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Peter Knee
Peter Knee
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July 8, 2011
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April 10
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Bridge Director
about me

I primarily direct bridge tournaments.  I'm also a professional player and teacher.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a Michaels Cue Bid with 9 spades and 2 hearts - and having my partner choose spades!!! :)
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy Vinock, Paul Markarian, Steve Gross, Peter Benjamin
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Alert Procedure After Misbid
The correct reply, when asked about the 2NT bid, is to say that it asks for further description. It is wrong to say what your bid will mean.
Should a bid of pass with negative lead directing inference be alerted
Not only should it be alerted, but it should never fall into the "delayed alert" category. It should be obvious that after the auction is over it is just too late for the other side to be able to make use of the information. Rather than falling under the category ...
Peter Knee's bidding problem: A3 AJ74 J754 Q93
If you decide that this is an opening hand, which I don't, then you should be willing to defend against some low-level contracts. In the actual hand, 2HX goes down two, there is not even a partscore at the 3-level for E/W. N/S have no 8-card fit ...
Roger Lee's bidding problem: Q762 T9 KT652 K4
MI in the common Game. What should a TD take into account?
Right guys. We like to be hard on those pick-up partnerships. Or... maybe we exercise common sense.
MI in the common Game. What should a TD take into account?
It is not in the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. It is in the Tech Files in the last paragraph of CCGEN Page 5, CONVENTION CARDS. "A partnership is responsible for knowing when their methods apply in probable (to be expected) auctions."
MI in the common Game. What should a TD take into account?
Players are required to have agreements in common auctions, which this certainly is. When a player is asked about his partner's bid, it is proper to say, Our agreement is..." or "I don't know.". The worst thing to do is to say, "I assume..." or "I think..." or ...
Jim Munday's bidding problem: xx x AKQJT9xx xx
I do play Flannery and find it very useful. As Flannery was invented to solve a bidding problem, it is not needed when holding a void (my partnership agreement). So I would bid 2NT, expecting partner to show a club fragment. Then, if my RHO doesn't double 3C, I ...
What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?
I believe that all of you understand that the ethical thing to do (because of the UI from the tremor) is to bid 4 hearts. It is truly unfortunate that many of you have experienced situations where the director does nothing to protect the non-offenders. I assure you that I ...
Ed, a revoke is a mental error. It is not something that we would give a procedural penalty for.

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