporarily removed all "star" indicators, which allowed them to play later in the weekend. (I am a "star" and played in the 2-session game Saturday, without ...
An unusual squeeze
The guard/menace setup in a Clash squeeze is similar to a Guard squeeze. Both defenders need to help guard the suit, but one defender needs one fewer card to do so. In the Guard squeeze, it could be Kx in front of AJ, with singleton Q behind the AJ.
Brilliant play by Lorenzini
Yes, Nicolas seemed to have missed Oren's main point there. However, isn't it pretty cool, anyway, that Nicolas can look up and produce real-life examples of arbitrary situations and present them like this?
Online Chess Tournament
I know nothing about the relative merits of the two choices, but another online chess site is They have many free options, and some behind a modest paywall. I kibitzed the first half of the aborted March 2020 Candidates Tournament there, with "viewgraph" and expert commentary. There ...

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