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March 22, 2011
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First book written by a lady
FYI: In addition to several other ancient books, a copy of "The A B C of Bridge" by Eleanor Tennant was for sale at the bookstand at the Hunt Valley Regional near Baltimore, Maryland USA this week. (I didn't notice the price, nor the edition number.)
Who will win the BB, VC and D'orsi?
Does anyone have a handy link to the teams and rosters?
Soloway KO Positioning Points & Change to Bye PP numbers
Jan's view -- that raising the Bye requirements strictly proportionally is too much -- sounds right to me. If Henry Bethe were still with us, I bet he'd come up with a formula for a smaller increase that would make mathematical sense (no doubt involving square roots and/or logarithms :-)
The rest of the story...
Polling questions should be given in writing. That insures that all pollees are asked identical questions. And, insures that review panels know exactly what questions were asked, for purposes of any appeal.
Soloway KO Positioning Points & Change to Bye PP numbers
Perhaps a brief debate, and a poll, to verify the very reasonable assumption that we want to award PP's for the Soloway in its first year on the same scale as the Spingold/Vanderbilt. Possible arguments against: - The event is new, and hasn't proved itself successful - The Swiss ...
LO Wins Roth Swiss
Go DC!! Very nice win, following a tough GNT Semi-Final loss.
Wrong Sided?
I'd try Ace and a Diamond, planning to ruff a Diamond and play a Spade to the Queen. If that loses, I'll try to get a Heart entry with dummy's remaining Jx for another Spade finesse. I think leading the Q (gets the entry on any stiff ...
USBF seeding. Total PP's vs. Deep Bye PP's
IMHO, the best information we have for seeding is Seeding Points (not PPs) which are earned over a 10-year period. We use SP's to seed the non-bye teams, as we should. We do not grant byes to the highest seeded teams, but rather to the teams who earn their ...
USBF conditions of contest issue
Without violating the standard legal interpretation principle, or the COC clause about omitted statements, it would easily be possible to interpret the text "...determine byes to the QF or SF..." to mean "which teams get the byes and in what order they get them. Just think about what "determine" might ...
Internet Hotel Marketing Affecting Room Guarantees In Hotel Contracts?
Tournament players could be asked to report their hotel room-nights (regardless of how they were booked) to tournament officials -- perhaps on the entry blanks, or perhaps on a signup sheet. If players knew that the Unit/District would benefit financially by such reporting, they would presumably be cooperative.

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