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March 22, 2011
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Senior Conditions of Contest Approval VOTE
I would point out that most of the seeding weight that attached to performance in Senior events has been removed. There used to be , but are no longer, seeding points for performance in NABC senior events, like the Baze Senior KO, and the NABC senior Swiss.
Senior COC issues with fewer teams entering
Some options to consider (not necessarily my choices...) 1) Straight to KO if exactly 8 teams enter or if exactly 16 teams enter. (We already go straight to KO with 4 teams.) 2) Qualify 8 teams from the RR if exactly 9 teams enter. That's what we've done ...
The time has come: Senior USBC Seeding
Brief recap of the history of our bracketing method in the Senior Trials: At one point in the past, we gave RR ranking equal weight with Seeding-point ranking, when placing teams into the bracket. A later vote by the Senior Trials committee determined that not enough weight was being given ...
The time has come: Senior USBC Seeding
Correction, I think I have the USSBC lengths wrong, but the general idea holds.
The time has come: Senior USBC Seeding
Equating USSBC RR with World Championships RR ignores this factor: In the USSBC, the RR is 1.5 days, which is one fourth the total length of the subsequent KO phases. In the World Championships, the RR is 8 days, and is about the same length as the total length ...
considerably worse than trivial
I find myself looking for suits that are the same upside-down as right-side-up. For example, AQ842, KJ53, etc. Odd length suits must of necessity contain the eight-spot.
Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
A great friend, a great player, a great teammate, and a wonderful person. A sad loss. RIP.
KASLE Wins Roth Swiss
Way to go, Captain!
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Email with apparently correct results finally arrived at 11:07AM PDT.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
The ACBL Live Email with Open GNT qualifying results is wrong — missing 8th match scores.

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