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Different Systems
Robin Barker (EBU Deputy Chief TD) has given the answer above that it is indeed permitted in that jurisdiction, and it follows that it is not contrary to law.
Robert, David C, Gregg: It appears that this may well have occurred in Ireland, and that Michaels was alertable there.
EBU regulations HCP upgrading.
"It isn't illegal to always raise an invite to 3nt to 3nt as far as I know" Then it's not an "invite"; it's a game force. But assuming that you - and presumably your partner - tell your opponents what you're claiming to us, namely that it's ...
EBU regulations HCP upgrading.
"As far as I know I have no obligation to tell my partner anything. I have an obligation to tell my opponents what my agreements are ..." Agreements are things that you have with other people - in the case of bridge, with your partner - not with yourself. Three of the fundamental ...
EBU regulations HCP upgrading.
I think that the EBU regulations on opening 1 are perfectly clear, but you appear to have a problem with them. What is it? FWIW, you are mistaken in your comment on the Henry Bethe hand: it's permissible to open that with a forcing, strong 1 in ...
EBU regulations NT range (what should I write on my convention card)
Whether you are "penalised the very first time you do it" will depend on the circumstances of the case. If the evidence is that you and your partner have an explicit or implicit agreement to do so then, yes, you will be. If there is no evidence whatsoever of such ...
Asking the Opponents to Stop Alerting
Barry, the Blue Book is promulgated by the Laws & Ethics committee of the EBU, and has evolved from earlier publications over a number of years, so has no single author. Its current editor is Frances Hinden. I think that your remark concerning the use of "may" is both unfounded and ...
Asking the Opponents to Stop Alerting
EBU's Blue Book is changing the responsibility for compliance in the new edition (which applies from 1 August); the revised wording is: "4 A 3 Alerting and announcing are compulsory; a player may not accede to a request not to alert or announce."
Asking the Opponents to Stop Alerting
As others have said, it depends on your Regulating Authority. In EBU's jurisdiction the position is made very clear in the current Blue Book: "4 A 3 Alerting and announcing are compulsory; a player may not ask opponents not to alert or announce."
Life Master Pairs Mess
I note that all the Daily Bulletins have the following disclaimer: "Masterpoint disclaimer Results reported in the Daily Bulletin are subject to change because of score changes or corrections. The masterpoint awards as shown are, therefore, also subject to change."
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