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Peter Hasenson
Peter Hasenson
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Nov. 6, 2011
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about me

Bridge player, adminsitrator, photographer, journalist & historian. Day job = real estate consultant

United Kingdom

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2016 English National Pairs champion
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David Sherman
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TGRs, Pinner
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TGRs Auction Pairs (which is sadly no more)
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The fewer the better!!
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We love Jan!
Edgtton and Whibley Lead Blue Ribbon Pairs
@ED: Quite recently the figures were: 1 Netherlands 86,873 Members (195 per head of population) 2 Denmark 23,319 (240) 3 New Zealand 14,439 (319) 4 Sweden 23,155 (423) 5 Norway 8,884 (585) 6 France 105,563 (635) 7 Australia 34,527 (692) 8 Scotland 6 ...
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
@Burn: Re: One more win...It is therefore rather amusing to note that the runners-up in 1980 were...London!! Richard Fleet, Jim Niblett, Alan Hiron, Peter Steckelmacher, Nicola Gardener, Keith Loveys, Tim Cope, David Graham, Richard O'Rielly, Chris Duckworth, Ceri Evans & David Price
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
@David - tell the EBU not BW as that's what they list!
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
1980 Cambs & Hunts Steve Barnfield, David Burn, Martin Atherton, Will Lee, Tim Rees, David Harris, Tony Hough, Stuart Young, Peter Burrows, David Kendrick
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
For non-English and Welsh people, the Tollemache Cup is the inter-county championships for teams of eight. Entry is open only to County Associations of the EBU and District Associations of the WBU please refer to the eligibility regulations for more details. Teams are limited to 12 playing members, although not ...
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
Simon, The result of the appeal was that the table result was re-stated. As a consequence, Middlesex lost 2 VPs, Manchester finished second and thereby qualified for the final at Middlesex's expense.
17th European Champions' Cup
Go Team Black!
Should Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal?
@Tony: I believe the answer to your 'question' is Yes, they will decline the Gold Medal. Whether that decision takes a few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years or even a few decades, I can only guess but I believe (or at least I would like ...
New bronze medalists from Opatija
I think we can all agree that Poland refusing the bronze medal from EBL 2014 was a wonderful thing for them to do and sets a fine example to other nations. Equally, there are some people who believe that they did not legitimately qualify for WBF2015 and so whilst no-one ...

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