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Peter Gill
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Oct. 5, 2010
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Jan. 18
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about me

I've won over 30 National Championships and usually play for Australia unless I lose our Playoff Final by one imp, which I've done three times in the last decade. I'm a Sydney bridge pro who plays, directs and teaches bridge. I used to commentate on BBO a lot, but I don't have as much spare time for that volunteer task at present. What Boye, Ishmael et al have done to clean up top level bridge by providing the relevant authorities with the information required for authorities to actually be able to reach suitable findings in due course is admirable. I think David Harris should apologize for wrongly referring to this process as a lynch mob or kangaroo court, both of which are forms of injustice in which the mob tries to do the final processing and punishment, i.e. the opposite of what Boye et al have done by providing their info to the relevant authorities. I think the idea of Crowd Sourced Investigation has applications  outside of bridge , e.g. if CCTV video of squares in cities where pickpockets exist was shown to thousands of eyes online, perhaps one person like Maaijke Mevius would notice what my and almost everyone else's powers of observation failed to notice, thereby reducing crime. 


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 4000 when I should go minus 4600 and actually gaining a lot from it - google Smile Sweetly After Disaster for full story.
Bridge Accomplishments
Lost to Smirnov - Piekarek in Spingold R16 in 2015. Knocked out of 2016 Spingold by an even strange appeal than the one Boye lost.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sartaj Hans, Andrew Peake, Sophie Ashton, Martin Bloom, Jane Dawson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Helen Horwitz, Peter Livesey, Paul Dalley etc
Member of Bridge Club(s)
NSWBA in Sydney, Kings and Queens (Ishmael's club) in Sydney
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Scoring errors
While the above ideas are good, I do not share Kit's enthusiasm that such changes will make scoring errors virtually vanish. Example 1 In the last session of the 2015 Reisinger, there's this typical scoring error where Multon and Zimmerman got an impossible plus 90: http://live.acbl ...
To Sabine and Roy
Al - it wasn't a Howell - it was a Snake movement (a faulty Snake movement too, in my opinion, but that's another story). The sequence of tables from 1 to 26 had been reversed for that session so that 1 was now 26, 26 was 1 etc, i.e ...
Wroclaw - the Pairs Schedule
I liked the shorter breaks on the last day (Saturday - 9.30am instead of 10am start, finished at about 6pm instead of almost 8pm). I know that was intended to get play over in time for the Closing Ceremony, but it seemed better than the previous days, in my opinion ...
Open DC Discussion Thread
I think pairs of the calibre of Meckstroth - Rodwell dropping into 64th place is just right. In fact, dropping them in to anywhere from about 30th to 80th seems fine in my opinion. The event they came from - the GNT - is a strong open event. In Australian events, for many ...
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
John - omitting Monaco players, Giorgio Duboin ahead of Zia Mahmood, Alfredo Versace and Jeff Meckstroth (who is up from tenth to fourth), ref
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
The #1 and #2 bridge players in the world right now on the WBF's are Fantoni and Nunes. I think this could do with an update, with Helgemo becoming #1.
Mysterious video. Does anyone have information about it or its origins or content?
A very good point. In addition ..... Before the tray is passed to the other side of the screen during the bidding, it should be written in the rules and encouraged for players to have the right to rearrange their screenmate's spacing of Bids and Pass cards.
Mysterious video. Does anyone have information about it or its origins or content?
My previous comment was based on the 6 min 40 sec youtube video for which Giovanni Bobbio provided a link. Laura Villa in her comments in this thread provides a link to a 13 min 36 sec youtube video. I think that video is even weirder than the other one ...
Mysterious video. Does anyone have information about it or its origins or content?
Harald - the examples in the video make it clear that your theory, also mentioned by Giovanni as a theory, is not the theory in Laura Villa's video. The theory in her video is that the orientation of the card led could be interpreted as giving information about having one ...
Mysterious video. Does anyone have information about it or its origins or content?
Laura Villa has produced a video which explains a theory. Of the first three hands shown on the video, one of the hands 100% contradicts that theory. I will explain this in more detail in a longer post. A magician would be proud of this technique.

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