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March 21, 2012
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Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Roy, That was one of the best food and wine experiences I have had. Txs a lot.
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
I guess you are right about my english. Txs for pointing that out for me. How is your swedish by the way?
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
I have never seen that a pair have written +14-17 somewhere else then in the USA. I think it it stupid to do so. Obviously that also leads to some problem for some pairs who have an agreement to play different defense against +13-16NT or 14-16NT. To downgrade 4333 is ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
The incident 7 years ago didnt irritate me much back then ( I was not at the table) and it for sure dont irritate me now. What irritated me the most back then was when I at the last board ran the 10 from 10xx towards KQ8x to loose an imp ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Spot on Andreas. I totally agree. Terrible behavour from the spanish team! I feel sad for Lall-Bathurst. They dont deserve this shit. Unfortunataly many american pairs have done similar things including pairs who have played in the Diamond team.
The Day Peter Fredin (most likely) saved my life!
If I remember it correct ( I normally dont) I played the 9 of D not the J! Apart from that I guess I must confess that you are right! Merry christmas My friends
The Day Peter Fredin (most likely) saved my life!
Martin! Theese false accusations are discusting! As bad as everything else that have happened the last couple of months!
The Day Peter Fredin (most likely) saved my life!
Martin is lying!! I took My 13 top tricks and the money and sang all the way back home. Cheers
Degrees of Cheating
Magnus. Unfortunately there are many players doing what your opponent did. That is absolutely discusting.Thoose people can come with some explanations but cheeting is what they are doing ( coffehousing but that is more or less the same for me).
Reisinger final round
Alan was too fast but so what? Having xx when partner have lead an A have probably happened 10000 times for Pachtman.He have probably played the small one 10000 times as well but maybe in a different tempo!! I think it is just discusting to see that he first ...

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