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Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Unsafe Safety Play
"Can it gain to duck? Possibly. If East has Q10xx of hearts and you win the king, you clearly have no chance. But if you duck, you could still survive. You will need East to have exactly 3 clubs, which isn't likely but it is possible. You can ruff ...
USA2 Round of 64: Qualify leading team after 1 day?
I view this "early qualification" for the leading team as sort of like the way NABC 4-way matches work. The team (or teams, in the 4-way) that does well in the first part of the match gets the second part off, leaving the remaining two teams to fight for the ...
USA2 Round of 64: How Should Qualifiers be Decided?
Consider this extreme example: Team A loses to Team B by 1 IMP and loses to Team C by 1 IMP. Team B beats Team A by 1 IMP and loses to Team C by 50 IMPs. Team C wins by 1 and by 50. In traditional win-loss scoring, Team ...
USBC Format with 11 or 12 Round Robin Teams
A format which includes any teams sitting out for 2.0 days waiting for their next match is very unappealing to me.
Toronto Summer NABC Housing Update & other info
You didn't mention Uber. Is that an option for Toronto airport transportation?
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
I believe the screen surcharge went away when they raised the NABC+ entries to $25/session. One argument made in favor of those changes was to spread out the burden of the screen surcharge among all NABC+ players -- not just those that survive until the later stages of events, when ...
BYRNES Leads Jacoby Swiss
Go Dori and Will!
Shi and Granovetter Win Women's Pairs
Way to go, Sylvia and Pam!
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
Looks to me like a Heart lead defeats 6S, but others lead to the contract making. On a Diamond lead, play Diamond Ace, Club Ace, Spade Queen (helps in unblocking). Best defense is to duck the first Spade. Then Declarer should ruff two Clubs in dummy, using one Diamond and ...
Congratulations Sharon Osberg and teammates
Congratulations on the nice win! It's great to see Bill Gates enjoying bridge, and doing well. It's always been the hope of many, that Bill's participation will inspire many non-players to try out our fine game.

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