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Peter Fordham
Peter Fordham
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Sept. 23, 2015
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Feb. 11
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in final of NZ open teams C'ship 2000, screen mate for 64 boards, RHO, Geir Helgemo, on defence, I knew I had to switch to card from K10x with AJx in dummy to have chance to defeat contract. I selected K which proved to be good enough. Geir, graciously, privately said, "Well defended Peter. If you examine the possible spot layouts closely, you'll see that the 10 is slightly better." Geir, champion, gentleman, scholar.
Bridge Accomplishments
Int'l: Played one Bermuda Bowl[2001], two Far East/Asia Pacific C'ships [1985, 2001], several Zone 7 C'ships [winning 2001]. Nat'nl: Won most open teams c'ships in Australasia including both Aust. and NZ Open Teams and Aust. Seniors teams.. Represented Qld, ACT and NSW at Aust Nat'nl C'ships[Open]. ACBL: Won Montreal Regional KO teams 1986?
Regular Bridge Partners
Not currently playing regularly
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Favorite Tournaments
Australian Summer Festival of Bridge [includes National Open Teams and National Seniors Teams]
Favorite Conventions
The only good conventions are those that partner and I both understand thoroughly and use wisely.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: 954 K76 AK6 K863
Rdbl. Assuming that Rdbl is not 'Support', its advantage over 2 is a matter of timing. If East has spades to go with West takeout dble, better to let them get it off their chest now at one level. Then when you later support hearts, you may be able ...
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: A 4 AKJT9 KJT876
4 Depends on level of systemic sophistication. Can play both 4 and 4NT for minors with different emphases on suit length.
Deniz √ľNalan's bidding problem: 4 AJ872 K2 A9642
2. Any argument that relies on the lack of suit quality to reject 2 as the best bid falls on its own sword of suit length/quality for the heart overcall. Wouldn't playing 2x be excruciating when partner tables xxxx x xxx xxxxx pattern and enough ...
Winston Chang's bidding problem: A AJ9 AQ6 AKQT96
What I bid over 3 is dependent upon what is the minimum suit length in that suit for the bid. if 5+, I can afford to get excited. IF 4+ I need to be more circumspect. Would bypassing both majors with 4+ in each, excluding them from consideration as ...
Your wish is my command
@KD, Not if North was 'walking the dog' on the previous round. Partner's BIT certainly is an inconvenience, a hurdle to be overcome, but it might not be insurmountable. We know the answer only because we have seen the hand,
Your wish is my command
Robert, I understand that time constraints can be painful for director and players alike and errors occur in such circumstances. Having been called to the table, by E-W (in this case prematurely since they have no idea whether they have been damaged by the subsequent action to the BIT), it ...
The Midplay
In 6, after cashing the A, South can lead his left boot to defeat the contract providing that left boot is not a second . A second spade allows dummy to win, pitching the A from hand and cashing two heart winners in dummy to get rid of the ...
Alert Question
Haven't we on BW been round this circle several times before? Isn't this sort of thing precisely what the Spaniards complained (accurately or inaccurately) about the American (USA? ACBL?)team in international play a couple of years back? I thought this had been done to death. If, by ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 6 54 AKQT54 Q742
@ Itzik E. If there were no opponents, or only mute ones, I would agree with you, but 2 with shortage there is just asking for trouble. LHO doesn't even have to bid, just wave the red card and has already probably derailed your auction. See my comment above.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: J65 K762 KQ3 AJ8
Or bid 1 denying . That humpty dumpty is so creative.
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