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Peter Lipp
Peter Lipp
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July 18, 2010
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about me
Intensive learner, practically a beginner (less than 10 years playing intensively), but on the verge of thinking about squeezes on the table, so not all hope is in vain....

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Park Bridge Club Graz
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Salzkammergut Bridgetage
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Peter Lipp's bidding problem: 942 K4 Q97 AQJ97
It's exactly 5/4 and I have no more info on ranges, sorry...
Peter Lipp's bidding problem: 64 K96 T2 T98642
Well double would have not been my choice either ;) Nor the bid that followed - 4! We are currently running BBO-Tournaments for Austrian players and this hand was "suspicious" to say the least indicating there might have been a separate communication channel open (well the pair lives together so ...). This ...
6 days on -- Hosting our Club on BBO
The Austrian clubs united (well some of the activists at least) and we now have two daily tournaments for a week (one was cancelled on Monday when BBO was overloaded). We had four directing personnel so far and are stocking up (two to three more to join the team shortly ...
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
down 2? No, more likely it goes 1 - 1 1NT - 2 2NT - 3NT "believing" their bids, you pull the red X ... surely their hands don't match the bidding and they make an overtrick... Next time, same auction by the same oponents, you skip your X and ...
Should we have taken the push?
Agreed. In our club (and I know we are no exception) you can find the full spectrum: a few do it as intended, others have their pass card on the table before I can place my bid besides the stop card, at least it feels like that. Changing these habits ...
Open Call for Hand Creators
Great. Sounds good and I am certainly interested in using this as a tool...
Open Call for Hand Creators
Will these hands also be available in PBN or whatever other notation for duplication?
A method to use hand records for 7- and 8-table 2-session round robins
Our club uses typically 4 board sets for accommodating team evenings with up to 14 teams where all play the same boards per round, preduplicated of course. With 14 teams, a table may only have 1 board, the next one two and the boards move across the room. Works pretty ...
You can save the LIN and convert it to whatever format you like LIN to PBN: PBN to Doc or Html:
What are opponents entitled to
If 5 showed one ace, bidding 6 should be fine....

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