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Peter Swensson
Peter Swensson
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Sept. 21, 2010
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Who Are the Shrewdest BW Members!?
A gold mine for a bookmaker
Cell Phone Penalty
An other solution is to build a scoring app for cell phones. Then we have the ability to have activity registration, sound control and ability to take emergeancy call .
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
Play the player not the cards! I can recommend simple dice game for those who dislike to play our game.
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
So one have to give declarer information? - When the defender know that partner have all potential tricks (or no tricks), will any of us use signals just to help declarer. - And when declarer freely show us her distribution, will we give signals to partner about what we already "know"? - We ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
Well, the game is about taking tricks ... why add something else?
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
We are all playing 4-card Multi, as an answer to NT ... just with a different name
Odd/Even number of Keycards wich one is more likely ?
You are right, it is very depending on situation. But anyhow, "eliminating" this issue by design of your bidding method is straight forward. I havn't had any issues with even number, a few with odd ... available bidding space below the safe level have to be considered; I prefer different ...
The scoring system
A mini "game" bonus for 4 minor, will change the game in a constructive way, as well as the suggested undertrick adjustments. Even different scales for undertrick from 2M and below 2M; for instance same for first undertrick but a steeper scale below 2M, will lead to less "destructive" methods ...
Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
If you suspect cheating, don't hesitate to hire them... Sounds great ;)
Transfer-Walsh in 5542 opening-structure?
1♦ 4+♥ 1♥ 4+♠ 1♠ bal wo 4M | 5+♦ 1N 0-10, 5+♣ (wo 4M) 2♣ GF, 5+♣ 2♦ 4-8, 6+♦ 2♥ 4-8, 6+♥ 2♠ 4-8, 6+♠ 2N Nat GI (often w 5♣) 3♣ GI, 6+♣ 3♦ GF, 5+♦, 4+♣ 3M GF, 4+♦, 5+♣, spl M If 1♣ is 12-14 bal ...

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