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Peter Hollands
Peter Hollands
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April 13, 2011
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Dec. 3, 2017
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about me

I am an  29 year old Australian Bridge player.  I have been an Australian Junior and Open rep.

I have a bridge website dedicated to video teaching and playing

I also post some content on my youtube channel:


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Bermuda Bowl Q&A
streaming on twitch is pretty easy - the main thing you need is a good internet connection with decent upload speed. While travelling a bit hard to find but at home easy enough. Streaming is heavily PC intensive but a fair chance that your laptop could do it but you would ...
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
Triple Dummy was a video podcast that I did with Nick Jacob and Ellena Moskovsky. I haven't done one in about 6 months but you can check one out here:
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
I was having some technical problems that I will get around to solving. I plan to start it up again later in the year.
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
We will try and do it live at" I am not sure how good the internet is for streaming so it may just have to be watched after. Edit: I just tested my rental property internet and it isn't good enough for live streaming. I ...
Improving vugraph
One issue is it is near impossible to know what all the conventional bids are for all the pairs
Improving vugraph
Thanks Tomislav, I agree that we should be aiming at a wider audience. It didn't come across in my original post but I was just trying to show that it is currently focused some what at the expert and even then a lot of them don't watch and ...
Improving vugraph
When I stream there is about a 15 second delay - I am currently playing against robots so no issue with pausing the game to answer questions or being trolled. Even playing against players I believe I would have a fair chance of answering some questions in real time. As for ...
Improving vugraph
Unless I was playing a seriously high level competition I wouldn't be worried at all about posting what I am doing live. If people wanted to cheat against you on BBO they have so many different ways other then watching your stream.
Improving vugraph
I have done some BBO vugraph recordings I have done which still have sound. You can check them out through either: or my youtube channel: I intend on doing some more vugraph commentaries along these lines in the future but ...
Improving vugraph
Thanks for the plug Ant.

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