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Peter Buchen
Peter Buchen
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Aug. 25, 2015
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Nov. 12
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a retired professional mathematician and played some part in delivering the current WBF Victory Point Scale.



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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Victor Champion Cup with my wife Kathy in 2015
Bridge Accomplishments
Member of Australian Seniors Team several times since 2009
Regular Bridge Partners
Terry Brown, Matthew Thomson, George Smolanko
Member of Bridge Club(s)
New South Wales Bridge Association; Kings and Queens Bridge Club
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How should the director rule
Some details to consider. First I might be accused of a conflict of interest as EW were my teammates. But we were never going to qualify for the Finals regardless. East and West were expert players in a new partnership. The 3 overcall systemically showed both Majors, which West ...
Board 11, 23rd April
"On a club lead by West this (1NT) is not a pleasant contract." Looks quite comfortable to me: 3-Spades, 2-Diamonds and 2-Clubs.
Nicely done, but more interesting than the bidding is, how did you make 9 tricks with 5 losers likely. Were you playing against Robots?
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 5 A9742 JT32 AJ8
Surely this isn't a problem, even in a Pairs event. Unless good Friday has something to do with it.
Board 32 April 16 Bidding Forum
All you had to do was keep the 4 in dummy when drawing trumps. Or why did you duck the Heart? Why did you not duck the opening lead?
Board 21, 16 April, Norway vs Poland BB 2007
"Still, I was pleased to see ..." ! Really. You should never be pleased not to Double an opponent who goes down 4-tricks. Either North or South could Double and arguably should have. Don't be frightened to Double an opponent when there is a good chance they are saving. Occasionally they ...
Board 11, 9th April
What I meant was that it (ie. doubling on minimum opening balanced hands) seems to be coming back in vogue in Oz. It was always popular and never really left many European nations. We used to make these bids here back in the 1970's but it fell out of ...
Board 11, 9th April
An instructive deal. If you play that West should Pass on her balanced 12 count (as many good players do), then East has to bid with her hand. A bid of 2 may be too much on such a wormy suit, but 1 is okay. Certainly doubling on ...
Board 13, 9 April
I see nothing wrong with Sophie's 2 reverse. Give partner Jxxx, Axx, KQxxx, x wouldn't you like to be in 6 ? True, opposite a Passed partner 2NT has the merit of being a practical bid.
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: AT54 JT873 AQ 52
Partner has only 3 Hearts and no Spade control so while possible, the grand is odds against. I will bid 6 and hope for the best. Partner will bid the grand with AKQ of trumps for sure, but she might also with AKx. Such is life, it may be ...
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