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Poker and the Psychology of Uncertainty
As I thought; that is an irrelevant perspective of the game. What is the difference in your poker approach to in bridge simulate if passing, bidding 1 suit or 1NT in bridge? Poker is a game of money management, position and betting strategy agains a certain set of opponent. The ...
Poker and the Psychology of Uncertainty
I can give you some exemple: Robber bridge: how many deal does it take to average out an slam? IAF: if you bid a good 6m slam, >75%, and no one else bid it you have about 1/4 of losing that particulare tournament just by chance. any pair tournament ...
Poker and the Psychology of Uncertainty
I can't make any sense of the simulation you just described. However, bridge as well as poker have a huge luck factor, far larger than most bridgeplayers believe.
What are your rights and obligations when you don't know who hessitated at the other side?
Henrik: add this inconvenience to the need update list
NABC+ Appeal Csae 2
I can't accept this kind of flawed logic, guys. As all of us can see all doubles ask partner if he like to pass for penalty. That way of bid after own sides RD is superior to your ways of bid. You are blindfolded by tradition. Again... not ever ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Ian: from my point of view this is about; wording in regulation, wording in disclosure, punishment, the distance between bridge law authorities and the average bridge player as well as about common sense. Other readers might add some additional aspects... ...edit: the brilliant way to protest is to break the ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
I can't see any injury in case like this. Correction without any injured is today a miserable part of our game. And the poll strategy might give flawed outcome in case like this. There are situations where the poll strategy not is secure enough ... and it is easy to ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Why accept laws based on principles without any relation to the only core part in our game, taking tricks? First step to KBA is to re-write the laws, an average play have to understand and be capable to explain all principle to for instance a collegue. And same average player ...
Muiderberg development doubt
If trying to find game contract which is hard to bid otherwise equals messing with the the opponent you are right.
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
Correct Paul, and the first correct statement regarding probability in this thread.

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