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Peter Lipp
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July 18, 2010
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Feb. 7
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about me
Intensive learner, practically a beginner (less than 10 years playing intensively), but on the verge of thinking about squeezes on the table, so not all hope is in vain....

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Park Bridge Club Graz
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Salzkammergut Bridgetage
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The game we play in Austria (Preferanzen) is played with 3 players and it was one of the first card games I learned. Not sure this is Russian origin, Wikipedia names Austrian/Hungarian origin. But what do I know.
When do you call the Director?
" have had a stop card still on the table (and reached 8 or 9)" You must be a pretty fast counter, I typically only reach 3 or 4 ...
An unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
In Austria, both will get 6VPs (20 VP scale) unless it's one of the last 3 rounds, then both get 0. Good feature, that your SW can discover this - unfortunately ours cannot (well one could check this in the Bridgemate-Tool but then again we never enter the player numbers ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQ87643 A9865 --- J
I also thought about transfer and then 6 - but why not just transfer and then 3 and see how P reacts. If p prefers one suit, control-bidding should help. If p selects 3NT - not sure - 5?
Psych Or Not?
This depends, here in Austria, weak 2's have to have 3 HCPs and a weak 2-suiter 5. So this would not be allowed here.
A double-dummy puzzle: is the program right or wrong?
For those to tired to think it through: there is an Android-App that does this and this is a portable solution....
Tablets to replace bidding boxes and trays at the Bermuda Bowl
Regarding wire or wireless - there are such things as encryption, so whatever the protocol, just push it over e.g. HTTPS or a VPN and there are no issues. Hacking the server will be easier, typically...
Frank Lin's bidding problem: QJ852 652 Q8 Q72
Hmmmm... good point ... Can I have an undo please? :)
Frank Lin's bidding problem: QJ852 652 Q8 Q72
5NT - should be "bid 7 with max" - seems to risky to mee to try finding a fit at that level... How I love our strong club for such hands....
Take control or not?
Either a direct 6NT or 2-2?-3 asking for further details. I could find a 5-3 spade and a 5-4 diamond fit. I should be able to do a more intelligent decision about playing 6 or 7 (and maybe even 5 if the "impossible" happens)...

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