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Peter Gill
Peter Gill
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Basic Information

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Oct. 5, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

I've won over 40 National Championships and usually play for Australia (2017, 2016, 2014 etc). I'm a Sydney bridge pro who plays, directs and teaches bridge. My best recent result was 4th with Adam Wildavsky in the Platinum Pairs in Kansas City in March 2017.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 4000 when I should go minus 4600 and actually gaining a lot from it - google Smile Sweetly After Disaster for full story.
Regular Bridge Partners
Eric Leong, Sartaj Hans, Liam Milne, Liz Sylvester, Martin Bloom, Jane Dawson, Mathew Vadas and Elizabeth Gilbert.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
NSWBA in Sydney, Kings and Queens in Sydney, North Shore Bridge Club in Sydney
Favorite Tournaments
Gold Coast Bridge Congress in February in Australia, American Nationals
Favorite Conventions
I like to play my partner’s preferred bidding system, so I have played a huge variety of systems.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Down Under Coup
I didn't foresee any of what happened actually happening. At one stage, I thought my only chance was spade QJx or QJ doubleton in one of the hands. Then when C10 was discarded, surprisingly given that I was known to have a max of five HCP, I changed tack ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: K32 KJ76 Q982 QJ
Marshall, the partner who was surprised that I raised directly to 3NT was Liz Sylvester, not Eric. My real interest is whether a computer simulation might show whether a direct 3NT, which is far from mainstream thinking, might be close to being the best bid.
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
My source was Maurizio di Sacco's book which is the translation of Carlo Alberto Perroux's book. Combining reading that book with reading Avon's book - both describing the same time frame, but in different ways - is, well, interesting,
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
It was me who referred to day 7. I based that on reading Irenee's article in Revue Francaise de Bridge (March 1958 edition) in full. The players were in the Fish Bowl (no live kibitzers, bridgerama in use, so no need to hold hands high for the kibitzers to ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: K32 KJ76 Q982 QJ
At a recent bridge Congress (equals a Regional) here in Australia, the opponents were misdefending my 4S contract. At Trick 7, LHO said: "I cannot believe this defence." RHO replied: "please don't talk in the middle of the hand." At Trick 9, LHO said something about how the defence ...
Peter Gill's lead problem: A72 842 Q965 865
The full hand is at I was surprised that Paul Dalley was the only spade leader in a decent field. I agree with Eric Leong's reasoning about the spade lead.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: A AKJ KJ74 96532
Eric is right - 4S in the 6-1 fit might be the big imp loser if you open 1NT. 1NT - 2H - 2S Pass - opposite Qxxxx, xxx, xxxx, Q or the like - can play quite well, ruffing clubs on a possible red suit lead into my honours. I think the ACBL has ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: K32 KJ76 Q982 QJ
With Eric as partner, yes. With certain others as partner, no.
Possible dumping at 1958 Bermuda Bowl
If Argentina dropped out due to being over 60 (or some such number) (old imp scale) behind both USA and Italy, then Italy would have to play extra boards against USA in the slots when Argentina was no longer playing. Italy did not want perhaps 32 more boards against USA ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: K32 KJ76 Q982 QJ
I bid 3NT. After the game, my partner expressed surprise at my choice. 3NT made easily, 4H in the 4-4 fit survives the 4-1 trump split if you play it well. If anyone does computer simulations, I'd like to know if 3NT, without its advantage of minimizing flow of ...

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