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Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Grand Life Master
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Std, 2/1
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For more discussion, see the post “Richard Tracy” by Jim Fox.
Richard Tracy
I think the name problem stems from the ACBL reusing old ACBL player numbers from long- deceased players, and not correcting the winners database for that.
Director call - have I missed something?
Like Craig, I had to go to the Law Book to realize it, but nice joke Henrik!! There are really only 8 subsections --81C1 to 81C8, so 81C9 is the fictitious "director's wild-card."
In the Well: Russ Jones
No questions from me, Russ. Just thank you very much for your service, and for your interesting answers here in the well. I look forward to meeting you in Memphis.
Who Goes There?
Perfect, Max Thanks!!
What are opponents entitled to
@Max: I could be mistaken, but I believe the answer is no, the opponents would not get redress. There needs to be an infraction to trigger an adjustment. The misbid is not an infraction. And, as previously noted, the "correct" explanation is not an infraction either -- in fact it is ...
What are opponents entitled to
@MR: For the law hungry, see the commentary section on pages 12-13 about Law 20F linked to from here: Ton Kooijman, Chair of the WBF Laws Commission, published this document, as an aid to directors in applying the 2017 Laws. It supports the view ...
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Sad news. RIP Richie
2019 General Conditions of Contest Final Review
Thanks, McKenzie, for taking the time to read and comment on the proposed GCOC's. Here are a few thoughts about the points you have raised: Pg2 (re cheating) What you suggest sounds right. However, I'm not sure we need to put it in the COC's, given how ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
A possible compromise rule for suggested defenses would be this: Require that approved suggested defenses be provided for study in advance. But, without allowing them to be used at the table during the auction. This would remove some of the problems created by unfamiliar methods, without the negative aspects of ...

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