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Peter Hasperhoven
Peter Hasperhoven
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June 14, 2012
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Oct. 15
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Bridge Player
about me

Playing home games since university, joined a club a few years ago. Now playing at two clubs (with different partners). ACOL-ish with the friends at home, Dutch doubleton with one regular partner, Precision with the other.


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Member of Bridge Club(s)
Star (Utrecht); Het Witte Huis (Zeist)
Favorite Tournaments
APIH cafédrive
Favorite Conventions
Changes from session to session :-)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
To Show or Not To Show?
Ah yes, forgot about boxing! My bad.
To Show or Not To Show?
Show. Bridge is the only sport in which you don't know the score in a match until the very end. Ever wonder how a football game would go if a team could keep track of their own score but only be told about the other teams score (and win ...
"Grey" Double
Isn't this Snapdragon? Some S-support (typically a doubleton) and 5 D's. Points are divided more or less equally, we'd like to compete.
Peter Hasperhoven's bidding problem: 74 AQJ9842 AK8 2
Good point. Of course it is a simple NO on all counts. However, once you've seen it, you cannot unsee it. One could argue that in a borderline case, active ethics require you to pass after a slow pass and bid after a fast one:-).
Peter Hasperhoven's bidding problem: 74 AQJ9842 AK8 2
The latter of course being exactly what happened. North, with Kxxxx thought hard about 5 but decided to pass eventually. Now South bid 5, West announced he reserved his rights and after 11 tricks were made, called the director. Who disallowed the call and rolled back to 4 ...
How would you rule?
Doen't it depend on the exact wording of the claim? If he said: "I concede a heart and make the rest", that implies playing a heart first, after which he might lose 3 tricks. If he claimed "you make a heart at the end", or "I run the diamonds ...
Last board wbg mixed germany-bulgaria
Playing a match at the wrong time
You're a week late. April Fools was last week. If this is serious: no way of knowing it it's illegal short of studying the rules of this competition. There probably is nothing in there as noone will have thought this could ever come up. Next year's rules ...
How do you feel about psyches
I don't normally psyche, but some time ago in a social game with my regular partner as LHO, in third seat, Red vs. White I opened 1S on xxx Jxxx Qxx xxx. If you tell a lie, you better make it a big one. It went: p - (p) - 1S ...
The Biggest Number I've Ever Seen
Insert a 6 in square brackets between the 2 dots in the URL. :-)
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